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  • offer of extention

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  • are you coming back?

    I love this show and I miss it!
  • you are the best

    love this show . . . i think i have watched every episode maybe twice. funny entertaining fabulous! just love you guys!

    i wish i could get you guys to come to Chicago and help my family out . . . i have a messy artistic daughter, husband that is a slob, and me well i have too much stuff and no where to put it, i couldn't afford the storage locker anymore so i have a wall in the living room load with my storage containers.
  • a disaster house 10

    i live in Chile and i want to know if you can help us with our house, thanks
  • for our family

    We all have special needs and need your help to complete this task. my email is . If you company is not able to assist us please forward this to the right person. All your help is appreciated in advance. Please make my wish come true I have been waiting for a very long time for this day to come In need of help in Washington, DC.
  • trying to find help

    hi i have been trying to find a way to contact this show

    my sister is living in our grandmother that passed house she is on disability and the house is terrible

    in her living room you have to walk a path to get around things you can see light threw the floor in the bathroom the laundry room has a section of the wall missing its terrible and i want to help her get it clean but i just do not know how to start and she lives in a different town then me and i can not drive and have no way to get there
  • I know this is but the approach is unprofessional

    I started watching one of the episodes to get some organizing ideas, and I had to turn it off just a few minutes in. The people know that they have a problem, and so they asked for help. And the first thing that Neicy does is scold and judge! Is this supposed to inspire people with similar struggles to ask for help? I have hired a nationally certified professional organizer in the past when, following a divorce, I had to move from an over-stuffed 2-bedroom apartment to a small studio. She was not at all judging; rather, she was completely helpful and a real pleasure to work with. As it should be.

    UPDATE: Decided to give it more of a chance... it only got worse. Even the woman who's supposed to be the "organizer" joined in. From the National Association of Professional Organizer's webpage: "Professional organizers should be nonjudgmental, encouraging, and

  • ADHD, over educated, minimal commonsensical persons ; Son/Father

    I have prayed for truly divine spirit to PLEASE help my and my Father's help with cleaning, getting rid of things we DON"T need (that others can use). Please guide me by my email
  • Ungrateful

    I've been watching Clean House on Netflix and I can't take it with some of the people on the show. I cannot believe how ungrateful some of the participants are. If you were living in absolute squalor, I do not think that it is appropriate that they are so critical of what is a beautiful end result. On one episode, the family complained that the room lacked color (it was gray) and that they would change some things like the fireplace. The room looked HORRIBLE before. They had to keep HORRIBLE blinds and Mark had to try to fit those into the design. How are you that ungrateful? You were stepping on ish in your house, with things piled to the ceiling. It really gets me that people whose homes were that atrocious are still ungrateful for having a clean and decidedly better space to live in. When the participants are grateful, I am so happy to watch the show. When they are jerks, I can't take it.
  • Thank you all so much!!!

    I am a parent of four. I have two grown daughters and two Autistic children. I have finally admitted that I am a pack rat. Thanks to your show, and my watching it over and over, I have decided ENOUGH! I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and I refuse to leave my kids to clean my mess. I want to see it clean, so I have started to do what you have encouraged me to do. I am getting rid of the mayhem & foolishness. It is taking me a while, but I am now seeing progress. I sadly have to do most of the work myself, because of my own example the kids are use to seeing the mess, but it is worth it in the long run. I can now see my living room, and I am working on the paperwork that is taking over the dining room next. I can easily compare to any of your shows. I got to the point that I would make what I call " oh-shit" boxes and bins. (You know the ones when company is expected and you throw everything in a box or bin and out to the garage or in a corner, because it is better than everything in Now I am going through and thinking "what the hell was wrong with me" lol. I have two 10x10 storage units apart from my 4 bedroom house. I am going to storage in spurts and throwing stuff away like crazy. I obviously do not have the strength to have yard sales any more, which is a shame, cause the money would help me with the new decorating, but oh well. I give all sell-able items to a acquaintance and she uses the items for sales she has to help support herself and her family. She always comes right away, so the things that go out never come back in. I will slowly get it done. I am hoping that by Christmas time, I will have what I always wish for "A Clean House" Thanks again for all of your inspiration and for your wonderful organizational ideas and decorating tips. I wish your show to go on forever, so that all generations can get the help I have received. I think any of the homes you fix should be grateful that you get their homes to be so beautiful. THANK YOU AGAIN! A. Lehmann
  • I need help!!

