Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 9

Sibling Rivalry

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Feb 18, 2006 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • When Atalta says that they left quite a trail of breadcrumbs, this is a reference to the popular children book, Hansel and Gretel They main Characters in this book, Hansel and Gretel, left a trail of breadcrumbs behind them in the forest so that they wouldn't get lost. When Atlanta mentions it she is referring to all of the zoo animals that the Gorgons turned to stone.

    • When Jay says "She's not just another pretty face." is probably a reference to the song by Shania Twain "She's not just another pretty face."

    • Archie: You really didn't use a weapon? not even a little one?

      Neil: What can I say Arch, I'm really that good!

    • Medusa should not have been alive at all, having been beheaded and killed by Perseus.

    • In legend while Medusa pregnant by Poseidon, she was beheaded by Perseus, and from her body sprung Pegasus and Chrysaor, her two offspring.

    • Look Carefully: When Jay's coin hits the floor after being shot by the targeting lasers, you can see the picture of an antlered animal. It's the caribou featured on the Canadian quarter, so the school is probably based in Canada.

      Hermes also mentions this briefly to Jay in the first episode when they're flying to pick up Atlanta. This would also be an awkward contradiction, as Theresa's chosen weapon are nunchucks, which are illegal to own in Canada. But hey, it IS a cartoon that features seven children who save the world...

  • Quotes

    • (Archie and Atlanta walk out of the school gym, comparing battle scars)
      Atlanta: (rolling up her right sleeve) And this one is a reminder of my battle with an angry puma!

      Archie: Cool! But I can beat that! (he rolls up his left pant leg, revealing a large scar on his thigh) Turns out timber wolves don't like getting their bellies rubbed!

      Neil: (butting in) That's nothing! Check out this scar I got battling Medusa! (he rolls up the front of his shirt, and then stops) Oh wait, I don't have any! She didn't get a single shot in!
      (Neil laughs loudly and walks away from his two angry friends)

    • Hera: (talking to the team about the defeat of Medusa) Congratulations to all of you! And a special thanks to you, Neil.

      Neil: Hey, no problem. Saving the world just comes natural to me!

    • (Elevator door opens)
      Neil: (making fighting gestures) And then I was like, take that and that! And oh yeah one of these and she was all like, "Oh! I give up!" and I was like, "Lady, I'm just getting started!"
      (everyone leaves the elevator except for Neil and the door closes on him)

    • Theresa: (after sealing the cave off and trapping the gorgons) Hey! At least they'll have the next thousand years or so to work out their family issues!

    • Herry: (pushing truck full of rocks) Why do I... always have to... do all the heavy lifting!

    • Jay: Remember, touch a beam and it's game over!

      Theresa: Yeah! No presssure!

    • (Dirk the satyr jumps out from the tree and roars)
      Neil: Eeeeeeeee!! Huh? a saytr?
      Dirk: (laughing hysterically) You scream like a little girl!

    • Archie: (after Neil bragged about not getting a scar from Medusa) If he wants a scar so badly, I'd be happy to do it myself!

    • Chiron: ...Instant petrification to anyone who dares look directly into her hiddeous visage.
      Jay : You mean she's not just another pretty face?

    • Jay: we better get her restrained before she wakes up, Herry?
      Herry: I'm on it!
      Odie: Listen man, what ever you do, don't make direct eye contact, or you'll be spending the rest of eternity as an oversized paperweight!

    • Jay: (sees Medusa trapped under the bear statue) You did this all by yourself? in your housecaot?
      Neil: That's right!
      Theresa: I'm actually... impressed!
      Atlanta: I didn't think he could catch a cold on his own, let alone bag a gorgon!

    • Neil: (sees Medusa) Ahhh! (starts running, trips over wood which knocks a crowbar off a platform, and the crowbar falls, bounces off a rock and activates the crane which swings into the platform, destroying it and making it topple onto Medusa)
      Medusa: Missed me and now you're mi- (crane comes swinging back and hits her causng her to hit the bear statue which falls and traps her)
      Neil: Wow! That was lucky!

    • Neil: (after being in monkey cage) Ahh! look at this! I sure hope my spa has a flea-bath treatmant!

    • Cameraman: Now smile, baby, you look fantastic!
      Neil: Of course I do.
      Cameraman: I was actually talking to the monkey, Neil.
      (scene shifts to smiling monkey)

    • Neil: They don't pay me enough to do this!
      Cameraman: They don't pay you at all!

    • Herry: (after seeing chimera) Is it just me or did Odie forget to mention the GIANT FREAKIN MONSTER!?

    • Archie: Next time lets play spot the illusion before we get slapped around, 'kay?

    • Neil: (after recieving the reflective goggles from Jay to protect him from the Gorgons) Cool shades, thanks.

    • Neil: (Bragging to Gods) But this time it was three Gorgans! Each more deadly and terrifing then then last. And I was like, 'Bring it on!'

      Atlanta: (Sarcastically) Maybe it's not to late to trade back.

  • Notes

    • THE GORGONES (or Gorgons) were three powerful, winged daemons named Medousa (Medusa), Sthenno and Euryale. Of the three sisters only Medousa was mortal, and so it was her head which King Polydektes of Seriphos commanded the young hero Perseus to fetch. He accomplished this with the help of the gods who equipped him with a reflective shield, curved sword, winged boots and helm of invisibility. When he fell upon Medousa and decapitated her, two creatures sprang forth from the wound - the winged horse Pegasos and the giant Khrysaor. Perseus fled with the monster's head in a sack, and with her two angry sisters following close upon his heels.

      According to late classical poets, Medousa was once a beautiful maiden who was transformed by Athena into a monster as punishment for lying with Poseidon in her shrine. However, early Greek writers, simply described her as a monster born into a monstrous family.

    • Chimera
      A chimera is featured as being a ferocious, fire-breathing animal with a lion's head and body, a goat's head in the middle of the torso, and a snake for a tail. The chimera that the group encountered in this episode was virtual, but it had a programming so that the more they fought it, the more real it became. The chimera's bite is fatal, but apparently it can be cured with aconites from the Plains of Asphodel.

      The Chimera is also mentioned in Road to Hades as the creature that bit Jay and killed him.

    • When they're coming out of the containment unit, there are two, thick, concrete doors that close behind them. When they're trying to spring Medusa, they're not there any more

    • While fighting the virtual Chimera, Jay and Theresa hold hands.

      The gorgon is a monstrous feminine creature covered with impenetrable scales, with hair of living snakes, hands made of brass and has sharp fangs. Anyone who lays eyes upon it will turn into stone.

  • Allusions

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