Season 1 Episode 10

The Slashers (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • I had high expectations for this episode, and it didn't dissapoint. We get to see a real fight with an Awakened One for the first time. Clare also proves to the others that she deserves to be there.

    I had high expectations for this episode, and it didn't dissapoint. It had great animation, the music was perfectly timed, and the fight was filled with gory goodness. What else could you want?

    The 2nd part of The Slashers reveals some of the sordid past of the organization that creates the Claymores. The term "Voracious Eaters" was invented to mislead the public. It's merely a smokescreen, intended to keep anyone from discovering the true nature behind the said creatures.

    Voracious Eaters, the beings Clare has been looking for, are actually Awakened Ones. They refer to Claymores who pushed past their limits and became beings beyond both Yoma and Claymores. It's also revealed that the original Claymores had male warriors as well as female. They were a failure, however, since they lacked the restraint of the opposite sex and easily exceeded their limits.

    Finally, we get to see a technique Clare has been working on to fight Awakened Ones with. I won't reveal what it is, since I'm sure you want to see it for yourselves. She doesn't dissapoint!

    In conclusion, this is currently my favorite episode. You get to see a badass battle and Clare kick butt, all that's needed to make a Claymore fan content.