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  • I absolutely love this show

    I saw this show first when I was living at the farm we just got satellite and it was glorious I was always into Greek mythology and into Egyptian history so this really hit home for me the humor was dead on and the funny thing is the jokes still work and there ageless I hear these jokes when I watch the episodes and it always gets a chuckle out of me I laugh at how they got almost the whole cast from the anime Inuyasha they really know how to play off each other really well you don't see the paper in front of their face in this one its actually sincere and the voices are beautiful and soft and easy to listen too hard no yelling in this one which I love history lesson for the kids is also a plus in even learning things and here's the thing I actually want to be smarter from it good show wish they'd bring it back my whole family enjoyed this one !0/10
  • decendants of lords

    I definetily want more and ill be boomed if they don't make season 3
  • love this show

    I love this show I started watching it when was 10 and I just saw one show (the nature of things)and ever since then I've been hooked ive seen every show and want another season my fave so far is "little box of horrors " anyways I love this show
  • I absolutely love this show; never missed an episode. I think it's very educational, with the Greek Mythology, but is at the same time infused with an interesting, complicated, and actually somewhat deep but understandable plot, and likeable characters.

    Like I said, I think very highly of this show. I liked it since the first second I saw it, and wouldn't ever miss an episode. It actually taught me some Greek Mythology in the process of watching it, too, which would prove nicely paired with what I already know of it. Also, the plot is great, and the characters are cool, too. The romance isn't constant, either, but is there enough that you can enjoy it and root for your favourite couple. Too much romance in a show can ultimately distract from the whole of the show, and that isn't something that happens with this show. I can still enjoy what is actually going on, and the fight scenes are terrible either. The animation is good, and the voice actors are recognizable and are great to listen to, be they are so familiar because of the numbers of other shows that they have been in, like my personal favourites, Ian Cox, Kelly Sheridan, and Kirby Morrow. The characters are completely likeable, because in a way, are relatable, just in a different way. They are young teenagers with lots of stress on them, which many teenagers could relate with, except that they are fighting a Greek god while others maybe be just stressed over homeowork. ;-) The characters are teenagers, but aren't overly horomonal and whiny, and are mature enough to make watchable, but still are young enough to have to deal with what a regular teenager would, be it of God-like proportions or just trying out to figure out their crush. It can also be kind of funny, too. Particular scenes can be quite funny and entertaining to watch, and there is a good amount of comedy in each episode, so laughs are not a problem. As a whole, this show is great, and has a little bit of everything infused, in good amounts (so it's NOT annoying) which makes it great for every age. This show has gotten great reviews from the people here on, and only one bad review from someone who just hates learning, which is something that just comes naturally with watching this show. I think that this a totally great show for any age, I mean, even my 4 year old cousin and 67 year old grandfather enjoyed watching this one night. I think that this is a show that is worth checking out, because it really is a completely underrated show. A diamond in the ruff that needs to be uncovered and shared. I also think that this show should definitely come back for a third season! All the way! Even if only a a small amount of people like this show, it is well-loved by that group! As you can obviously see, I do love this show so. It is definitely one of my favourites shows EVER.
  • A great show, that gives you the Greek Mythology, and adds the cartoon romance and adventure; great for people of all ages.

    The show starts off with seven teens (around 17-16)
    who are direct descendents of the Greeks myths
    (ex. Jason), and must fight the god of time (Cronus).
    who brings back the monsters of the Greek myths
    (ex. Cerberus), in order to stop the teens from their
    plan of defeating him.

    I think it's a great show, because each character
    has their own unique personality, and it's an all over cool show, with odd little humor jokes, and
    romance with some of the characters (pg romance,
    of course).

    The main cast (or team, I should say) is: Jay, Odie,
    Niel, Harry. Archie, Atlanta, and Theresa. I hope you've found this helpful.
  • An interesting show about Greek Mythology.

    Class of the Titans is about seven teenagers who are all decendants of Greek heroes/gods and are the seven in a prophecy to save the world against Chronos. It is an interesting show with good character development and design on both good, dark and neutral sides. It shows good insights of reasons for decisions made between the gods, that choose to work with Chronos.

