Season 1 Episode 2

The Black Card

Aired Unknown Apr 10, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • The Black Card.

    Raki now travels with Clare as a cook. They stop by a town and Clare kills another Yoma. They decide to rest for the day and make a campfire, and Clare tells Raki a bit about the Claymores and her life. Later, she is approached by a stranger (another one from the Claymore organization) who gave her a new set of clothes and a Black Card. Clare is shocked to see the Black Card. They move to the next town the next day, and tells Raki to stay in the inn while she leaves. The innkeeper tells Raki that eventually a Claymore will become a Yoma when they use too much of their Yoma powers. Raki is scared that Clare will become a Yoma so decides to follow. Clare tells her that a good friend of hers has reached this point and the Black Card was given to her which means she has to kill her friend. Clare meets her friend and kills her. She is sad because they knew each other since they were kids.

    We learn a bit more about the Claymores and how they work, and the part about Claymores becoming Yoma was also surprising, because eventually Clare will also become one.
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