Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 12

Prisoner Campe

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Mar 11, 2006 on TELETOON
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Jay forms an alliance when CAMPE, the jailer of Tartarus, is out to catch her only escapee: CRONUS. But when Cronus captures GRANNY, Herry takes off to rescue her and plays right into Cronus' hands... forcing Campe to choose between Herry's life and Cronus' defeat.

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  • A new arrival comes to the school, convinced she can single-handedly capture Cronus. Just when the Titans think things can't get any worse, Granny is taken by Cronus! Can Herry learn to work with his new rival before it's too late?moreless

    Score on for Granny! She was totally the best part of this episode, from her refusing to go anywhere until she could rest first, to beating down the eagle single-handedly. She was also so cool with how she reacted to learning that her grandson was a hero. No worrying or tears, she just gave him more chores! The rest of the epi was tres cool also. Jay's battle with Campe was amazing, and the goddess's descison to save Herry instead of going after Cronus was very sweet. Hmmm.... do I detect a spark there? (Ugh! Must. Get. Weird. Ideas. Out. Of. Head!) Favorite Lines (

    after Herry and Campe have already been captured) Granny: Herry, careful! It's a trap! Herry: Thanks, granny! Neil: Maybe we should move operations to somewhere a little more exotic. I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year! *Scene switch to the school's gym* Neil: This is NOT what I had in mind!moreless
  • Herry's granny's been kidnapped by Cronus, and its up to the heroes to save her--- only problem is, they have to side with Campe, the jailer from Tartarus Prison.

    Atlanta and Theresa are watching a horror film, and Atlanta's telling Theresa that it can't be expected to be scary using the same old horror trick. Suddenly, Theresa jumps up, having sensed something near the window. Both girls go to inspect, and find that it's actually Herry trying to scare him--- at least, that's what they think, until a monster grabs Atlanta! This monster turns out to be Campe, the one in charge of the prisoners at Tartarus--- she's come back for Cronus, and she wants to use one of the heroes as bait.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, which is why it earns a ten in my book (I haven't rated anything less than... 8.5, probably higher, just because this show has every episode as an awesome one!). Herry's granny was hilarious, every time she spoke just listening to her was funny. I personally like when she's shouting about her having to hike through the mountains in her bunny slippers, it was quite funny.

    Then of course, there was the fact that Jay proved to a God that they might be powerful, more so (a LOT more) than a mortal, but that doesn't make them invincible to a mortal either. Campe showed that she was also true to her word, because she did side with the team after all (even if she did decide to try it on her own to catch Cronus).

    The best part of this episode I find was probably the beginning, when Atlanta and Theresa were watching the horror movie and Herry jumped out and scared them--- as well as the very end of this episode when Campe had a choice of saving Herry or capturing Cronus. Sacrificing one human to save Cronus, someone who could easily kill thousands, seems like a small price for a God to make, but instead she decided that she was going to save Herry--- after all, the answer to her question, "Is the enemy of my enemy, my friend or my enemy?" turned out to be friend. We also were told in this episode that she'd see them again, so who knows what will happen in the second season...? Series Classic.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The eagle that ate Prometheus' liver each day was eventually slain by Hercules.

    • Campe was not the one who guarded Cronus. She was assigned BY Cronus to guard the cyclopes and Hecatoncheires prior to the Titan war. Zeus also killed Campe when he freed his uncles from Tartarus prison.

    • All of the characters pronounce 'Campe' incorrectly throughout the episode. The show has it sound the same as the English word 'camp', but the name should actually be pronounced with a long 'e' sound, and therefore more similiar in sound to the English word 'campy'.

    • Why do they all (minus Neil) sleep in their clothes?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Neil: Maybe we should move operations to somewhere a little more exotic! I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year!

      (scene switch to the school gym)

      Neil: This is NOT what I had in mind!

    • (after Campe and Herry are discovered)
      Granny: Herry, watch out! It's a trap!

      Herry: (sarcastically) ...Thanks, Granny.

    • Granny: I don't know who you think you are, but when my grandson finds out that I'm missing...

      Cronus: My dear woman, if he doesn't find us, you might want to consider remedial hero school.

      Granny: What are you talking about?

      Cronus: Ahhh...haven't you ever wondered about his inhuman strength? That obsessive compulsion to help others?

      Granny: He's a good boy!

      Cronus: He's a hero, my good woman! Tasked by the Gods themselves to save the world....from me.

    • Jay: You don't have to trust her. You just have to work with her.

    • Campe: Are my enemies enemies my friends, or my enemies?
      (looks at Herry, then turns away)

      Campe: Friends...

    • Campe: Are my enemies enemies my friends or my enemies? (turns to scorpion)

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