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  • Wish I had the opportunity Sue Loria dissed . . .

    Just saw the show which returned to the Loria house (1st messiest house) and was shocked at Sue's ingratitude. I hope it was editing, but I don't think so. I'd like to adopt the sweet daughter who tried so hard to please her mother and, well, the father is in a better place. I would flip out (and I mean with happiness, gratitude, and excitement) to have Clean House come to my home, and every week when it says "if you live in the LA area" I just wish they would open up the doors for the rest of us who are clutter challenged to apply! Of course, my family says I should spend less time watching Clean House and more time clearing clutter! I am going to try to apply for messiest house this year, but I have to find the video cam or buy a new one -- tee hee.
  • This is a great show with great ideas. I've been cleaning my house continuously since watching it. I should be done in a couple years.

    The show is great. It gives motivation to work on your own spaces. It is very informative, funny, and clean ! It's nice to watch a show that goes so in depth about its topic. Each person on the show has a task. Niecy is the foundation of the show. She has a way with each person they help. She helps them clean out their life and their house. Trish organizes, Matt builds it, and Mark designs it. It is G R E A T ! I love the show and the cast... Niecy Nash is awesome ! Matt, Trish, and Mark are great. Don't Change a thing. I have never seen a cast that worked so well together. The combination is perfect ! If Niecy goes, so do I. I hope she's on another 20 years or so. Keep the show going !
  • This is absolutely the best show on TV- It is comical, informative and easy watching

    I love this show- I cannot believe it has been on since 2003 and I just found it- It is absolutely fantastic- When you see these houses, it make you feel like your house is clean! I do not understand how some people can live like this, but I really enjoy watching it- I think the staff is fabulous and really make me laugh! Nici Nash is funny, and also, seems to make the owners feel at ease without embarrasing them to death, which she should do- I think they are all plain out lazy, but maybe this will get them on another path- Good for clean house!
  • I like to watch the show--but have a question! Why don't they go back to one of the houses that they cleaned and see what it looks like now. I would like to see that.

    I like the show--butI would like to see them go back to a house they cleaned a year ago and see what it looks like now. I have always wanted to know what the people did after the cameras left the house and there was no one to clean up after them. Just thought it would be a good ideal. I hope that I am not the only one that would like to see a show like this. I would be nice to know if the people kept it up or just let things go back to the way there were.
  • Love, Love, Love this show

    Absolutely fabulous show. I enjoy this show very much. The team appears to be compassionate toward the hoarders( I myself am one) and yet they add good wholesome humor. I do think the recipients should have to agree to disgard at least 80% of their unused and unneccesary "stuff". After watching the show from week to week I hope that I will be able to achieve my up coming goal of getting rid of stuff easier. I just retired and I have too much stuff. Nicie is so real as the host and the other team members are likewise. Thank you so much.
  • I TRIED TO GIVE THIS A ZERO RATING,BUT IT WOULDNT TAKE IT. I pray this show falls on its dirty face!

    I cant believe hard earned money is being spent on people that are just too d___ lazy to clean their house them selves. There is real needy people in this world that need help,and dont even have a home to clean.
    How on earth can this show justify buying all these new things for people that are just too lazy. I pray this show does not make it. Its really sad that your sponsers can give this stuff away to slobs. Buy these things for the homeless or children from battered homes that really need it.This show made me sick.
  • I love Mark's decorating! I MISS Niecy. Please, please, please bring her back. I can't watch the show without her.

    I just started watching Clean House last year on the weekends (I would catch the old shows). I really started enjoying the show---especially Niecy Nash! She was the reason I looked forward to the show. Where is she? I can't imagine the show without her charm and personality. I hope she comes back. NO ONE can replace her. I can not watch the new episodes. It's not the same. Her presence, her loud voice, and her beautiful smile is greatly missed. I sincerely hope that something is being worked out to bring her back. I share this view with many, many other viewers. Thanks
  • Niecy Nash, Mark, Trish and Matt, you guys are absolutely wonderful! I love what all you do and having fun with what you do. I think it is great. I wish I could be part of that and do for people what you do. I love that!

