Season 1 Episode 1

Big Sword -Claymore-

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • omg omg omg omg...its awesomeeeeeee man d best ep from d best anime in d world.

    this ep really blown me away...d first time i saw it i said to my self..ok lots of fighting...lots of chicks destroying in loveeeeeeeeee!!!!! really great all d stuff ...all caracters completely awesomeeeeeee. man omg omg omg i love claymore man goodbye naruto ..goodbye guys are going downnnnnnnnn ye a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ..if you havent seen this ep or this anime(may god forgive this sin)then stop reading this and goo ooo o o o o o o o o o o o o. . .
  • Awesome.

    Awesome pilot episode. A Yoma (a demon) is threatening the village and lots of people are being killed. The village elder decides to call for a Claymore (half Yoma, half human) to hunt down the Yoma and save the village. The Yoma comes and meets Raki, who is interested in Claymores and wants to know more about them. His parents were killed by a Yoma. He returns home and it turns out the Yoma took over his big brother's body and now wants to kill Raki, but the Claymore comes and kills the Yoma.

    Raki gets kicked out of the village because the villagers afraid that he might turn into a Yoma (somehow). He gets stranded in a desert but is saved by the Claymore. He tries to find the Claymore again, and an imposter shows up and tries to lure the real Claymore out. The Claymore throws away her sword but then outsmarts the Yoma and kills him. Raki decides to follow the Claymore, who reveals her name to be Clare.

    That was one of the best pilot episodes ever, it was exciting and kept me watching the whole time. And Claymores are also interesting.
  • monsters eating humans

    this is a really good first episode. i thought that the village was going to turn into some kind of witch hunt in the begining. im glad it didnt i was really glad when clare came but i was extremly pissed off at the villagers and how they treated her, she didnt seem that scary at all. so i was really glad when raki started to talk to her, it was really sweet. when he went back to his uncles house i was not suprised that his brother was the yoma, i was kinda supisus of him a bit before. and then i couldnt believe that the village just threw him out! ofter his parents and brother was murdered they just get rid of him!!! i was really glad when he was saved though and i was glad that he spotted the fact that that was a yoma and not a claymore, i didnt get it, i was thinking it was a claymore who didnt mind being called a claymore. ha ha ha silly me i would have died. but i am glad that she saved him though i am a bit confussed as to what her power is. also we got a flash back... i cant wait to watch the next one!
  • Claymore episode 1- One of the best pilots have ever seen. ***Spoilers***

    The first episode of Claymore starts out with a scene with an impact equivalent of nails screeching on a chalkboard. It made me cringe in my chair.
    This episode in whole gives superior background knowledge of humans, Yomas, and Claymores. This episode focuses mainly on Raki, a young boy whose parents were killed by Yoma, and Clare, a Claymore that shows friendship to Raki.
    Clare comes to Raki's town because there has been a rumor that a Yoma is living there. Once Raki and Clare find that the Yoma is Raki's brother, Clare kills him and runs off.
    I do not wish to give away the entire episode, but overall, this episode is one of my very favorites.