    Me and my aunt have been trying to get my mom on this show we have been through a whole lot and she's just got to where she gave up name is Amber Pritchett IM 17 my aunt is right here her name is Melissa Ledbetter I recently just got out of the hospital I had been in there for two months on bedrest and my baby after birth lasted an hour mom is so deppresed now she just has gave up on cleaning I would love to see a smile on her gave again if anyone could help me I would love it cause her dream is to be on this show and meet the design crew!!! Me and her have watches every episode of the show since it came out and I would love love love to give her dream
  • Mark Brunetz HORRIBLE Designer

    At least 10 times, over the last 5 seasons, I have thought, "if I was the homeowner, I would be PISSED because Mark doesn't LISTEN" ... he puts HIS style on other people. AND he shows distinct favoritism that disgusts me! The homeowner will say, "I HATE this color" and sure enough, that's exactly the color he uses. I can't figure out HOW he has made it on this show for 10 seasons!


    Soooo over this show!
  • I totally love the show. Everyone does a fantasic job. The most important point is the underlying reason why the house is messy.It is healthy to reveal the reason so that the family can move forward in a clean and healthy environment. BRAVO!

    Well done in helping these individuals embrace the real reason why their environment is so messy and chaotic. What a wonderful show that is helping one family at a time to be healthy and live in a clean environment. I love the whole crew. Thank you for helping these families. Sometimes it is hard to move forward after devastating blows of life traumatic moments interrupt the momentum flow of love. Definitely a show worth watching, it breathes life &hope back into the family and gives wonderful decorating ideas. Niecy you are the hot diggy bomb in the counseling arena!God Bless U All
  • the Dragon family episode

    I just watched the Dragon Family episode, the one with the Mom and daughter, and it made me so mad, that mom's attitude made me so upset, especially the way she treated her daughter for liking her room, and then her whole attitude towards the front room, ANYTHING the show did would never have made her happy, I felt bad for the hosts, for all there awesome work, I would love the oppurtunity to have them design my house, people like that mom do not deserve all the work and effort she received, My heart goes out to her daughter!
  • Finally a reality television program with real value and people that you would want in your top five for fun and laughter. These guys enter the lives of families and address the underlying issues hidden in the clutter. Watch every episode: I DO

    Neicy Nash has a hit on her hands with Clean House and an absolute gem in the form of Mark Brunetz, Trish Suhr, and crazy old Matt. I love Matt. He is an absolute genius and mad man. Why hasn't this show been advertised widely? I have recently come to the show and am crazy mad that I have missed so much of it. This show is a savior for a large number of those families and I am so happy that the show is geared towards families. OMG! The episode with Ms. Cora made me cry something fierce. She deserved to live comfortable and clutter free, especially since she is over 90 years of age. She should have no worries at this time in her life. Kudos to the gang.

    Mark Brunetz is living his God-given gift and path. The entire gang is phenomenal!

    Thank you Niecy for such a giving program.
  • This is the BEST SHOW on TV!!

    I love all of them. It is best show on television. I watch it so much I feel like they are part of my family I wish I was as talented as they are. I think they are quite a happy team. They make me smile. I felt sorry for them the other night they went to Temple, PA....OMG..that should have just been bulldozed down not cleaned. I was thinking those poor people are gonna catch a desease cleaning up after the ghost. lol..They were pretty brave touching that place. The next time they come to PA I hope it is my house. I would let them put anything they want out for a yard sale just so Mark could design a new place. He is awsome . He can make a dog coop look like the Taj Mahal!
  • I miss Neecie!

