Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 6

Trojan Horse

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on TELETOON
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ODIE lets HERMES' powerful caduceus fall into CRONUS' hands and, thinking he doesn't have the stuff heroes are made of, he quits the team- and joins Cronus! Is this a ruse worthy of his ancestor ODYSSEUS, or has Odie really turned to the dark side forever?

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  • Odie has never been the strength of the group. But after an incident with Cronus's giants, he ends up thinking he's useless, and quits the team! What could be worse? Oh yeah... he's joined forces with Cronus!moreless


    Pretty good episode. It would've been terrible if Odie had really quit the team. Without him, how would the Titans think up their plans. And poor Herry wouldn't have anyone to give noogies to! (see director's blog) And it was great to see little Odie with more power than Herry, even if it was only temporary! Also awesome to see him put obnoxious Neil in his place!

    Favorite Quotes-

    Neil: Jay, I'm giving you a battlefield promotion, feel free to take charge anytime! I'm keeping the hat though!

    Odie: I Know you all think it! I'm the weak link! I'm not as strong as you guys, or as fast! I don't know any cool kung-fu moves! (demonstrates his karate skills)moreless
  • Odie is feeling slightly underappreciated, so when he lets a precious artifact belonging to Hermes fall into Cronus' hands, the tech genius doesn't believe he has the stuff of heroes and quits the team--only to join forces with Cronus! What's going on?moreless

    I like Odie, I really do, and that's why I was disappointed with this episode. To amend its wobbly and somwhat simplistic plotline, the story could have focused more on developing Odie's character. Instead, we have it rushing from empty scene to empty scene, more 'action' (and not very good action for that matter) than substance. I wish they could've explored Odie dealing with his newly granted superhuman strength and agility, and have him seriously consider switching teams after giving the rest of the gang a bit of boxing for being such jerks. Alas, 5 stars for haste-making!moreless
  • Odie is given a scepter that controls animals -Cronus wants it to attack the city with so he steals it but it brakes. Odie takes the blame and quits the Titans and Cronus recruits him to find the broken peice. Then Odie turns the griffins on Cronus. Titanmoreless

    I loved this epeisode because it made you realise how much Odie doesn't fir in because he's the smart one and he can't fight like the others can. It made it worse when he couldn't figure out how to control a bear and the others laughed at him.

    I felt bad for Jay to because he blamed himself when Odie quit. So he resigned leadership and Neil took over which was HILARIOUS. Then the whole team fell apart and Theresa tried to get Jay back. Then it was all okay because Odie wasn't really evil. Yay!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Archie used his Haphaestus whip against Odie. In the second episode, we learned that whip can cut through any material. If it weren't for the fact that Cronus had made him temporarily powerful, he would have had a limb severed from his body. But Archie didn't know about this temporary powers so it seems that Archie wanted to severely injure him...

    • When the heros are fighting the giants, in the background you can see that Neil does a backflip off a tree.

    • If Odie wasn't really evil, why did he cause that traffic accident that could have seriously hurt a lot of people?

    • It's ironic that a group of teenagers who fend off giants and other monsters on a regular basis couldn't handle a grizzly bear.

    • On the bus that almost hits Odie, there is a picture of Neil on the side of the bus

    • Here Archie mentions that Atlanta is a junior in highschool.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Herry: (about the costume Neil has bought for him)'s kinda small!

      Neil: (annoyed) It's a lycra, polyester blend, it'll stretch!

    • Odie: (about Hermes's herald staff Wow! How does it work?
      Hermes: This is an instrument of the Gods, my young friend! (he pauses, then points to the staff) There's a switch right there.

    • Neil: Why is this even an issue? I'm sure Mr. Hermes can get another stick.

    • Herry: Neil? In-charge? In-charge of what? (Theresa whispers in his ear) That's totally unfair!
      Hera: Unfair or not, I have made my decision.
      Theresa: Jay, say something!
      Jay: (to Neil) ... good luck.
      Neil: Yes I am!

    • Neil: Jay, I'm giving you a battlefield promotion. Feel free to take over. I'm ... keeping the hat though.

    • Cronus: Come now, boy. Don't try to fool me with your feigned indifference. Even now I can sense the hate swirling through you.
      Odie: That's a bean burrito you're sensing.

    • Theresa: Jay, it's not your fault.

      Jay: Tell that to Odie.

      (Odie walks in)
      Herry: Odie! It's not Jay's fault.

    • Atlanta: Herry, you can't vote twice.

      Herry: Why not? It's a democracy.

    • Jay: I can tell you what I won't do - give-up on Odie without a fight!
      Neil: And we'll look great doing it.

    • Hera: Very well, from now on, Neil will be in charge.
      (Everyone complains)
      Harry: Neil, in charge? In charge of what?
      (Theresa whispers in his ear)
      Harry: What? that's totally not fair.

    • Archie: I can't believe she left Neil in charge! I mean, even Herry would have been a better choice!
      Herry: (laughs) Yeah! (has puzzled look on face) In charge of what?
      Archie: Never mind!

    • Neil: Some vacations, no time to suntan and now this (giants start swinging trees at him).

    • Jay: Good luck. (leaves the room)

      Neil: Yes, I am.

    • Jay: I don't think that's such a good idea...

      Neil: Technically, I'm still in charge.. the, Captians Hat (taps it) Anytime Herry.

      (After Odie starts going crazy-strong and whooping their butts)

      Neil: Jay, I'm giving you a battlefield promotion, feel free to take charge. I'm...keeping the hat though.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This particular episode seems to be revolved more so about Odie, although the other characters still play a large part, it does revolve around him and, in this case, his quitting the team and joining Cronus.

    • God: Hermes

      Hermes is the god of shepherds, luck, language, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves. Most importantly, he is the messenger of the gods.


    • When Hermes was controlling the bear using his staff, he joked by telling it to find a picnic basket or park ranger. This is most likely a play on the popular cartoon "Yogi Bear". Yogi (the main character in the series) frequently bothered the park ranger by stealing picnic baskets from guests.