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  • First title I've ever watched that inspired me to buy the manga

    I know I'm very late to the party, but I felt driven to post. Claymore is, to put it simply, AMAZING. If you are debating whether to invest your time and energy into either the anime or manga version of Claymore, PLEASE DO SO. One of my most memorable anime experiences and one that left me wanting more. Great world, characters, art, and story. I also love that Claymore offers adult themes and isn't afraid to paint the whole picture, however brutal it may be. I am so glad I found this hidden gem!
  • i dont know how to feel about this....

    The action is superb, the art and animation and violence are satisfying. Needless, to say i did enjoy it, i spent an entire day, and cancelld all my plans to finish, and i was entertained. but i did find a few flaws...

    I had great expectations for this series, however, was disappointed...

    Although action, graphics, and violence are good. The story, characters, and music are horrible.

    The music wasnt amazing, the cue for the music was always in bad places...

    The characters were expendable, always dying. I got attached to characters but then the next episode they died, very frustrating.

    The story was good up to half way. After that point i just wasnt interested anymore. The writers kept bringing more to the table, but didnt deliver anything...

    Claire didnt kill Percilla, they talked and feared this "Ice King" but didnt do anything to stop him. They were 27 fully awakened Yumas but they only killed 3...

    And my biggest complaint is Rocky, i mean he cried more than the girls!!! Thats a problem.

    My favorite without a doubt is Therssa, just beautiful and badass character.

    Im being honest, if they possibly continue the series to finish the story, then i'll be happy but but i doubt it...

    Sorry to everyone who liked it, but i dont think it is worthy of an 8 or 9 rating.
  • Excellent series !!! must watch.

    I myself am a big fan of Claymore and a dedicated anime watcher, The Manga was excellent and i personally think they outdid themselves with the anime. The Anime was different from the manga but was not deviated too far from the plot of the series. Claymore is also one of the few series that I have enjoyed that has absolutely no humor to it, This does not imply that it is always boring and serious but it is more of a more mature and intellectual experience as apposed to slapstick humor. The Anime is categorized under fantasy and does not carry the weight of expectation for such a series, but i believe the simplicity of the world that Claymore is assigned to makes it that much better. There is such a thing as Outlandish and Claymore does not stimulate that aspect. P.S I believe reviewers shouldn't post negative opinion about series as it is only there opinion, by insulting the series in a public manner they can influence a persons choice in being able to watch it and form their own opinion. THANX :)
  • Never Watched it? Don't.

    If you've never watched it, don't. Every scene in this show's English rendition is absolutely terrible. Plot is over-explained, setting is unremarkable, and the voice acting and script make me imagine crushing my hand in a vice is not so bad when compared with Claymore. Everything I love about anime is reduced and removed in this frankly boring and overworked piece. Though it has an average rating of 8.8 out of 334 votes, most of those votes must have been from either juveniles, uninspired Michael's , or otaku zombies.
  • best serie/anime/manga

    claymore is one of my best series i've seen in my life. This is a fucking great work, anime was good but manga is the best way to understand everything about claymore. Robust and complex history, all amazing . 100% recommended.
  • This is a really good anime that anyone will enjoy.

    I watched this anime around last year or so and I'm currently watching it again. I have to say this anime is really good. This anime is about Clare, a female warrior who works for an organization who goes around slaying yoma (demons) as part of the given missions that each member of the organization is given. The organizatin does not have a name, but the warriors are called "Claymores" by the human people. Each member of the organization is assigned to a part of the world and is given a number based on their strength. Clare is number 47, which means she's the weakest of all of the Claymores. Clare along with Raki go out on a quest to search for Priscilla, a Claymore who became an Awakened Being (very firece demons who feed on people) to get revenge for Teresa's death. Teresa was a mother figure to Clare when she had no home to go to. This show has a lot of blood and a lot of action. The action is top notch and the fierce battles will want to keep you guessing on what's going to happen next. The outcome of the fights are very difficult to predict. One example is when Teresa was fighting Priscilla, you would think that Teresa would win the fight, but she lost and she got killed. Another one was when Clare fights the Silver-Eyed Lion King and you think that Clare would easily lose, but in the end she actually won. The soundtrack is pretty good. I like the ending theme the most though, it's a great tune. This anime makes me think of Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry since in my opinion it's a mix of the two. If you're an anime, I recommend you watch this anime because I think you'll enjoy it.
  • Like most animes derived from manga, the length of it is an issue, but that is the only thing holding this great anime back, and what we get is still a great anime.