    Each episode is original to the last, and arises problems within the group. Some may doubt their powers, problems that normal teens go through etc, so in that regard we can relate to the characters well. The episodes are generally packed with action and if not they still do a great job of keeping it interesting. The only downfall of the show that I can see is the art of it. The animation is very simple, but effective enough for the show, so there isn't anything wrong with it, but if they had to do it again that would be an area of improvement. I would recommend people to watch it as it is interesting, consistant and keeps your attention from great episodes of orginality as such.
  • This show is a great way to learn your greek mythology and it has a outstanding plotline.!!

    I watch this show every chance I get. It is totally awesome and I hope to see more shows just like this!!:)
    I am taking 4 years of Latin in school and most of my class is studying on greek mythology and Class of the Titans really helps me out when I can not figure out some of the stuff because it is too hard for me to understand. The plotline of the show is awesome. The main characters are awesome and I love how they based there ancestors on the greatest greek heroes of the god's time. I hope that the series kepp going on for years to come!!:)
  • This show is mainly about seven descendants of Greek heroes called to face their destiny and save the world from a god hungry for power.

    Class is the Titans is one of the best cartoons of all time. With colourful, action-packed animation, this show is subtible for ages eight and up. It's about seven teenaged descendants of Greek heroes from ages past who are called to protect the Greek gods and the world from Cronus, the god of time, who has escaped Tarturus and is trying to conquer the world. The great thing about this show, though, is that it's not just Cronus that they must fight. The kids face the Minotaur (times hundreds), Medusa, and the Hydra, monsters their ancestors also faced. And it's not just about fighting, either. It focuses on the pressures of being a teen; from crushes, school and hormones, to trying to balance everything without loosing your mind. You are introduced to a colourful cast (Jay, Herry, Atlanta, Archie, Odie, Theresa, and Neil) that are full of doubts about their abilities and their teamwork. But admist all this, they overcome those things and learn how to work together to accomplish a goal, a lesson that is vital for everyone to learn. With different talents, they also learn to respect each other for those things, from being a psychic, to being strong, to being super fast, to being super smart, to being super lucky and super gorgeous, to being tough and fast, to simply being a great leader. This show is my absolute favorite, and with the mix of mythology, romance, action, adventure, and even humour, it has got to be one of the best shows ever made.
  • great show, should have kept it going.

    I miss there being new episodes of this show to watch, im a classics buff and while lots of things were completely wrong, it was still enjoyable and a fun show. it got younger generations involved with classics which i think is not only good, but is needed. I will for sure miss this show, i think that it should have gotten a longer run than just one season.If they brought it back, or a show like it, by the sounds of the reviews, there would be fans to watch it. it's hard to believe that they cancel shows that a lot of people really like.
  • Class of the Titans is one of the few cartoons today that are ENJOYABLE.

    Well, its been a heck of a time since I last reviewed a show. So yeah, hello there CoTT fans! Welcome to a review of the Skyancez.

    Anyway, Class of the Titans is a cartoon focusing around greek mythology. In this show, you will meet up with 7 16 year olds, who are all into greek mythology and are the decendants of the greek heroes (such as Jason and Hercules). They will need to fight and beat Cronus to bring back peace to planet earth.

    I find CoTT very informative. Its a show which you teach you allot about greek legends and there history. They also have a good and interesting plot.

    The humour is decent, it lacks a few, but still has its moments.

    This show, is one of the enjoyable cartoons (along with 6teen and Total Drama Island) for today's standards. if your a die hard cartoon fan or a believer in greek mythology, this is the show for you.

    The reason it got a 7.7/10 is because of the lakc of humour, not only that, but some scenes can be pretty boring. Nonetheless, a great show.
  • Class of the titans is a must see show.

    Class of the titans is a show that you have to watch. With seven teenagers just finding out there descendants of greek heros.(Jay desendent of Jason the leader, Archie desendent of Achillies the warrior, Atlanta desendent of Artemis the hunter, Odie desndent of Odeyseuss the brain, Theresa desendent of Thesus the fighter, Herry desendent of Hercules the brawn, and Neil desendent of Narssicus the good looking!). They have to start saving the world for CROUNUS. With CROUNUS using his powers and taking differnt people and things to his control. The 7 teenagers will have to try to stop him for controling the world.
  • 7 teenagers are the descendants of greek heroes. they are found by the greek gods, brought to new olympia, and trained to fight. they are being trained to fight against the greek god cronus, who escaped prison.

    this show absolutley rocks. there is no explaing how much this show affected me. and pretty much my friends, cause i forever go on about it. i really dont care if its not made for 15 year old girls, it's still one of the best shows EVER. the characters are charismatic, and funny. it has a wonderful plot, great setting, and all the other amazing things that make up a great show.
  • Seven teens accept the roll of saving the world from a crazed god. Can they rescue the earth before their arch-enemy, Cronus, wins?