    I absolutely love your show and enjoy watching it. I am a single mother of 3 wonderful children and we watch all the time and love it. My sons have complete compassion and desire to help people and want to have some of these things done and want to be part of helping. I would love to give back. It would be wonderful. I want to tell you that you all do a wonderful job and I love the comedy of you all. I also feel really sorry for you on what you walk into at times but the make-overs are wonderful. GREAT JOB!
  • I love this show. I love Nicey Nash, Mark, Trish, and Mr Eisman.

    I just can't believe so many people live like this. Although I sold real estate for years and I've seen a whole lot I don't think any as bad as the show, shows. Is part of that staged? Some of those families seriously so filthy "child youth services" or whatever there called in different states should be called in. My question is where do you find a company to come and pick all this left over gargage sale stuff? And where can I find them in my town??? Is there a fee for them to come out? Thank you for the entertainment.
  • Clean House- Always a Blast, Makes you Smile, Laugh, Cry and want more. Learning new things with each show.

    Clean House-Thank You, I started watching your show and was HOOKED I get home from work and watch your show to include past shows I search for them to catch up. I Cry, Laugh and in Awe of the work you all do, you bring a smile to my Heart. Your show came into my life a perfect time, we all have problems I know that but I've been going thru allot and loss of family and other issues have brought me down. And WOW I changed the station of the TV and Clean House caught my eye and my heart. Niecy-I Love your True Heart, you reach everyone with such Love that I want to just hold on tight, your smile brings Sunshine. Trish-I love that your so open and Love Life. Each room that you work I'm like why didn't I think of that, Wow that make the room look great.

    Matt-Wonderful Handyman and always with a smile Ready to help anywhere we all need someone that is so willing to help and be able to open and understand. Mark-Oh My God where do I start your Eye for Beauty is a Blessing, I Love the way you change a room to each persons taste style, each one has something that I would love to take and place in my own home. Your Colors how you do it is just Beautiful. I will continue to watch the show and take all of tips and Hope to be able to apply to my own home and continue my conversation with family and friend that I did it by watching Clean House you need to watch it.
    Have a Blessed Day and Thank You so much,
  • I was amazed in a few shows some people acutally looked ungrateful after you did an amazing job. I know a woman on her own with a disability& problem children 7,13,15 trying to pick up the pieces after a hurricane/06 & ripped off by contractors. HELP HER!

    How do we contact "Clean House" to submit a family in great need? Help! I thought your crew did an amazing job and I was very surprised to see a few ungrateful's. I thought you all did a great job especially because you are not all hi tech and really getting down and dirty. Cleaning and selling and trying to accodate everyone's style/preferences. I don't know of a show that would do that. I thought it was also very honest of you to air the shows where there were people that were not pleased. I think this makes your show unique. It's not all "Move That Bus" ... it's real. I justed happened to find it after I finished moving my living room around. I tell you, if some one came in my house to help matter...I'd be kissing their feet. I do most of my home improvements myself but had to slow down because I have severe pain all the time. I try to help my neighbor who has had 2 back surgery's, knee replacement etc. (is on disability) and lives in constant pain. She doen't have a husband around. She has 3 children 7,13,15 who have special needs of their own. After the hurricane of 2006 in FL the work to fix her home has never been finished. She is always painting, trying to tile, cutting wood etc. She had been ripped off by several contractors which is common in FL, to the tune of about $20,000 and still her house is unfinished. Help her and if you have time help me. LOL I know she would be grateful for ANY help! Thanks...and keep up the great work. You are Angels!
    Diane Froug
  • Y O U R U I N E D T H E S H O W ! My score for this show was a 10, until you changed the host to this...??? Poor excuse of a host! Whoever hired her, SHOULD BE FIRED ALONG WITH HER! New host is horrible! Show is doomed!

