Season 1 Episode 6

Teresa and Clare

Aired Unknown May 08, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Humans are worse than Yoma

    Teresa is still travelling with Clare. They see a nearby town and she says that she will part ways with Clare tomorrow night. Clare is sad but doesn't say much. Later that night they encounter a bandit, the same one that tried to rob them before. The bandit tries to rape her but Clare interferes, and Teresa tells the bandit to leave before he gets hurt.

    They reach town the next day and Teresa takes care of the Yoma. Teresa decides to part ways with Clare now, and she leaves. But the bandits were actually camping to rob that town in the middle of the mountains, but they could not because they were afraid of the Yoma. Teresa rushes back to see the town on fire, but Clare is still alive. Teresa gets angry and decides to kill all the bandits. However she has broken a very important rule by doing so, and she got captured by her organization. But she escapes her punishment and wounds 3 other Claymores and runs away.

    The relationship between Teresa and Clare develops. Teresa has betrayed her organization and the guy in the black cape sent other Claymores to retrieve her head. The journey is about to get rough.
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