    Seven teenagers, all who knew nothing about each other before, meet one day when fate brings them together. When they meet at New Olympia High they find a secret portal inside a janitor's closet that leads them to the secret hideout of the famous Gods and Goddesses of Greece. When the seven heroes accept the roll of saving the world, they have no clue what's in store for them. The seven teenagers include Jay- the leader, Odie- the brains, Herry- the brawn, Atlanta- the hunter, Archie- the warrior, Theresa- the psychic, and Neil- the goodlooking. Together, they battle the evil god of time, Cronus. With the help of the Gods of New Olympia and the friendship they soon create, they fight the evil God whose mind is set on one thing alone- revenge. In his quest for revenge upon his son Zeus, his plans are foiled numerous times, but can the seven mortal teenagers stop the immortal Time God, or is it the end for the world and everything living on it?
  • This is completley awesome! It\'s my favourite show and I love Jay!

    Totally perfect! Watch this show! I find that the greek mythology is really good, as well as all the humor. I am looking forward to watching \"Bows and Eros\" which has noy yet aired in Canada. Also, I heard they are replacing Atlanta. NO WAY! Atlanta is one of my favourites, and she won\'t be the same if someome else does her. However, there are many sucky parts. They need to explore Archie and Atlanta\'s relationship. And they need more Greek! And Zeus! And they need to drop the Jay and Theresa thing, because I feel like crying every time I see them flirt. Ok, I\'m done.
  • Cronus, the god of time, the so-called ruler wanna be of the world, was imprisoned in Tartarus by his youngest son, Zeus. Centuries later, he managed to escape. 7 teens, all descendants of Greek Heroes, are gethered by the Olympians to stop this new foe.

    One of the best animated show ever. Practically the only one I watch these days but this is not about me. This is show revolves around Greek Mythology. It brings back the stories that was told long ago by philosophers and other people. In this show, the myths rise upon their cage and tell their stories to all the people of the world. This cartoon is not only entertaining but also educational. You learn more about Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, Theseus, the Athenian who slayed the Minotaur, Atalanta, part of the Argonauts and joined in the Calydonian Boar Hunt, Achilles, one of the best warrior ever known to history, Hercules, stongest man ever lived, Odysseus, smart and strong king of Ithaca, wandered in the seas and unknown lands for twenty years in a journey that is now known as the Odyssey and let's not forget Narcissus, a poor lad who was cursed to love nobody but himself. These tales bring wonders to the us and everybody who rads them. You also learn about the gods themselves and their poor victims that had enraged them. This is a must watch. I really enjoyed this show and encouraged everyone aroung me to watch it so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.
  • Does Class of the Titans need a new review? No. Does it deserve a new reveiw? Absolutely.

    Class of the Titans is about 7 teenage descendants of ancient greek heroes who defend the world from several mythological figures, including Cronus, the main villian and god of time. It combines humor, action, adventure, and just a touch of romance to create an exceptional cartoon.

    The themes and lessons embedded in the episodes are very strong, but just barely perceivable. It manages to be morally educational without being preachy, as well as being historically educational with its references to several greek myths and legends. The characters are likeable and well-developed. Although its target audience is children from ages 8-12, all ages and genders are likely to find Class of the Titans fun.

    Personally, I can almost never find a tv show that isn't a compltete waste of time. Not so for Class of the Titans-it's one of those rare shows that's worth putting down a good book or pausing my computer game for.
  • Seven teenagers try and defeat the God of Time, Cronus.

