Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 26

Time After Time

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • The Cyclops refer to Cronus as their half brother. Technically, he is their full brother because they share the same mother and father.

    • Contrary to the show, there were no existing human beings during the time of the Titanomachy. However, this depends on which version of the creation myth one refers to -- in Hesiod's 'Work and Days', the first race of mortals lived during Cronus' reign.

  • Quotes

    • Jay: Hey, where's Odie???

      Theresa: Jay, Odie died 4 months ago

    • (giants slide down the cliff and almost crush Neil)

      Neil: Hey!! Watch your step!!

    • Odie: Are we there yet?

      Atlanta: Odie, I have a feeling that we're not in New Olympia anymore.

    • Archie: ...But when in time is he?

    • Atlanta: So unless we stay cooped up in here forever, we'll vanish like the rest of the city?

      Chiron: More like all of humanity.

      Neil: Then staying in school is my New Years resolution!

    • Odie: Jay! Time travel is against the laws of physics and logic! Your subconscious probably dreamed up the whole crazy scenario!

      Jay: If you don't believe me then ask the seasons!

      (Everything outside of Olympus high becomes a big ruin)

      Odie: Huh?! Would you mind running that crazy scenario past me one more time?

    • Oracle: You're all by your insane self in your quest for revenge.

    • Odie (after Jay saved him) Thanks you saved my bacon!

      Herry: I wish I could have saved my steak!

    • Cronus: I've turned back time to eliminate that odious Odie.

    • Oracle: (counting money and hears someone approach) I'm closed!

      Cronus: Oracle! Surely you can make an exception for the god of time and space?

    • Chiron: Grief has affected your memory. Odie lives on, but only in my records and our hearts.

    • Cronus: Sorry to cut and run!

    • Theresa: Scorpian tail and bat wings? Who taught you to accessorize?

    • Chiron: This is very serious indeed! Waking a centar from a sound sleep can be hazardous to ones health!

    • Jay: Huh? Odie died six months ago? Very funny but how'd you make all the decorations disappear?

      Herry: What?

      Jay: Come on out Odie, did Hermes help you pull this prank?

      Atlanta: Jay, what's wrong with you?

      Jay: Me!? You're the ones with the twisted sense of humor!

      Archie: Odie's dead! That's no joke!

    • Archie: I wonder what life in the ancient world will be like?

      Atlanta: Better be some good hunting.

      Neil: And a full-length mirror.

    • (Zeus is strategising for the Titan War; picks up Neil, who is smaller in size in comparison, and moves him on the board)
      Neil: Hey! I'm not an action figure!

    • Jay: Zeus! And it looks like... Mr. Suez?

      Theresa: Our school janitor is Zeus? He's way over-qualified.

    • Theresa: (To Jay) First we lost Odie, and now we're losing you to!
      (Jay takes her hands)
      Jay: Theresa, I'm not crazy.

    • *barb from the Manicore goes through the door before Neil opens it*
      Neil: Ok, who's playing darts on the roof?
      *sees the monster*
      Neil: *screams and closes the door again*

    • Jay:Theresa, I'm sorry, I ran into Chiron and he started telling me one of his stories and- Theresa?

      Spring: She left a message for you cutie. Jay, I am tired of waiting for you. See you at the dorm.

      Jay: You couldn't ask her to wait a little longer?

      Spring: We control the seasons honey, not your girlfriends.

  • Notes

    • A bit of a perverted joke: The giant guarding the cyclops is shown reading a magazine featuring a scantily-clad nymph of some sort, which Herry finds to be very distracting.

    • We discover why Zeus is the aged janitor (Mr. Suez) and Hera is in charge of New Olympus. He burned up most of his power sending the heroes back to their own time so the gods staged a cover-up for centuries and pretended he was still running Olympus and at full power.

  • Allusions

    • This is the same title of Xiaolin Showdown's two-part Season finale.

    • Episode Title: Song/Phrase
      The episode title, "Time After Time", is an allusion to the song of the same name and/or the similar phrase.

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