Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 4

Man's Worst Enemy

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 21, 2006 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • When Atlanta opens the weapons storage, a part of the pendant moves out of the socket

    • In real Greek Mythology, Hermes made Apollo's lyre out of cow's intestines and tortoise shell, but in this episode, the lyre is made out of gold.

    • When Theresa enters Elysium, Jason (Jay's ancestor and the legendary leader of the Argonauts) walks past her. He also happens to be wearing the same costume Jason wore in 1963 film 'Jason and the Argonauts'.

    • When Theresa hands Apollo the lyre, she hands it to him with the back facing us but in the next shot, the lyre's front is facing us.

  • Quotes

    • Odie: Who plays the Lyre these days? It's so lame!

      Theresa: ...I do...

      Odie: Oh! ... well that's... good

      Jay: No that's GREAT!

    • (Cronus sees Jay, Archie, and Theresa leaving)

      Cronus: I hate this place.

    • Neil: What is this! While I'm in the bathroom, you guys all of a sudden have a plan?

      Atlanta: You've been in the there for hours! What happened? You catch your reflection in the mirror again?

      Neil: The mirrors love me, what can I say?

    • Jay: How do we get there?

      Chiron: Simple. You have to be a hero...

      Neil: (arrogantly) Got that covered.

      Chiron: ...and you have to be dead.

      Neil: That sucks.

    • Atlanta: Dogs are mans best friend...YEAH RIGHT!

      (Cerberus howls)

      Odie: (shivers) I got enough friends already, thanks anyway.

    • (Archie cuts off the snakes head which grows back immediately)

      Herry: That's just not fair!

    • Atlanta: THAT'S PEPE?!

      Theresa: The hair ribbon really softens the look.

    • Herry's Granny: So where did you find him?

      Herry: Uh... just in the woods.

      Jay: Yeah, must have caught the scent of a dead animal.

      Odie: More like undead animal.

    • Atlanta: (Referring to Odie) You didn't hit him with that, did you?

      Neil: No... did you want me to?

    • Hade: I heard you made quite the impression on dear Orpheus.

    • (Archie, Jay and Theresa are following Persephone into the Underworld)
      Jay: Excuse me.

      Spring: (Moves aside) Any time, cutie.

    • Herry: (about Cerberus) What is that?

      Neil: That's why mother tells me to always bring a spare change of underwear!

    • Herry: Your turn, Neil. Any ideas?

      Neil: Yeah--- don't get in front of him!

    • Neil: So, I'm gonna start running now, you know, get a headstart. (runs away screaming from Cerberus)

    • Atlanta: (runs away from Cerberus, then arrives at a chain link fence with 'Beware of Dog' sign) That's just not funny.

    • Atlanta: This time we're doing this my way.
      (she picks up the neural disruptor)

      Odie: Atlanta, did you know violence is the first resort of a limited mind?

      Atlanta: No actually, I didn't know that.

      Herry: Me neither.

    • Atlanta: This is crazy, but I can't figure out whats more whacked out, a dog with three heads, or the fact the he likes cake.
      (they capture the dog in the cage)
      Atlanta: Wow, he really does like cake.

    • Herry: (confronting Cerberus) Hey, look at me, not at the car.

    • Orpheus: Euridyce? My wife?
      Theresa: Wife?

    • Theresa: (takes a bag of coins from a tree branch in the grove)

      Jay: Heh, and my parents always told me money didn't grow on trees.

    • Theresa: That was close
      Herry: (who had the rear of his pants ripped while escaping from Cerberus) Too close if you ask me.

    • Archie: ...We're taking girls to a dog pound? How romantic.

    • (Archie uses his whip and yanks away Cronus' scythes)

      Archie: Ha! Let's see what you can do without these!

      (Cronus transports them magically back into his hands)

      Cronus: Um, let's not.

    • Persephone: So, let me get this straight. You want me to take you to the underworld to get Orpheus' lyre and tame Cerberus before all the dogs turn against mankind?

      Theresa: Pretty much.

      Persephone: (changes and starts screaming) WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?! I'M NOT TAKING YOU THERE! IT IS NOT A PLACE FOR MORTALS TO ENTER!! (changes back to normal and replies more gently...) Even as ones as brave as yourselves.

    • Odie: Nice doggie. I'm your friend!

      Atlanta: No, to him, you're a squeaky toy!

    • Jay: So what's with this beloved business?

      Theresa: You're not jealous, are you Jay?

    • Atlanta: This is unbreakable rope, right?

      Herry: We'll soon find out.

  • Notes

    • In this episode, we learn that apparently Theresa resembles Eurydice, Orpheus's wife. This is learned when Theresa goes to Orpheus to ask for his lyre so they can put Cerberus to sleep, and Orpheus calls Theresa "Eurydice," the name of his wife, and pictures her as she would look in more traditional clothes.

    • We find out that Theresa can play a lyre, which isn't exactly the most popular instrument of choice, which is shown by the other descendants when they find out they need someone to play the lyre to put Cerberus asleep. Even still, it's thanks to Theresa's ability to play the lyre that they get Cerberus back where he belongs--- guarding the gates of Hades.

    • Cerberus
      Cerberus is the guard hound to Hades. The dog has three heads with a snake for a tail. He guards the gates to the underworld.

    • First appearance of Cerebus

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