Class of the Titans

Daily 7:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Jan 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • A great show, that gives you the Greek Mythology, and adds the cartoon romance and adventure; great for people of all ages.

    The show starts off with seven teens (around 17-16)
    who are direct descendents of the Greeks myths
    (ex. Jason), and must fight the god of time (Cronus).
    who brings back the monsters of the Greek myths
    (ex. Cerberus), in order to stop the teens from their
    plan of defeating him.

    I think it's a great show, because each character
    has their own unique personality, and it's an all over cool show, with odd little humor jokes, and
    romance with some of the characters (pg romance,
    of course).

    The main cast (or team, I should say) is: Jay, Odie,
    Niel, Harry. Archie, Atlanta, and Theresa. I hope you've found this helpful.