Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 4

Man's Worst Enemy

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 21, 2006 on TELETOON

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  • Cerebus, guardian of the underworld has broken loose and to control him they need the music of Apollo's lyre. Theresa, Jay and Archie go to retrieve it while the others calm Cerebus with cake. Cronus is waiting to trap the three but they get away.

    I loved this episode mainly becasue you can see sparks starting to fly between Theresa and Jay. They're so sweet and it's especially cute becasue Jay got really jealous when he found out Apollo thought Theresa was his 'beloved'. And it seems that most of the time Jay always puts Theresa in his group and he's there to save her. So cute!
    I thought it was really funny how the others tried to trap Cerebus by luring him with cake, but it didn't work becasue he just dug his way out of it. In all it was awesome!
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