    This show is an enjoyable watch for any fans of Greek Mythology, fighting, and teen life. There are seven main characters, seven teenagers:
    Jay; the Leader, a decendant of Jason.
    Herry: the Brawn, a decendant of Hercules
    Atlanta: the hunter, a decentant of Artimis
    Archie: the warrior, a decendant of Achiles
    Theresa: the fighter, a decendant of Theseus
    and Neil: the good-looking, a decendant of Narcissis
    these characters are brought to Olympus high by teh Greek Gods and are told of Cronus, the immortal God of Time, who wants to conquer the world and kill the Titans. The show travels all over, Atlantis, far away lands, the Underworld, and a warehouse! :D This show has a bit for everyone; comedy, romance, fun, evil, mythology, and everything in between.
  • On New Years the evil god of time, Cronus escapes from Taurus now Jay, Odie, Herry, Atlanta, Archie, Theresa, and Neil the descendents of Jason, Odysseus, Hercules, Atalanta, Achilles, Theruse, and Naresisus, most stop him from taking over the world.

    Class of the Titans or Cott for short has got to be one of the best examples of creative think and animation. They turn a regular history lesson into an exciting action packed adventure. It is perfect for all age groups, and watching it can be a real educational exasperations. Each character has his/her own traits and personality, Jay is the leader of the group and is very strike, and he loves sailing and maybe Theresa. Odie is a computer genius and often is the one that figures out a plan. Herry though silently thickheaded is an important character, he is the braze of the group. Atlanta is spunky and is a avenge tom-girl; she is also the fastest of the group. Archie is one of the best fighters of the group, with his signature whip he can do some real damage, he has his trademark purple cowlick and baby-blue sweater and shorts, he secretly writes poetry and has a crush on Atlanta. Theresa is also a good fight with her nun-chucks or her karaka moves, she is physic and can see things before they happen, she may also like Jay. Neil is known as the good-looking out of the group, he is extremely lucky and is a model to the dislike of Atlanta and Archie and most of the group. There are also the Gods, beast and places that all reflect the ancient Greek theme, the show is definitely my favorite show, and the favorite of most people I know.
  • a very good show the best ever cartoon ever!.

    Class Of The Titans is a show for kids,and Greek Myothologie,when i watched Chaos 101 is was very a big fan of COTT i even discuss it in the forums,Jay is Jason the leader,Herry The Brawn of Hercules,Atlanta is Artemis,hunter and fast,Odie is Odysseus The Brain,computer nerd(you can say),Theresa is Thesseus,A fighter girl that replaces a boy(wierd),And Neil my favourite Character is Narciussus,beauty not much of a figther,and naive(sometimes),and always care about his hairdut.

    Class of The Titans is one of the best shows in history of cartoons,Myothologie History of Greece,and funny parts.

    i cant wait For Season 2!!!!!!!

    Thank You.
  • A really good show... worth watching!

    I think this show is pretty good considering it's a cartoon. Don't get me wrong, i do like cartoons But i'm just not a big fan. However it's a whole different story for Class of the Titans. I have been watching this from the moment it started. Not only is it action-packed but some very interesting relationships going on between characters. My Favourite Characters:
    I like them all of course. But i really like Jay and Theresa and Neil is hilarious. I especially liked the episode where they started hating each other and Neil hated himself. That episode i was in tears it was so funny.

    The episode mentioned before is also one of my favourite eps along with the first 2 eps.
    I am also very interested in Greek Mythology so this show is also very informative as well as entertaining
  • I watched 1 episode and I was hooked since then i've been watching every episode when it's come on.

    seven teenages who are direct desendants of ancient heros are drafted in by the gods and have to stop Chronus(the god of time) from taking over the world. Jay, Atlanta, Herry, Archie, Odie, Theresa and of course Neil work together and fight whatever Chronus throws at them. This is the BEST show EVER!
  • I'm not into history, school and I don't care if you disagree with my review, I mean what I say.

    Class of the Titans... is the worst show in the history of all shows on TV. I know what they have done to people, they are mind controlling you to watch... jks. But this show is so fake (as in real world). I have seen better shows and a horse with a persons head, wtf is going on! I'm sorry, but I don'y see why everyone likes this show, it is horrible makes no sense, and this cronus dude, odviously he gets away in every episodes, you just saved 30 minutes of trouble. You can easily guess the ending... everyone lives, cronus gets away, lesson learn't, The End.
  • I really love this show, it involves the greeck mitology, which I am fascinated with. The heroes have each one their own personality, fears and past, that's what I call originalism. The characters are quite funny.

