Season 1 Episode 25

For Whose Sake

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • apart from some people getting injured did anyone feel that not much happened and actually WE ARE STILL WAITING for the actual showdown.

    well. I know the score isn't set too high, but if you have read my original review that i put up on the claymore summary. I mentioned that I did worry that is was shifting to the naruto and dragonball z of continual next level territory and more importantly 30 minutes of not much happening.
    I do wonder am I the only that feels that not much happened in this. The Claymore episodes had somthing new and i always felt that i saw somthing awesome after each episode yet this one i felt slightly...unimpressed. I mean i liked it but i was not blown away to be feel like crying that i have to wait a whole week to see the next one. Im just worried that it's turning its direction into the naruto and dragonball territory, thus making it more commercia, dragging each episode as long as it can and actually losing that speciality because lets be frank, the episodes up until and a bit after teresa's death was BL%&DY BRILLIANT. WHY were they? because somthing really did happen on each episode and it wasnt ridiculous yet now its heading in the direction of the ridiculous. I will be waiting however to see how the seasons end. I am enjoying it however not as much as i used too.
    Well i hope i havent upset anyone from what im saying but i just was not blown away
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