    Claymore is under the genre of fantasy, but compared to other fantasy animes, it feels nothing like one. There are no talking animals, no bad spirits, no generational curses, wolf tribes, staffs and wands, and plain no magic period! What exactly makes Claymore a fantasy? Besides the warriors called Claymores, the only thing that is supernatural about this anime are the human eating monsters known as youma. Doesn't sound like anything big, yet with only this one concept to work off of, the premise behind Claymore feels as vast, fantastical, and adventurous as any fantasy out there.

    So what's the story behind this anime? The much feared youma roam the world freely with no parallels to stop it, except for the female fighting amazons known as Claymores. They are humans who have been infused with youma parts in order to battle these monsters. We follow the Claymore known as Clare and her human friend Raki, as they travel around the world slaying youma, while also struggling an inner battle known as "becoming awakened." While Claymores are half human, their youma side slowly eats away their human consciousness and they themselves have the chance of turning into youma.

    Much of Claymore's premise revolves around this concept of becoming awakened. Later on, the story expands to introduce elements of conspiracy and power struggles smoothly along with the usual shounen traits of warriors possessing unique fighting abilities battling in long detailed, but not dragged out, fights. You'll realize that Claymore is like another shounen that is divided between cliques and parties spearheaded by technicality driven battles. However, Claymore's clean execution separates itself from other typical shounens, and its story only continues to get better. The battles aren't too terribly deep, but there is enough aesthetic value, blood, and flying body parts to fill the void, and the highly likable cast makes them that much more entertaining to watch.

    Clare for one is a female lead protagonist that you can actually like and is at least above the age of 18--totally unheard for an anime these days. Although her personality overlaps that of the confident, strong willed, humble and soft spoken fighter in the group, she herself has many flaws and it's nice to know it's possible to have a protagonist that isn't perfect, but isn't pathetically emo too. Throughout the anime we're introduced to a grand cast of different Claymore warriors, and each and every one of them, even the ones used as fodder for the youma, are developed nicely. What's even more odd is that the characters all look strikingly the same, especially considering the fact they all have the same clothing, yet their unique personalities give them a distinct look that it's hard to get characters mixed up.

    Can't really speak too highly of the antagonists as they fall victim to a number of cliches, most notably the total sociopaths that take extreme pleasure in torturing their prey, but they serve their roles well.

    It was building up to becoming an all time classic for fantasy shounen animes, but it didn't welcome its stay nearly long enough for it to reach that plateau. There was so much promise, so much new characters we have yet to meet, too many unresolved conflicts, the conspiracy was getting better and the power struggles were getting tighter, and then it ends. You can't help but feel that you were teased this entire time before experiencing the main course. Though to give it some credit, compared to where it left off in the manga, it could have done much much worse, so given the circumstances, it was a tolerable ending.

    Even when you do run the course with the anime, you can still move on to the manga. There is just so much going for Claymore that it's really hard to pass up. It breaks no new ground, but it's surprisingly refined and its memorable and large cast and a good storyline give it enough reason for at least a recommendable watch. The fights aren't exactly deep, but there is enough blood and guts to make them enjoyable. If you're tired of loli female leads that are stuck in middle or high school, or are overly emo and socially awkward teenaged boys, then Claymore is an anime for you.
  • This a great adaptation of a great manga justa shame that they didn't see it through to the end. If you haven't read the manag you will like it even more.

    The show is set in a world where humans come under attack by demons called Yoma, who feed on human flesh. In order to protect humans (and make a lot of money) a secret society takes orphaned girls and infueses them with Toma body parts to create claymores. These claymores are then cpabale of battling and defeating the Yoma. Clare however is unique amoungst Claymores because she volunteered to become one but she is also the weakest of her kind or so people think.

