Class of the Titans - Season 1

Daily 7:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Jan 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Time After Time
    Episode 26
    It's New Year's Eve and CRONUS' powers are at their peak! Though he sure puts a damper on the heroes' party by killing Odie, Jay finds a way to go back in time and save their friend. Not to be outdone, Cronus goes all the way back to the TITAN WAR for another shot at defeating ZEUS!moreless
  • The Last Word
    Episode 25
    Neil's been kidnapped! Kidnapped! Kidnapped! ECHO steals away Neil, descendent of her long time love Narcissus, and leaves the heroes at CRONUS' mercy. Surprisingly, Neil has some sound advice for Echo and manages to save his friends.
  • Sybaris Fountain
    Episode 24
    Taking advantage of the bad blood between her and Hera, CRONUS frees SYBARIS, Queen of the Vampires! Sybaris may not be able to kill the immortal goddess- but seven teenage heroes are certainly something she can sink her teeth into.
  • 5/20/06
    MELAMPUS, the Dr. Doolittle of ancient Greece, is able to stop the STYMPHALIAN BIRDS and save the heroes- though not before one captures NEIL. When CRONUS steals Melampus' powers, it's all up to THERESA to focus her psychic ability and save their bird-brained friend.
  • 5/13/06
    CRONUS turns a commando unit into an army of GIANT ANTS and is calling out ZEUS to fight. Problem is: the gang doesn't know where Zeus is- and he's the only one who can stop the giant ants from marching on New Olympia!
  • Labour Day
    Episode 21
    CRONUS sends Herry back in time to perform the LABOURS OF HERCULES. A LION, a HYDRA, a DRAGON- oh my! Jay and the others try to save Herry, but first they have to face the music of the seductive SIRENS!
  • Many Happy Returns
    Episode 20
    When archeologists discover the first ROBOTS ever built by HEPHAESTUS, it leads CRONUS to Hephaestus' most terrifying creation: TALOS! The bronze giant is reconstructed and threatens to destroy an entire island, and our heroes!
  • Road To Hades
    Episode 19
    Jay is poisoned by a Chimera when trying to save Odie, and the other heroes only have a short period of time to bring back aconite from the Underworld's Plains of Asphodel to save him before his soul is lost to Hades forever and the prophecy is broken. Meanwhile, Jay has to elude and fight Atropos, one of the Fates whose duty is to take his soul to rest eternally in the Elysian Fields. With the end of the world coming if the heroes fail, Cronus also attempts to put together an ideal costume for his reign.moreless
  • Bows And Eros
    Episode 18
    All is fair in love and war when EROS hands out hate on VALENTINE'S DAY. Using arrows blackened by Cronus' rage, even Neil hates himself! It's up to Jay to bring the gang back together and stop Cronus' new Messenger of Mean.
  • Eye For An Eye
    Episode 17
    The CYCLOPS that was blinded by Odysseus is understandably bitter after all these years. CRONUS offers the Cyclops his sight so he can exact his revenge upon the heroes- and when Jay and Odie are captured, it's nothing but trouble as far as the eye can see!
  • Get Kraken
    Episode 16
    The heroes have to keep their head above water when CRONUS frees the KRAKEN. But this isn't just another terrible beast he's summoned to defeat the heroes- it's bait to draw out POSEIDON so Cronus can exact revenge! Problem is: his plan works!
  • The Odie-Sey
    Episode 15
    Cronus steals control of the wind from Aeolus, the King of the Winds, and causes a storm that shipwrecks Odie, Neil and Jay. Odie is rescued by Calypso, the nymph who loved his ancestor Odysseus and sees him as a replacement to stay with her forever. Meanwhile, the rest of the group heads out to sea on a rescue mission, where they're caught in another storm and attacked by the sea monster known as Scylla. It's up to Odie to convince Calypso to let him go and save his friends and return Aeolus' powers to their rightful owner.moreless
  • Make-Up Exam
    Episode 1
    ARACHNE, long ago turned into a spider by ATHENA, wants to be human again. Arachne strikes a deal with CRONUS, then weaves a tangled web of deceit, turning Atlanta against her friends and delivering the heroes into Cronus hands! ARACHNE weaves a web of deceit for Atlanta.
