Clean House Comes Clean

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Clean House Comes Clean

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This Style Network series goes behind the scenes of Clean House and dishes about the show's most difficult design challenges.

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AIRED ON 9/17/2008

Season 3 : Episode 7

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  • Dog gone Chores

    First of all clean garbage smells blessed and are very i do believe that mouth church starts in the best way to clean your backyard is dicussion and discussion about then there is a house worthy of a chores amongst the you can't shrug off and leaves that blow you away is a genuine start to a working garden needs to be commanded. All a bored and stay that a way.moreless
  • Shame on you for encouraging americans to be lazy, filthy & entitled at the expense of "sponsors." Molly & her supposedly injured spouse played you well. Please revisit both of them in six months & see if you can actually find their job board.moreless

    Clean House should reward hardworking people that actually have jobs to support their family & make an effort to maintain their home & yard. Why let the viewers think Molly's minimal cleaning efforts with their toilet were miraculous. When you actually replaced the toilet. It was in the dumpster (editing must've missed that part). Molly didn't like "going in there" when asked about the bathroom. You should've let them use the retired litter-box or should I say hall closet that became the litter box!! Poor helpless Molly & those tears. Why have children when you can't take care of yourselves?moreless
  • The hosts&crew of this show were despicable, cruel, truly lacking compassion,Kindness,Humanity. The hosts, crew, workmen in this whole episode their attitudes, comments was so nasty that I was sorry that I even switched this channel.moreless

    Compared 2 the ladies&crew from the BBC show,"How Clean is Your House",who deal with the kind of Filthiness,Mess,Chaos&Horrors,the ladies from U.K are angels.They criticize,hold their noses up, do not pretend to be aghast,but beneath it one does not see the Poisonous Rancor,Disdain,Holier than thou attitude.They R there 2 help.Even with sophisticated fact finding investigation on different types of bacteria count, these ladies&the entire crew do such a class job.CHCleans House is a trash show, not much different from Clean House. Very Arrogant,Cocky,Rude,Crude,Mannerless,Lacking Class,Sensitivity/Civility.The hostsRsuch jokes,I do not know which needs better cleaning,the homes or these pathetic jokers/hosts and their act.moreless
  • they've taken out the junk and now they come clean about it

    I love this show so much. the fact that these guys can do so much is amazing but talking about stuff not shown is just so funny.

    I don't think everyone appreciates them but I do. I love when they mess up (the biggest screw ups) to Trish's crazy yard sale strategies that this is such a cool show.

    I wonder why its just Trish, Mark and Matt though. Neicy needs to guest star once and so does Alan and Linda. this show just tells you what happens when you clean a house it can get quite messy.

    I love mayhem and foolishness especially when its coming cleanmoreless
  • As long as Clean House keeps cleaning..... I'll keep watching!

    I love getting to peek behind the scenes of one of my favorite TV do-over shows! I just finished watching the best top 5 and was surprised that the family who filled two warehouses with Mom's shopping items wasn't included, but maybe next year? Mark, Matt and Trish have a chemistry that works, hard to find with 2 hosts let alone 3. And I love the set of Clean House comes Clean, such cool furniture, especially the this fake or could I actually get one like it somewhere?!?! So, as long as Clean House keeps cleaning (preferable with Niecy)..... I'll keep watching!moreless

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