    I think the greeck mitology they're using is really exact and they conserve the miths and leyends. All the heroes have their own pros and conters. They are kind of so normal and suddenly their life changes, I like series where this happens (how I wish something like this might happen to me...) 'The choosen ones' I can call them. They are also really funny, the creator must have such a good sense of humor! The drawing is not really though, they're kind of not like an exact human model (the noses, their abdomen) like what you may see in an anime, but anyways I really apreciate the well structured episodes and oh! the titles of them, they're unique! And the best of all: Neil! What a personality, what a face, how luvky and funny, oh my! I think I'm in love!
  • Full of CLASS!!! To watch it will definitely be worthwhile!! Enjoyable as well as knowledge-filled. I say no more. My summary is included in my Review, as well as my personal insights.

    I created an account merely to be able to submit this review. And I must say, it IS really WORTH my time. =)

    I personally deem this show to be both absolutely fabulous and a classic! It has earned me for a patron because of:
    1. its awesome plot! In real great Greek and Roman mythology, no prophecy as such---that a group of very capable and admirable teenagers, who are descendants of THE great Titans, will be able to save the world from evil's wrath---was ever really stated, as far as I know. I really favor this unique, refreshing idea. 2. its well-thought-of "biography", characters, locations, villains, trouble-makers... basically all its suspenseful and exhilirating episodes!!
    3. the "romance factor" present among some of my fav'rite characters, such as Theresa and Jay, Atlanta and Archie, and Odie and Calypso. It's just perfect, and for me,it all fits!!! :P

    I continue, at present, "exploring" their world, trying to know more about them. My interest in this tv show continues to greatly increase,and I am looking forward to the whole next season this coming Sept. 2007, and the 26 new more episodes to come. :) I personally wish I could find more pictures and sites about them though.

    My fave episodes include: Chaos 101, 102 and 103; the episode about the feud between Arachne and Athena; Many Happy Returns (Theresa-Jay pairing!! Yeah!!); Odie-sey, and lots, lots more!! It's a show revolving around the normal-but-not-entirely-ordinary lives of 7 teenagers, who were wisely-chosen by fate to execute what is necessary to save the world from Cronus---his and time's evil schemes. As they embark on their journey and destiny, in order to fulfill the Prophecy, they also encounter growth as adolescents, and we can relate to them, as they also experience love, jealousy, love for family, but most of all, the binding friendship they have with one another.

    THIS is why I personally have such high regard for this tv show. Very respectable, exciting, yet, still morally-inclined. Something we can all enjoy while, at the same time, learn from. It's just a CLASSIC!!! I love it!!! :) :) :)
  • Exellent for people of all ages!!!

    When seven teenagers find out they are the desendents of greek heros, and they find out they have to save the world from the evil Crounus god of time, no one knows what will happen!!! Jay desendent of Jason the leader, Atlanta desendent of Atalanta the hunter, Archie desendent of Achillies the warrior, Theresa desendent of Thesus the fighter, Odie desndent of Odeyseuss the brain, Herry desendent of Hercules the brawn, and Neil desendent of Narssicus the good looking!! These seven heros now live in brownstone a dorn in new Olympia! Anything could happen in this wonderful story for all ages!!!
  • A great show with awesome knowledge of greek history and well it's CANADIAN!! YEAH!

    7 regular teens learn more about there ancestors who are heroes! Jay, the leader is learning to protect and lead others, Odie the brains is learning to be stronger in the inside and out! Herry the brawn is learning more about city life and to control his strength, Atlanta the hunter is learning more about hunting and getting a long with others,Archie the warrior is learning to face his fears and to work with a team, Theresa the fighter is learning about her magical powers and Neil the good-looking is learning, well everything!
  • Class of the Titans is definitely a guilty pleasure!

    The thing about Class of the Titans is that it holds appeal to a rather large age range. Although the show is probably geared towards children and young teens, the incorporation of classical mythology makes it a fun show to watch for adults and children alike.

    The spin on the classic "chosen ones" storyline is well executed in this show. Cronus, the god of Time, has broken out of his prison in Tartarus and is out to take over the world - and seven teenagers, bound by an ancient prophecy, must defeat him.