    This is a very good adaptation of the manag but unfortunately they veer away from the manga plotline towards the end of the series which is a shame. But even with that it is still very good and if you haven't read the manga you will think it is great.
  • seen it great work!

    claymore was a story that no one to my prior knoledge knows about the yoma and the silver eyed witches was a weird way of introducing claire into the story along with the young boy that follows her around after being thrown out of the village after his whole family was devoured by yoma and claire came to save him from his impeding doom it is interesting to see a antisocial person warm up to a young boy after all the adventures she allows him to tag along for it keeps me guessing at every episode to see what will happen next
  • I was introduced to the world of Claymore through the anime, and now it continues to be my anime of choice through the manga counterpart it has been adapted from.

    I was introduced to the world of Claymore through the anime, and now it continues to be my anime of choice through the manga counterpart it has been adapted from. Claymore is another fantasy based story, a world where people live in fear of predators known as Yoma (Demons, evil beings). An organization has created weapons to combat these monsters, half breeds created from Yoma/human who have been named 'Claymores'. While the anime does not complete the story, as it is still unfolding, it does create and introduce you to the characters, all of whom will hold your interest. Of course this anime has plenty of other features apart from the in depth characters, it also has in abundance of supernatural ability's, action & a well orchestrated storyline s. While not flawless, slightly deviating from the manga plot, it has captured me, and tops for me in this genre. I would recommend giving this anime a look.
  • Claymore is an anime that is almost great, but doesn't live to achieve it.

    Claymore is an anime that is almost great, but doesn't live to achieve it.
    It is able to crete a nice and original universe. That is the better part about the show.
    The anime is probably the bloodiest anime I ever saw, but I think this is a flaw instead of a virtue. Less blood and more action could be a lot better to see. And certainly less powerful abilities to make the anime lives longer.
    The anime is incomplete, because it doesn't have a real end. And the end it has is a bad end by the way. Nothing is resolved. And when I say nothing is nothing at all.
    My impression is that the creators make such powerful characters that they can't find a way to continue the story without resorting to Dragonball Z maneuvers.
  • A lone warrior travels through the land and fights demons, and at the same time fight the demon within.

    By far one of the most action packed series i have ever seen. The characters are interesting. You have to watch the show to at least the 1st episode because the first episode seems very cliche. The first episode will automatically turn away most people. Just know that the story will get deeper. The action is well done, a lot of supernatural stuff so suspect crazy action scenes that aren't realistic. also i like to comment that there is a sort of flashback kinda of thing around the 4th episode or so. This explains a lot more. Overall its excellent. Things that might not attract people is the type of character modeling. I personally think it looks great, but it does wander from the norm, so some might not like it. Also near the end of the series the action takes over like 3 episodes. so some people might get frustrated. Last compliant is that i found the male lead to be freaking annoying. lol. but overall its a great show.
  • One of my new top favorite anime in recent years! The epicness of this series is almost overwhelming!

    Okay, let me start off by saying I really didn't expect much when I first began watching this anime. I had read a few scarce reviews that praised it, but it can be quite misleading sometimes when there are so few of them. But anyway, from the very first scene of the very first episode I knew I would love this show... I knew I had just found a pretty rare gem too. 1) The main heroine is a powerful warrior, go girl! 2) They ain't scared of showing blood. Sorry for the 'weaklings' out there but this one is kinda bloody. 3) You can guess the fighting will eventually become epic. Then follows the pretty nifty intro with some pretty good upbeat music, and, wow lots of women warriors! :O How are they all going to fit them in one show? Oh, don't worry they will all fit in there, my goodness, will they fit!!

    Lets take a small break to explain what the show is about to give you some bearings. The story is set in a medieval fantasy-ish world where humans are preyed upon by monsters called Yoma. These beings need to eat guts to survive basically. They can take on the appearance of humans to hide among them, they are merciless and immensely strong, so much that no human can fight them. There is a group of people simply known as 'the organization' that has created the only warriors capable of fighting these monsters and defending humanity. They are women, once fully human but now turned half-human half-Yoma. They have taken the flesh and blood of monsters into their bodies, therefore gaining the strength of their enemies. They are powerful and they are called Claymores. They are amazingly strong, can heal almost any wound, regenerate or reattach lost limbs, move at ligthing speed and weild dangerous claymores... Perfect tools against Yoma. But there's a catch! The more they fight using their powers the closer they get to becoming Yoma themselves... or something even worst.... (emphasis on the last part here *cough*)

