Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 10

Mazed And Confused

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on TELETOON
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When CRONUS manages to slip some ancient DNA into a cloning experiment, the heroes have to grab the bull by the horns as MINOTAURS run loose in New Olympia's underground tunnel system. To defeat them though, Odie has to get over his claustrophobia and help the others out of a tight spot.moreless

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  • Something is terrorizing the New Olympia sewers! Is it a just an escaped zoo animal, or something far more dangerous? Our heros intend to find out! (my summaries suck, I know, I'm sorry!)moreless

    SPOILER ALERT! This episode is definately up with my favorites! It has everything you want in a COTT episode: Adeventure, mystery, horror, and, of course, romance! It isn't very often where you see Jay/Theresa AND Archie/Atlanta moments in one episode! The minotaurs were awesome, even more horrifyng than I imagined them! And it was an even bigger twist to find out that there was a whole herd of them! Odie's claustrophobia was a very interesting quality in him, and it was a great solution for him to create a virtual reality helmet! (even if it does have you wondering how he sees where he's going) And of course, there were some excellant couple moments. Jay and Theresa's awkward cuddling moment let you see how deep their relationship was developing, and it was so adorable how Archie was worrying about Atlanta! Favorite Lines: Neil: I told you we were going the wrong way, but noooooooooo! Let's not listen to Neil! Atlanta: Yes! Let's NOT listen to Neil! Archie: (after the team finds out that Atlanta got out safetly) Atlanta! You're alive! Atlanta: Archie, you weren't worried about me, were you? Archie: Who, me? Nah!moreless
  • Tourists are disappearing and its up to the heroes to find out what's going on in the underground tunnels. Soon they get more than they bargained for with not one, but a bunch of minotaurs cloned from the original.moreless

    Tourists are disappearing and its up to the heroes to find out what's going on in the underground tunnels. Soon they get more than they bargained for with not one, but a bunch of minotaurs cloned from the original.

    I absolutely loved this episode and it deserves nothing less than a ten out of ten for absolute perfection in an episode. This episode was a nice change and didn't favour anyone in particular, but instead each of the descendants had about the same amount of air time which was nice, and it seemed like at one point or another everyone had at least a few good lines.

    This episode had excitement and it was thrilling, at least the first time around--- when I see it the second time, I think it will be just as fun as the first time, but you never can tell =D It was funny, it was full of action, and more importantly, it was just overall fun to watch and that's extremely important. When a commercial break came on, I was groaning and just DYING for it to be over--- the first time it aired today, I missed it (oops... I thought it started at 1:30 on Saturdays, but it's 1:00, ahh well... I caught it at 4:00 instead =D) --- and when the show came back on I was glued to the TV, I couldn't even talk to anyone and when someone talked to me they had to repeat themselves a lot until I heard them. Now of course, most of the episodes I pay close attention to but this one just seemed special and it is definitely now one of my favourite episodes. I loved every bit of it and I could find no flaws in it, and it was nice that Odie found a way to get over his claustrophobia.

    I also enjoyed when Archie was so happy that Atlanta was alive, and she was like, "Archie, you weren't worried about me, were you?" and he was like, "Worried? Me? ...nah..." A nice way to end the show, I thought, when Atlanta was like, "I miss all the fun!". Very light-hearted and enjoyable. Everyone had at least one moment that is one of my favourites in this episode, everyone had at least a few good lines, and they all played a fair part in getting the minotaurs to bring the building down. Rated 10/10 for being perfection, and for being just an awesome fun episode.moreless
  • When tourist are reported missing in the old underground sewers, Jay feels something is up. He and Theresa go to check it out, and found that there is more going on than anyone was aware of.moreless

    Reports of tourists going missing in the old sewers gets Jay worried. Theresa and Niel flip a coin to see who'll go with jay to check it out (Of course, Niel is lucky enough to NOT have to go! How does he do it I wonder!?! He he *wink). When Theresa and Jay venture into another part fo the sewers when they find a camera that belonged to oen of the missing tourist that had fallen down a hole to the lower level of the sewers. After a quick debate that went like this, Theresa ended up going down to retrieve it (May be a little off):

    Theresa: Why do I have to go down there? Why can't you?

    Jay: Sure, if you want to be the one pulling me back up when I get it!

    Theresa: -Irritated- Fine!

    While Theresa is down there, a minitour shows up and charges towards her. SHe throws the camera up to Jay and attepts to bounce off the wal and grab his hand so he can pull her up. At first, she cannot reach him, but she is pulled up just in time, followed by an awkward moment when she clings to him as the minitour reaches out of the hole, trying to find his prey.

    I will leave you with the knowledge that there are plenty of witty lines from each of the characters and that this is a great episode that shares the spotlight on all of the titans, and not just specific ones. A huge thums up guys!


    Neil: -whining- Nooooo, let's not listen to Neil.

    Atlanta: Yes, let's NOT listen to Neil!moreless
  • There's something strange going on in New Olympia's underground sewer tunnels(a tourist attraction?)As people start mysteriously disappearing, the gang is sent to investigate, only to discover the tunnels are actually a labyrinth complete with MINOTAURS?moreless

    A very amusing episode-- Neil has some of the funniest lines in this one. As far as storylines go, the episode was well-written and creative. Each character gets equal screen time, and the writers have definitely hit the nail on portraying the unique traits of the heroes. Atlanta as the independant huntress, Theresa exercising some of her clairvoyant abilities, Jay doing what a leader does best (hint: leading), Neil in all his skittish glory, Odie as more of a 'background sort of guy' and Herry and Archie totally kicking bovine butt. Definitely a series classic!moreless

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