Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 25

The Last Word

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jun 03, 2006 on TELETOON
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The Last Word
Neil's been kidnapped! Kidnapped! Kidnapped! ECHO steals away Neil, descendent of her long time love Narcissus, and leaves the heroes at CRONUS' mercy. Surprisingly, Neil has some sound advice for Echo and manages to save his friends.

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  • I reallt like how Neil is 'kidnapped' or is it 'teennapped'?

    Okay this episode was really funny. I couldn't help laughing (although the problem was I nearly fell from my chair, but my sister did fall of the couch at one point). The other six heroes find Neil annoying at times.. alright, they find him annoying most of the time. But from the looks of things Neil has the same opinion about Echo (why else would he slap his forehead repeatedly during the episode?). Although I think Neil developed some small feelings for her by the end. It was quite interesting to watch this episode, I think it is one of my favorite episodes.

    I've always had this habit of fixing my hair when it's messy for some reason, and since Neil is my favorite character, my sister has decided to change my name to Neil. So every time she sees me fix my hair, she yells: "Neil!"

    Whoa! Waaay off track *smacks head* I'm dizzy. Anyway this is what I think of 'The Last Word'.moreless
  • Echo was once inlove with the self-absorbed Narcissus, but after learning he was more inlove with himself, she was devestated. Now there's Neil, Narcissus' descendant, and Echo's KIDNAPPED him. And the team's in danger too... and they NEED Neil.moreless

    I really liked this episode--- it was funny, it had its exciting moments (nothing too serious though), and most importantly, it was fairly fun and light-hearted. Neil's kidnapped by Echo, who now can't stop talking to him. He gets lucky (hey, that's what he does best) by finding the frequency his friends are on and hears that they are searching for him. When he learns their in danger, he cleverly (something I never thought I'd say about Neil, EVER!) tells Echo that if she doesn't let him go, and let him rescue his friends, he'll be gone forever because of the prophecy.

    Now, a really funny part (just because I'm a huge AxA fan) was when Archie told Atlanta, "Hey, we almost saved you," and she sarcastically said, "My Hero..." Although it was sarcastic, I still thought it was cute--- because Archie wasn't the only one trying to save her, but she sarcastically called HIM her hero. Funny stuff.

    Echo was an annoying character, but I loved that... because if you've been stuck by yourself, with nobody to talk to, and suddenly you have someone to talk to--- what would you do? Be quiet? NO, you'd talk until you're throat was so sore you couldn't breathe. And the fact that Echo dumped Neil first, was hilarious. He didn't seem to take it too well, did he?

    Overall, this episode wasn't the best, but far from the worst, and that's important in any TV series.moreless
  • Echo who loves Narcissus,takes Neil away as Neil is his decendent.Leaving the rest of the titans vulnerable to Cronus resulting in the capture of the titans.Thanks to Neil, Echo decided the help the titans and Neil saved the titansmoreless

    I must say this episode is one of the best it has many funny parts and serious parts.It started off quite seriously with jay missing his shots (it turns out that a powered shield that Odie made for him that puts him off balance,resulting in the misses) and then the rest of them getting caputred.Then the funny parts.It was Neil's love with himself that saved the titans.He said that if the world gets destroyed by Cronus,the worst thing would be that there would be no more Neil.On hearing this Echo then decide to help the titans and stop Cronus. Right before Neil was going to dump Echo' she decide the dump him instead,becase he was too in love with himself to notice or listen to her!(HaHa)moreless
  • its the best show ever you should watch it to increase your knowledge of greek history see my review to learn why it increases your knowledge of greek history.

    Well I think its not only a cartoon show some of it is true its like well helps your knowledge about greek history if u dont think that it does not mater to me. You know why I think that becuase Atlantis is real, a part of it included a statue

    of gryphons was found and its bones lied under the statue they also found a black box and a long sword connected to a metal staff and engraved on it was the name Archilles remind you of anyone.And they also found another statue of a half man half horse and a golden rod.moreless

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Neil: Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal. Send me a kiss by wire. Baby my heart's on fire! If you refuse me, honey you'll lose me, then you'll be all alone-

      Echo: (Echoing) ALONE, Alone, alone...

    • Neil: (Singing terribly in the shower) Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime girl. Send me a kiss by liar. Baby my heart's on fire...

    • Herry: Odie... you hear that? My stomach's growling!

    • Echo: Don't be blue Neilikins. What's so special about your friends? Beside Cronus has them as prisoners and they'll soon be destroyed so I'll make you the best grilled cheese sandwich ever---

      Neil: Whoa, wait, what did you say?

      Echo: It's true! Best grilled cheese sandwiches ever!

    • Archie: I never thought I'd say this but we could really use Neil's help right about now

    • (After Echo dumps Neil)
      Neil: How can she do that? I mean I was going to dump her, but she dumped me, what is that all about?

    • Echo: What can your friends have to offer you that I don't?

      Neil: I don't know... maybe a little privacy!

    • Archie: Hey we almost saved you.

      Atlanta: (sarcastically) My Hero...

  • NOTES (2)

    • It is shown that Neil isn't shy about his body (he swings open the shower curtain to see who's in the bathroom without covering up)

    • Jay surrenders to Cronus' lackeys when Theresa's life is placed in danger. This is a strong hint as to his concern for her well-being.


    • Echo originally helped Zeus "escape the vigilance of Hera", and Hera, learning this, grew angry and wiped the ability of human speech from Echo's mind. She could only repeat the last few words that someone had said near her, and it was after this that Echo met Narcissus.

      Narcissus of course was self-absorbed and incapable of loving anyone but himself. Echo fell in love with him and attempted wooing him, but Narcissus found her boring company because she could only repeat the last few words anyone said to her.

      It is said that after Narcissus' rejection, Echo "grieved herself" into invisibility and can now be found in wide open spaces, caves, etc, etc--- only if you call.