    Each of the seven have their own special abilities; there's Jay, descendant of Jason of the Argonauts, who is the leader; Theresa, descendant of Theseus the Minotaur-slayer, who both fights well and has psychic abilities; Odie, descendant of Odysseus the cunning Trojan War soldier, who has the brains of the group; Archie, descendant of Achilles the near-invincible warrior, who has skill fighting and is immune to disease; Atlanta, descendant of the fast hunter Atalanta, who is skilled with long-distance weaponry and runs extremely fast; Herry, descendant of the legendary strongman Hercules, who has amazing strength; and, finally, Neil, descendant of the narcissist Narcissus, who is both good-looking and extremely lucky.

    At first it may sound a bit like a bad superhero cartoon, but the characters have both their good points and their flaws, which also go along with the ancient Greek ancestor - for example, Archie, who is immune to disease, must wear a gold ankle brace. Their qualities and characteristics are often exploited in episodes, making things a lot more interesting than the common storyline of "get the bad guy and win/lost over and over again".

    The use of Greek myths in the show really keeps the story interesting, using some of the well-known myths as well as the more obscure myths. Some ancient characters are back for revenge, tricked or hypnotized by Cronus to go after the seven heros, and a whole slew of other ideas that really gives a new take on the myths that people know.

    The show also does a good job blending action and adventure with drama and even romance. I've come to like Class of the Titans a lot. It's the sort of television show I would wake up early or stay up late for when I was a kid; it doesn't just hold your interest, it grabs it by the shirt collar, wraps around it with a pair of bolas and a Hephaestus whip, threatens it with nunchucks and a xiphos, and subjects it to hours of Neil preening himself.
  • Seven descendants of Greek Mythological heroes learn that instead of being regular teenagers, they in fact have a huge responsibility--- to defeat Cronus, and stop history from repeating itself. The legends you may recognize, with a whole new twist.

    Seven descendants of Greek Mythological heroes learn that instead of being regular teenagers, they in fact have a huge responsibility--- to defeat Cronus, and stop history from repeating itself. The legends you may recognize about Achilles, Atalanta, Artemis, Narcissus, Theseus, Jason, Hercules and Odysseus, with a whole new twist. Every person has their own take on a certain legend--- that's why there are so many different versions of the legends. That's all this show does, is show a different take on the legends a lot of us already knew. Some people have a problem with that, but I don't. This show has pretty much everything you need, action, adventure, a hint of romance here and there... and of course, its just enough to make a person interested in Greek Mythology, and want to know more. Especially about the heroes your favourite characters are descendants from. To me, this show is great--- and there aren't too many great cartoons out there that are about Greek Mythology of all things... and I can't wait for Season 2. Plus, you have to love the cute moments between Archie and Atlanta, and Jay and Theresa... not too much to take away from the action, but just enough that you want more.
  • This show rocks!!!

    I wonder who thought of this cartoon? Whoever they are a genius. This is one of the greatest cartoons ever!

    Anyway, I think this cartoon is great. My favorite character is Neil, that\'s why my user name is Neil_18. I\'ve never actually seen the episode, but I heard alot about how Neil was imitating the submarine by saying \"Ping\" from my friend. I thought that was pretty funny, but there was a down side to that... she decided to spend the rest of the day annoying me so the rest of the school day saying \"Ping\" in my ear. Trust me that\'s annoying.

    Someone should congratulate the cast and crew of COTT. They just need more publicity, some DVDs, and some action figures!!!
  • There have been many shows that have taken their own spin on classical Greek mythology; unlike its predecessors, however, Class of the Titans is a unique blend of the destined group of \\\"Chosen\\\" teen drama, mythological mentors, and action-adventure.

    For an animated series directed at a young youth audience, it certainly has an odd appeal towards a more mature crowd. Perhaps its the inclusion of Greek mythology and its tongue-in-cheek interpretation that attracts the child in the older and educated teenage body, who has a deeper insight into the little, mythological details mentioned. Or perhaps its the endearing characters that populate the series.

    The teeniffication of the young heroic descendents, the satirical wink at the classical Olympians, and a generally overall, engaging plot make this show a wonderful candidate for some light entertainment.

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