    So the story follows one such Claymore, Clare, who is befriended early on by a boy named Raki (which is an annoyance most of the time, but oh well). Raki had lost his family to a Yoma pretending to be his brother and was later thrown out of his village. At first I was concerned that the show would follow the all too common monster-of-the-day pattern, but it really isn't so. As early as the 5th episode things change drastically. We're thrown into Clare's past and learn everthing there is to know, then it's back to present days and we find out that Yomas really just are weaksauce and that the organization is not all heart. From there, it's Clare's rollercoaster trip to becoming a stronger warrior to achieve her ultimate goal. Revenge.

    As I've said earlier, there are *many* characters for a 26 episodes series, but every single one of them - even the disposable ones - are given enough meat around the bone for us to chew on. There isn't a single one of them I don't like, they all have their individual personality and some are pretty uniquely interesting. Oh and don't be thinking that it detracts from the show to have so many people, it goes with the flow of the show just perfectly.

    On another note, there is some slight fan service here and there - you have to expect some, this is sort of a shonen after all - but it's quite negligible if you're bothered by that kind of stuff (like I usually am).

    My only real grip is with the fact that the series isn't completely finished by the end of it. This situation is due to the manga. See, the manga - which the anime follows pretty closely btw - was being made/published too slowly and the anime soon caught up with. Not having any more material to go with, they just decided to conclude the anime right there, therefore creating an original ending for the show. Unfortunetaly it left many loose ends up in the air. Strangely, we're given the impression that there will be some sort of continuation, but the problem is that it's very unlikely to ever happen, to the fans' great dismay... One can always hope though...

    The only obvious consolation is reading the manga I guess, but Claymore battles on paper just ain't as epic as with nice flowing animation. :'( Oh well. This ends my review which admittedly ended up being a lot longer than I originally thought it would be... But anyways, hope you enjoyed it and that you will be watching Claymore soon, you won't regret it I swear. Go watch it now. Like now now. I mean it! *RAWWWRRR* >:)
  • Women Kick butt and men suck.

    Claymore is a great show this is like the first show that I can think of where women kick butt and men are well pointless and weak. The best part about this show is the fact that it get slowed down by the long boring flashblacks that plague so many other shows that will remain nameless. Another thing I like is the fact this show has an insane amount of gore its like Resident Evil with women and swords btw I mean the game not the movies yawn ok i'm awake again so check this show if you like straight up action no Bullcrap Anime.
  • Great show thats worth watching

    a wicked interesting show, its very unique and differs in both plot and animation style than most animes. Its basically about these people who were infused with demons, but the males died or became a full demon.Only the females could retain their human nature, and were chosen to become part of an organization that hunts down demons. One of these members, a claymore named Claire willingly became a half-demon so she could avenge the death of the only women who ever cared for her. Claire meets a boy who reminds her of herself when she was a child, and allows him to become a partner in her travels. Later the plot thickens and it reveals a deeper, darker side to the organization. The series may have ended abruptly, but if you haven't gotten your claymore fill you can always read the manga, which is still ongoing Overall a great show thats worth following
  • One of the best Animes around in a long time. A second season is needed to conclude the "epicness" that was the first.

    Claymore is what many other Animes want to be:
    Fast, Action Paced and an Awesome storyline. The story revolves around Humans and demons called Youma's, and how an organization creates half human half youma warriors to combat these demons. The story is paced at good rate, with the use of flashbacks and plot twists.
    The action is beautifully animated and never over the top. The characters themselves are fun and you'll come to love and respect the main character.
    The only bad side is the slight stray from the manga series, but if you don't read Mangas then your fine. All in all this is one solid anime package, a must watch for anyone who calls themselves anime lovers.
  • Clare, a half-demon hunting demons for a demon hunting organization. Her kind can't, and don't show feelings. She thought she couldn't be more right about that, until she stumbles upon a boy that changes her state of mind completely.