    My score for this show was a 10 until you changed the host to this...??? Poor excuse of a host. Whoever hired her, should be fired along with her! You just ruined the show!
    I and my, 8 year old, daughter, record and watch Clean House everyday. The prior host, Mrs. Nash was wonderful and gave the best advice there was to give. There are many things that we now dislike and have decided to quit watching until Mrs. Nash or someone just as "full of life" as she was is secured. Here are a few reasons we have chosen to stop recording and watching. To begin, this new host has boring,cool, calm, and in control... on the brain. Her intonation is as about as correct as a first grader reading aloud! Monotone! No ! in the right place. We feel so sorry for the other cast members. Second, her appearance is so hospital business office. People that look like her usually stir up trouble and want the pretty, "otter personalities" out... and that is what they work on... under the table. You need to find someone that has an appearance they are proud of, not one that goes and shops at T J Max for a power... business dress.
    Third, Mrs. Nash displayed care and concern when gifting and her advice was straight and to the point! I, myself, being a teacher give this advice. The "new" host, I thought it was a joke! Her emotional intelligence is non-existant! She is uninspiring, said business look, and doesn't care to make a difference in our lifes, just wants the world to see that she knows better than everyone and she is the one to tell us. To end. Until Mrs. Nash returns or you secure someone with star performance as she, we will no longer be taping or watching the show. We will check in so often and see who is on. Due to the disposition of your new host, we are bored to tears. I also know the personality type quite well. Keep her and the show is doomed. You just lost us!
    Oh, and good luck to the other cast members. I do hope you go on to bigger and much better. The producers of this show have proven their poor decision making skills. Let me guess they are new and they wanted their "friend" in to put us all in Line! lol... Good luck cast! You deserved better than that poor excuse for a host! (sorry for the poor grammar, it's late and I was highly upset!) But, you didn't give this much thought to me as a viewer so..........
  • Replacing Niecy Nash

    What in the world is wrong with the suits producing Clean House? Why in the world would you replace Neicy Nash as the host of the show? She is the primary reason I watch this show and for the final outcome of the design. Please bring her back fast and in a hurry!!!!!!! Neicy is funny, unpredictable and stylish. She brings excitement to a show that would be extremely boring with her --- as demonstrated by the new host. I'm sure the new host is a nice person, but she can't compare to the style, humor, emotion, and interest that Neicy gives to the show.
  • BIG mistake if you ask me. My girl made the show. This women may be nice, but she in no way matches up to Niecy Nash. Do everyone a favor bring my girl back!

    Hi, I turned my TV on and found some other women taking Niecy Nash's place. What the heck is going on? What happened to the writers strike? something sure did because they sure did not think of what it would do for the show when they came back. Niecy Nash makes the show with her team. This other women just seems lost. Nothing can replace the down home soul Niecy Nash has in her. It added humor and love and warmth to the show. Now it is just plain Jane. Don't loose the show forever.

    Very Unhappy
  • This is sad.

    I can't get a review to go through with a low rating....I am going to put my 0.1 rating review here

    Every time I watch this show, I get drawn in to see how worse this woman and her co-stars can get on the homeowners. Why would anyone want to be on this show knowing that things passed down from deceased parents would be tossed out like old shoes? I cannot believe that the deep feelings that come with the loss of a loved one in possessions is just ignored and even ridiculed. I understand "decluttering" but I do not understand hurting people to get ratings. I myself desperately need to declutter, get some sort of style, and clean deeply...but not at the expense of having my Mom's jewelry box thrown out that meant the world to her. I don't use it, and it still holds her old costume jewelry, but she loved it and left it to me. No one will make me sell or donate it just for the little bit of space it takes up.
  • Love Clean House....hate the language.

    You may not be able to "clean" up every house but you can surely clean up the language, especially the language used by the "Clean Team" members. Watching this program with my granddaughters used to be fun....I shouldn't have to worry about the language they will hear on it. It is a day time program, is fun, and the 'stars' are great!!! Please consider the language used on the show. A bleeper should be totally unnecessary when it comes to yoru main people.
    Nicey is always great and my grandgirls love her!!! Plesse keep up the good work helping others.
  • Show is FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with everyone .... Niecy Nash is the show. I hope she is still part of the show when the new season starts. Love Trish and Matt and of course Mark. It's refreshing to know I am not the only one with crazy clutter. After watching lots of the shows it has given me some clarity on how to get rid of some of my craziness. Bravo for Clean house. I would like to know is there any way to find out about the yard sales. I would love to shop at one of them. Good yard sales are sometimes hard to find.
  • This is one of the most fun shows to watch, but where is Nicey ?

