Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 22

They Might Be G.i. Ants

Aired Daily 7:00 PM May 13, 2006 on TELETOON
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They Might Be G.i. Ants
CRONUS turns a commando unit into an army of GIANT ANTS and is calling out ZEUS to fight. Problem is: the gang doesn't know where Zeus is- and he's the only one who can stop the giant ants from marching on New Olympia!

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  • *facepalm* [[spoilers]]

    Class of the Titans is a wonderful show. The characters are engaging and different, the plot is interesting, and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep everyone occupied.

    But this episode? much as I would love to say "wow, that was awesome!" It wasn't really up to the standards I expect of this show.

    The humor was rather corny and although I appreciated the fact that Zeus is the janitor with a closet full of gold, it was really really corny. The plot that humans were being turned into giant ants? That was just a little too silly. There were so many better ways to reveal Zeus and they decided on this?

    On the plus side, the action was fine and I did enjoy Neil (who DOESN'T?) The animation and voice actors are wonderful

    as always.

    I'm a little disappointed.moreless
  • Definitly a good episode...

    When Chronus is turning a commando unit into ants, only Jay, Theresa, Herry, Archie, Atlanta, Odie, and Neil can help stop him!

    This episode definitly is one of my favorites. Neil was hilarious when he was effected by the ant venom...

    Neil: (still has ant venom effects on him) He's not my friend, he's my ant. Get it? Aunt! (starts laughing)

    Neil: You've got the cutest, biggest eyes EVER!

    Ant: *hisses*

    lmao! you just got to love Neil. Also this episode showed that just because the others have better fighting skills then Neil and Odie, doesn't mean that they can beat them, as shown in the tactical exersize.moreless
  • Funny, but somewhat adverage

    I usually have something really good to say about these episodes... while I do have something good to say, I have to say that this is a fairly adverage episode in my opinion. But that's just me. I'm just not into the whole ant thing lol :D. I did enjoy Neil's funny quirks however. It's another one of those episodes where you can laugh at all the corny stuff and not make fun of it! Neil was sooo cute when he was with his anty! awwww!

    Neil: He's not my friend! He's my ant! Get it? Aunt? he he he!

    I guess, not I think about it, it wasn't that bad of an episode.moreless
  • Although at some parts this episode didn't seem to be the greatest, I still found that in many spots it was funny, and of course it had just a teeny amount of ArchiexAtlanta moment.moreless

    This episode starts off with the Titans fighting and of course Odie, who isn't really much of a fighter, has to look at the directions on the other side of his shield as Archie "attacks" him. It's clear whose weak when it comes to fighting, especially when you see Neil complaining that the shield is too heavy to even lift up.

    Now, the first part about this episode I liked was how Atlanta, who was made the other team captain other than Jay, picked Archie first--- now of course, I realize that strategically it was a good choice, but she barely seemed to pause and I liked that. Another Archie moment I liked was when they were in the room with Hermes and the one guy winked at Atlanta and she seemed pleasantly surprised and Archie frowned and seemed jealous--- very cute.

    Of course if you skip over the ArchiexAtlanta moments, you have to admit that Neil was hilarious after he had the ant venom in him, just watching him made this episode worthwhile to watch.moreless
  • This episode was hiarious!

    Okay, when I saw they were fighting giant ants I thought 'Okay.. this is ridiculous'. Then I saw Neil get stung by that ant, and when he started acting wierd I started laughing. I remember when Neil said "This isn't my friend, it's my ant. Get it! Aunt! Hahaha!", and once the ant venom had worn off..*Talking to ant* "Get away from me!". But now, I know Neil is wierd cuz he doesn't want to be picked last, but when he and Odie team up... Neil ends up checking his reflection in his mirror. Once I saw that, I groaned: "Neil!" and I smacked my forehead.moreless
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