    This is a really intense show. Clare is a character that isn't fully introduced to the viewer until the very end, which keeps you wanting to watching Claymore more and more. The art is really pretty, and this anime is one of the few instances where the art is better in the show than the manga. There's a lot of depth to the characters, and it's kinda cool to watch each one of them develop. However, there are quite few cheesy scenes in this anime, between the main boy character of the show and Clare, whether its crying or romance, and that grates on me a little bit. The characters aren't extremely like-able, some of them are annoying and some of them seem a little too off. They aren't dislike-able though either. This is a show that had a lot of potential, but i dont think it met up to meet that line very well. However, it still is a good quality anime that i could buy for a collection, and if your interested in tall blond silver eyed girls running around with giant swords, then this is the show for you.
  • Fairly cool show.

    This show is really cool.

    There are these women, Claymores. They are feared across the country, for they are half-monsters. And what do they fight? Monsters. Yes, they save the people from monsters, but are regarded as ones themselves. Irony, huh?

    The story follows one of these women. She meets a normal human kid who isn't afraid of her, and they end up as traveling partners. At first, it starts as a standard "good-guys-killing-monsters" show, but it goes deeper. I've always felt that the organization for whom the Claymores are working isn't quite good, but let's just leave it at that. The story, as I said, develops as time passes, and we get to know more characters, maybe a bit about their background, and it all culminates with a real neat final fight.

    The animation in this series is simply... just.-... unique. I haven't seen anything like it, and I don't think I will. It gives me this really weird feeling, but that's good. It's really nice, and definitely one of a kind.

    I really enjoy the music in this series. It's really, really nice, and it fits perfectly with the current scene.

    The characters are also, um... well, not that much, really. They're kind of okay, but I find the male lead to be veery annoying.

    Oh and this anime has a realistic power growth and difference. That's something I really like. Kudos to that!

    Final thing: This anime seems very unfinished. After watching it, I thought: "Isn't there a season 2?" Well, one has to come. The end was just too open.
  • Claymore takes place in a mid evil setting where there are monsters called Yoma who feast on human innards. The story unfolds about a half Yoma and half human girl called a claymore meets a young man named Raki.

    This is my second review of the show Claymore. In the beginning of the series Claymore portrayed a show that had vast potential. However toward the end the show began to loose its touch by straying way off the manga, and thus destroying any further hope of continuing the show. All in all this is definitely a good show to watch, just be ready for a very disappointing ending.

    I give it a 7.5 because it strayed too far from the manga giving it much less taste than it could have had (like a movie made after the book...the book is usually better, but a movie that follows the book is best.)
  • i really like this anime it was really awesome..

    this is perhaps on of the best anime out there...really one that should have everyons atention. . . it takes place in a medioval world . . .were there are yoma ,humans , and claymores..the claymores were created by humas to stop the yoma from destroying the world . . . . .the main caracter been a claymores takes under her wing a little boy and their andventures begin . . . .i really liked this anime really one of the top ones out there.. peace out . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • The anime is set in fictional medival world. Humans are on the bottom of the foodchain; to ensure human survival, an organization has mixed human blood with that of the apex predator, the Yoma. These hybreds, the Claymore, fight to rid the world of Yoma.

    I thought that this was a pretty good anime. Though I will say that I read the manga before viewing the anime, so I came away with a mild disappointment. However, taking the anime on its own merits, it's still pretty good. I'd grade it out at a low B. My likes: The dialogue was very good. While I did not unearth much subtex, what I was able to uncover was very poignant and interesting. Two points are made here. The first is that love can heal wounds - this particular point is highlighted by a child Clair with Teresa, then by an adult Clair with a young boy Raki. When love it given to another, that love makes both people stronger. The second point is the strengthening effects of friendship. No woman is an island. Clair learns that no matter how strong she becomes, she is stronger with her friends than without them. Both of these two points reinforce the notion that the bonds we make with our family and friends carry with us on the paths we travel. My dislikes are: the animation was subpar, the combat and action sequences were choppy, disjointed at times and didn't have a smooth flow to them. The storyline was awfully linear - I like a few suprizes and I like to be kept in the dark a bit, left to wonder what's going to happen next. The litterary devices were straightford, narrative and flashback. All in all, Claymore is a good show, particularly for those who like fantasy and medival settings. The relationship threats are also very touching.
  • In the claymore world Demons (Yoma) travel around villages killing people. The Only Claymores creatures half demon half human can stop them. Clare is a Claymore that travels around with Raki a human boy looking to revange the death of her savior Teresa