    Now, the stand-ins you have on are fine, but I'm used to Neecie and she hasn't been on in a while and, hey, I miss Neecie! Her comical antics and big flower make the show for me. She drives my husband up the wall, ha ha, but to me, her personality makes a show about cleaning up a lot of fun. Is she sick? I saw she was sick on one show, so I'm just wondering. Is she on vacation? Where is she??? Tell Neecie that I had to think of 100 words about how much I want her back on this show and to please...Stop all this foolishness and nonsense and come back to clean house!
  • Rewards for slobs

    I love the cast! I hate the concept. Lazy people being rewarded for their sloppy, dirty, obsessive habits. I've kept my home clean for 42 years, raised two kids by myself after my divorce and had a full time job the entire time. I don't remember ever being rewarded by having someone not only clean my house but add new furnishings. Hmmm, I guess it pays to be a slob. Now the show to watch would be the one where you go back and see if the house is still clean after 1 year. Now that would be cause for depression.
  • nasty house

    yeah okay u think the nastiest house was in new jersey for this country huh right

    my grandpas house is full from attic to basement the whole yard too full of old cars and new cars even campers full of junk

    okay well not everything was junk until the roof started to cave in no one can enter that house the last time i was in that house i was probably 6 years old yeah and i am 21 now so that's a long time my dad and some of my uncles and cousins went in to get some of my grandmas stuff with out my grandpa knowing heck still hes been to my parents house and hasn't realized that his coo coo clock is working and hanging up in my parents if u wanna know where the most dirtiest house in this country is its in rock creek Ohio on switzer road its a beauty piece of land but the house is being treated like **** sorry its true but yeah if i could have i would have signed up for the messiest house in the country but my grandpa will call the cops BC hes a Grinch but yeah messiest house in our country ____ switzer road Rockcreek, Ohio
    no joke the cars i understand behind those
    but the rest i don't see why

    the cars is a very itchy subject in our family
  • This show is a keeper. I wish you guys were nationwide on your clean up endeavors.

    Hi! I love your show! I can't believe how filthy these people's houses get! I get the same feeling when I turn on Springer and thank God my life isn't that messy. I love what you do with the small spaces you have to work with. It proves that you can make small homes look uncluttered. I also love how you talk people out of getting rid of total junk that they've been hanging onto for years. You guys are such smooth talkers! I think I would just strike a match and walk away from some of those messes, so KUDOS to you guys. The one thing I noticed that seperates you guys from other shows of this nature, is the obvious lack of caffeine/amphetamines. I actually like that. It's nice to not see people bouncing off the walls and running around like crazy. :-)
  • I love watching and will continue as long as Niecy comes back. My husband has even fallen in love with the show and normally he is military channel only guy....that says alot!

    I found Clean House about two month ago and absolutely love watching it. The crew has great chemistry and I have used some of the ideas. I will say recently while watching the Clean House Comes Clean I have been very disappointed that Niecy has not been on. She is absolutely charming and really seems to bring the show together. The new girl, not sure of her name, is just annoying and seems out of place. I hope she is just a substitute, if she will be replacing Niecy we will not be watching. Please bring Niecy back, she is the glue!
  • I love Neicy Nash. Keep up the great work!

    I really enjoy Clean House and its crew. I watch it almost everyday! I don't feel so bad about my house when I look at some of how these families are living!! I'm actually inspired to straighten up my house after watching an episode.
    I love Neicy Nash and I really think they all make a great team and they're also very funny! They also do a great job of cleaning up and decorating. Please stop showing reruns 3 & 4 times over. I've been a fan now for a year so I'm sure I've missed some old ones, please air them also.

    I'm a fan forever!
  • NOT a Neicy fan

    I really am tired of Niecy's over the top poor acting and cleavage in EVERY outfit she wears. I wouldn't be surprised if they fell out if she ever bent over & lifted a hand to help organize things. On top of that, she makes fun of people's messes--they are having real emotional problems that cause the clutter. Why do we never see her really doing anything except flaunting her boobs & making her infamous mmm mmm mmmm sound?? I would call Clean House myself to deal w/ my own clutter problems if she wasn't on the show. I would also love the show & give it a high rating if she was not in it; instead I rated it low because it seems to focus on her almost more than the people who need help! I'd like more on how things actually get functionally organized so that they can be used instead of listen to her. I also turn off other programs that have her in them because her personality is the same every time she is in front of the camera.
  • Absolutely love Clean House.

