Season 1 Episode 18

The North War (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Jul 31, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Rubel and Rafaela confront Clare and Jean

    and Rubel gives Clare a mission to go to the northern lands along with twenty-three other Claymores to confront a horde of Awakened Beings and the Abyssal One Isley. He also mentions that Raki has gone there, giving Clare even more incentive to go. Once there, Clare is reunited with Miria, Helen, and Deneve. The twenty-four gathered Claymores divide into five teams and are soon confronted by three Awakened Beings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • This episode is very informative of all the other Claymores they have not shown yet and dose a major pick up 3/4 the way through.

    Awesome episode! Really picks up and leaves you at your edge of your seat when its over. One of my favorite episode! It starts off right where it ended and begins to revealing a lot of the people in the organization. It also shows you more of the other people and then begins explaining what there special skill are. Also the clan of un-awaken people form together in this episode and they bring something new to the topic. There is more that happens but, I think I have said more than enough . But this episode is one of the must see! ( Like all the other ones "hehe" )
  • very nice ep.

    i really like how they all just reunited. it was a very nice ep.
    wat this ep is about is they have to all 24 claymore members have to kill many monster. i love the part when the lady doubted clare and the clare prove her wrong by saving every one. i love when clare save the day and shows everyone that she is not the weakest. even clare is number 47 she is kind of like a single number now. she can improve very quickly. the fight just began in the ep i can't wait for the next ep.
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