    When I first saw Claymore I thought it was boring. But as the story continues it becomes quite interesting. Claymore has only 26 episodes released until now and there is a chance it will continue because the end was very open. The characters are well designed and some of them are really interesting though there few things are known about them. My personal favorites are Teresa and Easley. On the other hand Raki is the most annoying character all he does is crying and getting in the middle. The storyline is very interesting and after a while it captures the viewer. There are some good battles and a lot of splatter. I don't understand why it stopped at episode 26. I hope that there will be a part two of Claymore and I recommend it to everyone

    This show is set in a medievil time where monster called yoma coexist with the humans. Yoma feeds on humans and in orther to protect themselves humans formed a secret organization of half breeds. Half Yoma Half Human. This Warriors along with their big sword kills yoma. They're Called Claymores. Towns Hire claymores when a yoma is in their city. Yoma can disguise himself as a human who they recently ate. Claymores can detect yoma's by their yoki which is there spirit energy. Claymores too have yoki and its their job to supress the yoki to a minimum or they will awaken there half yoma side and become a powerful yoma themselves. In the beginning Males and Females were used to become calymores but they changed it to only females because of the rag of the male always gets in the way of him and his limiting his yoki. in other word male warriors always awaken and can't be trusted with that kind of power.
  • This anime is set in the medieval time. Which is probably why the setting of the colour is always so bluish-grey. This anime totally took me by surprise. There wasn't a single dull moment. The underlying story of friendship and love.

    I didn't have any high expectations when I viewed the first episode as I already have my favourite anime and thought nothing could beat it. But Claymore not only beat it but surpassed my old fave anime. The ultimate story of righteousness and friendship. And there are so many characters that I love. The bond between Teresa and the protagonist, Clare, was moving. This is also the story of vengeance and shows how our main heroine struggles to get stronger as she seeks revenge on the monster that killed her only 'family' that showed love to her. Along the way, she meets more friends and allies who will guide and assist her.
  • love this show

    claymore is a show that only woman can be claymore. this show have great action and great fighting scence and it is unpredictable. this show is the bomb. i advice u to watch it because it a really fun show to watch. the first time i watch i got hook. soon i going to start reading the manga. claymore started in japan our spring time. i hope this show gets really popular. anyway claymore is about a group of women fighting yoma. these women r half human and half yoma. yoma r monstar that feed on the flesh of human
  • With many Anime’s following or having the same formula to a series it’s hard to find one different and unique.

    For example many adopt the “next level” evolving of a character. I personally kinda have a problem about this as its becoming increasingly common in anime and so they can really make all kind of s**t up which I find is a bit irritable. Since you WANT to thing “cool” I wonder if I had a sword and spent my whole life with a weird master swordsman if I could do that, for example one anime that does a wonderful job in staying to the ground is Samurai Champloo it uses fighting styles not "fighting next level special abilities" Yet one that I have fallen out of love with is “Naruto” because, to be fair, its too crazy! But,ok fun. With claymore it has slightly adapted the weighted ground of Samurai Champloo and is SLOWLY drifting to the Naruto sense of fighting later along the series which I am slightly worried about. As i have a funny feeling they may make use of different levels to the the whole "awakend being".

    As once that happens I find the emotional link between the viewer and characters slightly diminishes. Im worried because to say it simply I LOVE THIS ANIME. It has volumes on energy and doesn’t have the fundamental nature that nothing happens in each episode for example the great “Dragonball z “ and “Naruto” has where u find it annoying that you have watched 30 mins of chit chat where nothing has really happened. This anime does not do that and the tempo is brilliant. So I do absolutely recommend watching it as I found myself watching it all in one day and being upset I had and have to wait a week for the next one. So with that in mind it truly has something there to be the next popular anime. I just hope they don’t put it on cartoon network with awful dubbing. ps i liked the teresa episodes more but its still pretty sweet!
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