    Absolutely love Clean House. The entire concept is very creative and touches on something that we all deal with at different levels--keeping our houses decluttered and clean! The only thing that bothers me is when the homeowners don't appreciate what has been done for them. Love Niecy and her crew, they are all great at what they do. Niecy is hilarious!! Would like information on how to get ready for and have a garage sale so maybe some time could be spent giving us tips on how to do this, as well as how to get rid of all the leftover junk! Thanks!!
  • I was introduced to Clean House watching the Loria family, and I was taken by surprise. A vital show that not only deals with the physical manifestations of home refurbishing, but the deep psychological circumstances surrounding the dirty house dilemma...

    shocking, moving, exciting and hopeful...all emotions competing at once as the Clean House team organizes itself to survive one of the most challenging efforts to face any
    group. Profound psychological issues, profound physical efforts and profound challenges that surround the shows intent to improve the lives of the contestants. The clutter, the messes, the lives being lived in denial all being challenged to emerge with healthy new outlooks. All combined to provide very engaging entertainment. It can all be too much for those applying for the crews assistance, but the end results seem to show a dedicated team with understanding of the obstacles that they have to overcome...and I witnessed amazing obstacles....again I applaud the producers and cast for truly a job well done.
  • Clean House episode: Single Mom and 21-year-old son

    Worst show ever!! It's a shame that you decided to punish a single Mom with a "Tuff Love" lesion, when you're overly generous with EVERYONE else! Here we have a single Mom raising an ungrateful 21-year-old son who is gifted a laptop for giving up his toys (without a fight, I might add) and a SINGLE Mother who was gifted nothing for giving up her belongings. My daughter and I are HUGE fans of Clean House and its crew, but this episode made us mad. To top it off, the next night you choose to air an old episode where you "gift" a group of spoiled frat boys EIGHT new rooms with only $1400 dollars in yard sale money. The closets Trish designs cost more than most yard sale earnings! Shame on you MARK -- gift the woman a couch!!
  • I was so sorry for the mom, I have watched the show since the beginning and have seen many less deserving families get more with less. Who ever thought this was a good show was wrong. It was cruel and mean. We have enough ugly in the world.

    Mark you did not do your profession any justice. How could you be so so cruel to that woman. I kept waiting for you to come out with a surprise. I was in tears and really wondering if I will continue to watch. You seemed to be trying to teach a grown woman values, but all you managed to do was to lose your own compassion and humility. I am simply disappointed and all my friends said the same no one agreed with the outcome. Wow this is suppose to be a fun show after a difficult day.
  • I don't get it!! Why was so little gifted??? Didn't the mom deseve anything?? At least seating for the family room!!

    This was not one of my favorite shows in this series. I usually love this show and watch as often as I can. I thought the idea was to help these people get back on track. this lady was punished for having a lazy son. It was partly her fault for not instilling values he need to be productive person, she should have have been gifted seating.
    But no he was rewarded for being lazy and selfish. You could tell her heart was broken when the family room was not finished. I'm sure she was familiar with the show and knows much more had been gifted to much less deserving people.
  • The Loria Family

    I just watched the Loria family, 1 year later episode and I have only one thing to say...."You can't put silk socks on a pig"!!!!  Perhaps next time you could chose people who are deserving.  What a disaster not to mention the world's worst taste.  All you can do is try but you should have know when you walked into that disgusting hole what you were getting yourselves into.  Definitely made for interesting TV and I can only hope that is not really how they live.  Yes Sue you are now famous or would that be infamous....good luck with that. To the daughter who called you I say, MOVE OUT (but leave the appliances for them to crud up).
  • I agree with the last reviewer.... Sue Loria was so unappreciative and I felt so bad for her sweet daughter who was trying to please a woman who obviously can't be.

    This is my favorite show on television. I am an anti-clutter person myself but it still motivates me to get up and clean!! I have helped family members try to declutter and get organized so I can relate with the cast. People who don't want to change usually won't, the best you can do is give a helping hand and hope and pray for the best for them. I am always amazed at the excuses and complaints from the homeowners...... fess up, be grateful and help sort and clean. My daughters laugh at me and say I am addicted to this show(which I happily admit I am)but they can often be found watching along with me.
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