    This is one of the most fun shows to watch, but where is Nicey ? It is not a clean house without Nicey's sense of humor. I love Mark and Trish but it is not the same without Nicey. This new person is terrible. She doesn't even try to make the homeowners comfortable with what is going on. On the episode I watched she didn't even act excited to be showing the homeowners their new rooms. If Nicey doesn't come back soon I will be leaving also along with many other viewers. I hope someone who is important reads this.
  • I feel that this is a good show because it puts people on blast about how homes are not always kept clean in suburban homes as well as in the hood! Ms. Nash is a spicey one but the entire cast is fun. Keep up the good work.

    I feel that the show needs to expand to other parts of the country. I know you guys did this before but I need yall to help me! I have been trying to get this house in order but the more I clean the more the family tears it apart. I need for Clean House to Do a Clean Sweep and help me through this mess because I know we can make it happen with a yard sale! I have junk for days!! I know that it is a lot to ask because you are based on the West coast but please consider the Brooks family in the near futrue for a Clean House exclusive episode. We need you.
  • I love all the Clean House shows.

    I love this show. Niecy Nash is great, she makes the show. I love the flowers in her hair. She is very funny.

    Mark Brunetz, I can't say enough, I have loved almost everything he has designed, very talented. I hope he stays for as long as the show is on the air.

    Love Trish and her accent. Trish and the "Go-to" guy, are so funny. Very fun to watch. The 2 before them were fun, but not as fun as Trish and the "Go-to" guy. (Can't remember his name).

    It looks like the cast gets along great on the show, which makes for a fun tv show to watch. I do wish would update the cast on their website.
  • One of my favorite shows

    I love Clean House please do not ever put that other women on there again, she is no where as good as Nicey. I love Nicey's personality she is wonderful. She is the one that attracted me to the show, when that other lady is on there I lose all interest. When the marathon is on I watch it all day even if it is a repeat. I also like Trish, Matt, Mark they make a great team and have a lot of patients. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and the things they have to endure dealing with people and their personalities and clutter.
  • i love the show and the people on the show especially the host nessie, so who the hell is the other woman they put on the show as the host she is terrible no personality not nessie please bring her back, episode 2/11/08

    I wish clean house would also be on the east coast love the show and what they can do for people's cluttered homes. question do these houses really look like this or are they set up to look like they have all that clutter. Also who the hell is the new host they put on for 2/11/08 she has no personality please please bring nessie back as host she makes the show.

    keep the show the way it has been please with all of the people who make it what it is don't lose your host she makes the show with all her sayings and facial actions.
  • I love this show im just diappointed not to see neicy.

    Oh I love the show I have been watching for a long time now and I love Niecy but I havent seen her in a while I thought maybe she was busy and couldnt make it...but I am soooooooooo disappointed to see a new host. I cant stand her truthfully i didnt watch the whole show because of her. The main reason I loved the show so much was because of her she made it more interesting and real...the new lady is just rude and annoying. Dont get me wrong i love the others to but the show absolutly needs neicy. WHERES NEICY?!?!
  • Clean House is underappreciated, but a real jewel... when Niecy is on.

    Clean House is a reality show, filled with Niecy's humor and ends with a family's chance to start over with a clean house. The rest of the cast are great supports for Niecy to do what she does, but can't carry it alone. It's nice to see normal people with average working-class homes who live in a mess, like so many of the rest of us, only worse. Niecy MAKES this show and I don't where she is, but no body can hold a candle to her humor and frank, poignant psychology. I love the show, but it is not the show without Niecy. Please bring her back.
  • I saw the show. Where is Niecy? Its just not the same without her. Is she still the host? The show does not have the same flare.

    I say the show. Where is Niecy? It's just not the sam without her. Is she still the host? The show does not have the same flare without her. I hope she is back soon. She brings excitement and character with every episode. I just can't watch the show with this other host. I am not sure of what's going on. I am really looking forward to seeing Niecy again. How much longer do you think this other host will be on the show. Niecy is clean house and clean house is Niecy. What is really going on? I can't wait to get a response. Thank you.
  • Where is Neicey? The show isn't the same without her humor and beauty! Please say she's coming back!

