Season 1 Episode 4

Clare's Awakening

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Fight against the Voracious Beast!

    The Voracious Beast has mortally wounded Clare, but runs away when he hears the voices of other villagers/guards approaching. He's too fast so nobody can catch up. The two guards bring Clare to her room back at the inn. Clare now formally enters the church and decides that she has to look into each of the priests eyes to determine who is the real Yoma. She looks into all of them but the beast is nowhere to be found. Then she realizes the possibility that the beast might be disguising himself as a corpse and goes to see Raki.

    The beast tries to attack Raki but is saved by Clare. The two guards from before come to her help and they fight the beast. Clare cuts off the beasts arm but it doesn't really affect him. He beats up Clare because she is still not recovered from her previous injury. The other two guys try to fight the beast but are quickly disposed of. They pass Clare her Claymore she tries to cut off the Yoma's arm again but it does no good. Then she finds an opportunity to cut off his head. The battle is over.

    Clare lost too much blood and says she reached a point where she might lose her human mind and become a Yoma. She tries to kill herself but is stopped by Raki. Raki saves her and they leave the city together for the next mission.

    The battle against the Voracious Beast was exciting. It was nothing like the other Yomas before, where Clare had quickly disposed of them. This one was really tough and it took a lot of effort to take out.
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