  • 3/18/06
    ARCHIE'S curiosity gets the better of him and he opens PANDORA'S BOX, unleashing a horrible PLAGUE and little HOPE. But when Atlanta, Odie and Herry are infected and the plague threatens the city's water supply, it's Archie's ancestry that provides the only ray of hope.
  • Prisoner Campe
    Episode 12
    Jay forms an alliance when CAMPE, the jailer of Tartarus, is out to catch her only escapee: CRONUS. But when Cronus captures GRANNY, Herry takes off to rescue her and plays right into Cronus' hands... forcing Campe to choose between Herry's life and Cronus' defeat.
  • Field Of Nightmares
    Episode 11
    CRONUS awakens a descendent of MEDEA, and JAY feels the fury of a witch his ancestor Jason once scorned. Of course Medea isn't alone, she has an army of AMAZONS covering her back. Hopefully Jay will realize in time he has an army of his own in his back pocket: SPARTOI WARRIORS.moreless
  • Mazed And Confused
    Episode 10
    When CRONUS manages to slip some ancient DNA into a cloning experiment, the heroes have to grab the bull by the horns as MINOTAURS run loose in New Olympia's underground tunnel system. To defeat them though, Odie has to get over his claustrophobia and help the others out of a tight spot.moreless
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Episode 9
    After NEIL single-handedly captures MEDUSA, he can't stop bragging to the gang. Neil not only drives them crazy, but he also gets under Medusa's sisters scaly skin. When the GORGONS kidnap Neil in exchange for Medusa, the whole team is caught between a rock and a hard place.
  • 2/11/06
    When a bad moon rises on All Hallows' Eve, THERESA and the gang find out that HECATE, Queen of the Dead, still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Though Theresa has learned a little magic, Hecate wrote the book on it- like, I mean, what's Theresa supposed to say to stop a legion of ZOMBIES?moreless
  • 2/4/06
    JAY baits a trap for CRONUS but fails. Now Cronus has the key to a powerful device and he's on his way to ATLANTIS! Jay has to lead the heroes and find Atlantis before Cronus does if they're going to save the world from a becoming a watery grave!
  • Trojan Horse
    Episode 6
    ODIE lets HERMES' powerful caduceus fall into CRONUS' hands and, thinking he doesn't have the stuff heroes are made of, he quits the team- and joins Cronus! Is this a ruse worthy of his ancestor ODYSSEUS, or has Odie really turned to the dark side forever?
  • Nature of Things
    Episode 5
    The demigod PAN is throwing a party, but he wants to bust more than a few moves. Hes under CRONUS power and, in the guise of an environmentally aware DJ, has ATLANTA under a spell of his own. Stop! Its PANIC time! PAN is throwing a party. Stop! Its PANIC time!moreless
  • Man's Worst Enemy
    Episode 4
    Who let the dogs out? CERBERUS did! What in HADES can calm this savage beast? Only ORPHEUS' lyre can do that; problem is the heroes have to travel to the UNDERWORLD to get it... and that's exactly what CRONUS wants them to do.
  • Chaos 103
    Episode 3
    The Earth is about to stop turning, but NEIL thinks it still revolves around him- even after Cronus captures him! The gang has to save Neil, the last hero, if they're to fulfill the prophecy and save the world from destruction. Luckily, Neil gives Odie an idea; but is there enough time?moreless
  • Chaos 102
    Episode 2
    THERESA, ODIE and ARCHIE arrive to find New Olympia hit with a power blackout. When the heroes investigate they find and defeat the TYPHOEUS- but not before CRONUS sets a diabolical plan in motion! Is this the end of the world, as we know it?
  • Chaos 101
    Episode 1
    It's New Years Eve and CRONUS escapes from Tartarus! When he learns of the PROPHECY, Cronus frees the GIANTS and unleashes the fearsome TYPHOEUS in order to stop JAY, HERRY and ATLANTA from discovering their destiny.