    This show rocks! The crew is awesome, the humor is great and they play off each others banter so well. Even watching the reruns works for me. The show inspires me to get rid of items I hang on to for sentimental reasons or as Neicey says "all this foolishness"! It's hard to imagine that people really live with all the clutter they do. Watching the yard sales and the fact is the best. They actually get people to buy some pretty useless stuff and with a smile. Hopefully this show will continue and keep the great cast that they already have and this includes the Queen of Clean..Neicey!
  • The Cohen Family needed a clean house and for some reason Neicey was not there. They had a new woman?

    I usually love the show and the heart to hearts Neicey has with people, she seems to connect with them. Even though at times her high pitched tone can get annoying overall she's a great host and very patient/willing to bargain. She doesn't make the people on the show feel like they're being FORCED to give things away or "bullied". That being said I didn't like the new woman that i saw in this episode, i hope Neicey is coming back, I liked the family feel of the show and that I had atleast one channel that didn't have vulgar talk or attitude. I felt the new woman had to much attitude and was not on the level of the people on the show. They're asking for help to learn and live better lifestyles, but they shouldn't have to deal with a drill sergeant to acheive it. As for the rest of the crew I love them too, they're awesome! They too know how to deal with the families and are great when it comes to the sticking to the family's "style". They rock!!! Lose the new lady bring back Neicey and I promise i won't be going anywhere!!
  • Where oh where is our beloved Niecy???

    This is the most fun show on television! They not only help people organize their stuff for the real world of the living, but they take the time to talk about the why and how of it all. They leave room for adaptation and don't do things to people that won't allow them to function when they start using their rooms. Most of the shows don't take into consideration that you actually have to LIVE in these rooms after the organizers are gone. I hope Nicey is not off the show because the new gal is awful! I'm sure she is a perfectly nice person but she is not right for this show. I couldn't believe my ears when she told the woman on the Cohen family episode that she was...well...rhymes with twitchy...Niecy would NEVER curse like that. This is a show you could watch with the kids...and quite often I do. But if there is going to be a language issue I guess we will have to change the channel. What a bummer! I love Clean House and this is a major let down. I'm so sad!!! Do you think they are serious???
  • Viewers enter their homes for a make over. If chosen the Clean House crew will assist them in purging surplus stuff. Usually the contestants are dealing with some type of issues such as being a Pack Rat, Hoarding, Immaturity, Bereavement . etc...

    This is my favorite show on television today. Sounds lame I know but consider this.The Clean House Crew consists of 4 professional individuals who contribute there time and effort to helping someone straighten there life out. I am sure the Clean House Crew may receive some moneys for there effort but in comparison to what they make in mundania it is probably inconsequential. To me this demonstrates what is best about our country. The willingness to help people who have just lost there way a little or a lot. You get in there and teach them to adjust to the situation while rolling up your sleeves and pitching in. Helping out with some hard work and sometimes even harder advice that is needed in preventative strategies goes along with the deal also. As you can guess sometimes the process is not as well received as you would think. This is where the Crew really shines, usually by a few well placed questions the contestants get there head on straight - Usually
    The episode usually ends well with the house being redecorated, refurbished, and refitted & everyone is usually happy or at least still talking to each other. Make sure you watch the whole thing start to finish, if you don't you will lose the impact of the show. The show exhibits good work ethics, compassion, charity and generosity. No one gets voted off the island, or fired. Plus it is inspirational to watch and see what comes out of tragic events when we all pitch in together.
  • I want to say that clean house is a great show to watch and the crew matt, mark and trish are funny and they seem like they are a great group of people to work with. I like to watch the show just for the laughs and the tears that fall on me face and style

    Clean house does and good job in remodeling peoples homes with stuff they already have and adding to it. I really have to say that I have taken a liken to mark with his pretty blue eyes and yes he is sexy. Please whatever you do don't take trish, matt nor mark off this show. I like mark style that he puts in each and every ones home and the warnth that he brings with it. I wish that he could do my house and make it warm and homey and friendly to be in all the time. Thank you .
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