Season 1 Episode 9

The Slashers (Part 1)

Aired Unknown May 29, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Time to face a real Voracious Eater.

    Three Claymores walk into a town and see Clare, who has already dispatched of the Yomas in this town. It turns out that the Yoma she killed was actually not a Voracious Eater, but just a really strong Yoma. Clare meets up with the guy in black cape who talks to her a bit about Priscilla and Voracious Eaters is kind of another name for Awakened Being. She joins a team of 4 Claymores to hunt a real Voracious Eater. They laugh at her for being ranked #47 (there are only 47 Claymores in the continent, so she's last). The others are rank #6, #15, and #22. They travel and see an old man who turns out to be a Voracious Eater, tougher than expected. He mortally wounds Miria (#6).

    Looks kind of different now that we're done with the flashback episodes. Everyone seems so weak now. And that annoying Raki is back too.