Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 15

The Odie-Sey

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Mar 25, 2006 on TELETOON
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The Odie-Sey
Cronus steals control of the wind from Aeolus, the King of the Winds, and causes a storm that shipwrecks Odie, Neil and Jay. Odie is rescued by Calypso, the nymph who loved his ancestor Odysseus and sees him as a replacement to stay with her forever. Meanwhile, the rest of the group heads out to sea on a rescue mission, where they're caught in another storm and attacked by the sea monster known as Scylla. It's up to Odie to convince Calypso to let him go and save his friends and return Aeolus' powers to their rightful owner.moreless

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  • I really liked this episode. It's not often you get to see a decent Odie spotlight episode! :D

    The main focus was on our brainy little friend Odie. While the others were involved too, it was mainly him. There wasn't much fluff apart from Jay pulling Theresa onto the boat, which doesn't really count, and Atlanta diving after Archie (Which anyone would probably do for their friend) and Archie telling her that he owes her. I liked the vollyball scene however, when Atlanta keeps on hiting the ball on Archie's goes but then she let's him get it and it hits him in the chest.

    Archie: Oof! You couldn't have hit THAT one?

    Overall, it's definately in my favourite 3 episodes, right after Little Box of Horrors. This is an enjoyable episode with soem really funny and memorable one liners.moreless

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Archie: Yes! Beautiful land! I'm never going to leave you again!

    • Herry: (sees Scylla and picks up a boulder) Let's rock, slime-o!

    • (The team's playing Volleyball and Atlanta's hogging the ball. Ball comes flying over and hits Archie in the stomach)

      Archie: What, that one you couldn't get?!

    • Jay: I hope Odie'll be ok.

      Neil: Oh I'm sure he'll be fine.

      Jay: I hope your right, he can only last in open water for so long, with any luck he found something to hang on to.

      Neil: You mean like that island over there?

      Jay: Neil! Why didn't you tell me there was an island behind me?

      Neil: Because it's far, you might try something crazy like paddling to it.

      Jay: (starts paddling) Let's go.

    • Neil: You need to relax and just let the sounds of the gentle waves sooth you. (Hears Calypso smashing the ship) As a psychotic nymph destroys our only way off the island!

  • NOTES (5)

    • When Chronus was holding Scyla, it had 5 heads. When it was at full size, in the water, it had 6 heads.

    • How did Archie go underwater and almost drown if he was wearing a life vest?

    • Guest Star-Aeolus:
      Aeolus is the King of the Winds who lives on an island on the back of a giant turtle. He was the one who gave Odysseus the West Wind in a tie-up sack (as well as the other winds). He (as well as other people) can control the winds to go anywhere, as long as they stand on his monogram, and are saying the Greek word for wind (which is anemos). He is temporarily dethroned by Cronus, until Odie shows up and saves the day. In the shoe, he is depicted as a pot-bellied old man with a British accent.

    • In Greek mythology, nymphs arn't actually immortal, although they can live for a very long time. However, for Calypso, this is complicated by the fact that she is sometimes referred to as a goddess in mythology.

    • While playing volleyball Theresa's shirt is blue, when their finished and they do a close up of her head, you can see that her shirt has changed to red, but in the next scene it promptly turns back to blue


    • Calypso: Daughter of Atlas, who lived on an island by herself, sometimes enjoying the company of shipwrecked sailors (as we seen in this episode). She once rescued Odysseus after one of his misadventures, and he enjoyed time on the island as she made it very enjoyable (again as we saw this episode with Odie). Calypso offered Odysseus immortality and eternal youth but Odysseus refused, and reluctantly Calypso built him a raft to get him off of the island.