Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 26

Time After Time

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on TELETOON

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  • In this episode the heros have to go back in time to save the fate of humanity from Chronus

    This is the BEST episode i've ever seen the story was adventerous and it had plot twists. This is an episode that you must see to the end for it starts off with Odie being dead and then it goes on to the heros having to go to the titan war and helping the gods defeat Chronus.
  • Its New Years Eve & the Titans are counting down to the new year, when suddenly everything changes & Odie is gone. Jay's the only one who knows that he didn't really die, & they have to travel back in time, & stop the future Cronus from changing the past.

    It's New Year's Eve and the Titans are counting down to the new year, when suddenly, everything changes--- and Odie is nowhere to be found. Jay's the only one who remembers that Odie didn't really die, and they have to travel back in time, and stop the future Cronus from changing the result of the Titan War.

    When this episode came on today, I knew that Odie was going to die--- what I didn't know was that it would only be Jay that remembered he didn't really die that day when they fought the monster (was it a manticore? I suddenly can't remember, and I *just* watched the whole episode six minutes ago) and so when they told him, "Jay, Odie died six months ago," I was totally blown away--- either it was unexpected entirely, or I'm just a little slow. Either way, this episode was extremely powerful for me. I liked of course when Jay was holding Theresa's hand when they slid down the huge hill, and Archie had Atlanta's--- very cute. Poor Odie, Herry and Neil had no one's hand to hold but they didn't seem upset about it. And finally the titans learned that Mr Suez was actually--- *gasp!* ZEUS! At the very end, and keep in mind this was my first time seeing this episode, when they told him that Cronus would try to escape and Zeus said he wouldn't let it happen, I was just totally shocked because then, like they said, they never would have known one another. Yet somehow, I think that them meeting was "destiny" like they said about them fighting Cronus and that one way or another, they'd have met.

    Still, the effect was powerful and for me the thought of them never meeting was just shocking and something I would never want to happen--- what would be the point of having our show? Although it WOULD be interesting if they had saved this episode, altered it a bit just to fit the time line, and had it at the end of series two or something, and then have it that they never met--- and a new enemy came and they were brought together again. I don't know, I just think it would be cool.

    So, another awesome episode, that was exciting, shocking, and fun. And of course, filled with action.
  • In this episode Jay,Theresa,Herry,Neil,Atlanta,Archie and Odie go back to the Titan War.Cronus's powers are at it's highest on New Year's Eve and he goes back to where he met his downfall from Zeus.At the end,they do stop Cronus and peace is restored.

    This was an awesome episode.For everyone who likes Jay and Theresa, you can't miss this episode. I won't spoil it but they get very close.Also,the identity of Zeus is finally revealed and this episode shows how close everyone has got over the time they've spent saving the world.At one point they consider stopping Zeus from stopping Cronus from escaping.It doesn't matter though he forgets anyway.None of the characters have changed and Neil is still lucky.When I first stated watching this show i didn't know what happened at the Titan War and I finally was really clear.If you expected this final episode to tie everything together you won't be dissapointed.
  • New Year's, in a last attept to bring down the team, goes back in time to kill Odie. Jay goes back to undo it, but then Cronus goes back to the Titan War to finish the Gods off once and for all, it's up to them to answer the call.

    The much anticipated finale for the season is upon us, and judging by the responses of fans, they aren't disappointed. It brings a climactic end to the season, leaving a great impression on what's to come in the future.

    For you Jay and Theresa lovers, you'll be satisfied with how close they get this episode. And remember, people, this is from someone who hates most romance. It was cute, and actually put a pleasant contribution to the plot. Jay and Theresa weren't the only ones that were close, this episode really brings out how close the team really is, closer than previously in the series.

    ACTION! YES! I LOVE IT! Swords...good...yes. This episode is action packed to the brim!

    And last but not least, the mythology portion. The Titan War is a great addition, especially since the heroes really needed to hit it where it would hurt Cronus.

    In conclusion, this has to be one of the (if not completely) the best episode this season. I can't think of anything wrong with it, giving it a well earned 10/10. Surely a worth-while finale, and paves a way for the soon-to-come second season.