Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 7

The Antikythera Device

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Feb 04, 2006 on TELETOON
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JAY baits a trap for CRONUS but fails. Now Cronus has the key to a powerful device and he's on his way to ATLANTIS! Jay has to lead the heroes and find Atlantis before Cronus does if they're going to save the world from a becoming a watery grave!moreless

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  • After Cronus steals a valuable piece of Greek History, Jay and the others must dive deep underwater to an equally valuable piece of history to get it back. Atlantis, Astrolabs, and eels, oh my!moreless


    Very cool episode! It was awesome to see them all dressed up in disguises. (especially Neil in his "Starsky and Hutch" getup!) Was also hilarious when Odie captured Herry in the trap and making faces at him! Equally hilarious when Herry finally got out! Amazing how they didn't have merpeople down in Atlantis, it kept the legend very real!

     Favorite Quotes-

    Neil: Ping! (of course)

    Archie: Where's the weapons on this thing?

    Odie: It doesn't have any weapons, it's a research vessel!

    Archie: No wonder no one cared that we took it!moreless
  • Jay decides its time to set a trap for Cronus, but his plan backfires and Cronus gets away. Jay has to prove he can fix things, and takes the titans on a journey to find the lost city of Atlantis, and ultimately stop Cronus--- this time.moreless

    Overall I thought this episode was excellent--- it didn't really have as many of the moments between Archie and Atlanta, or Jay and Theresa, but it was still a great episode. Afterall, it had its usual fighting which is always a plus. Then there was the whole fact that it appeared as if Cronus was gone, for good, but of course us fans know better, considering there's a second season coming out.

    This episode wasn't as exciting as it could have been, although it did have its moments, but overall it was just in between exciting and okay. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, because after all this series is still doing WAY better than many other shows and its still great. It could have a really bad, lame episode and I think it would still be good. So, good episode.moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


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Maxine Miller

Maxine Miller


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Patricia Drake

Patricia Drake


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Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The real Antikythera Device was probably a clockwork mechanism, while an astrolabe is an astronomical tool.

    • The red eel could not have been seen at that depth because red light dosn't have a strong enough frequency to go that far under the water.

    • The Atlas that was from Atlantis was not the same Atlas that held up the sky. The latter was supposed to have been turned to stone by Perseus, at least in some versions of the myth. The Atlas that was from Atlantis however, was a son of Poseidon, and he was also mortal.

    • In Greek mythology, the gods don't have blood, they have a see-through substance in their bodies called ichor.

    • In real life, it would be impossible for a human being to go swimming in that kind of water pressure.

    • The astrolabe is supposed to be an ancient Greek device, yet it's apparently usually on display in the ancient Eqypt wing of the museum.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Hera: A riddle is like a trap, isn't it? The answer is the bait. The question is the trap.

    • Atlas: Yep. That's where she is.
      Odie: What? You knew where Atlantis was all the time?
      Atlas: Sure. It's my hometown. I thought you knew that - Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis. All named after me - Atlas! Heh.
      Odie: And so, why didn't you tell us that juicy little bit of info before?
      Atlas: You didn't ask.

    • Archie: (searching the submarine) Where's the weapons on this thing?
      Odie: There aren't any weapons. It's just a research vessel.
      Archie: No wonder no one cared if we took it!

    • (Theresa, Atlanta, Archie, Neil and Herry are playing Monopoly. Theresa rolls the dice and lands on a property)
      Neil: Oh yeah baby, I own that, pay up.
      (Theresa groans and pays Neil)
      Atlanta: Doesn't this game ever end?

    • Atlanta: I'm all over it! Come on, guys, time for a swim. Let's turn that thing off.
      Archie: (shakes head in protest)
      Atlanta: Oh, right. The world's only non-swimming hero.

    • Neil: Ping

  • NOTES (1)