Clean House

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  • Thank you all so much!!!

    I am a parent of four. I have two grown daughters and two Autistic children. I have finally admitted that I am a pack rat. Thanks to your show, and my watching it over and over, I have decided ENOUGH! I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and I refuse to leave my kids to clean my mess. I want to see it clean, so I have started to do what you have encouraged me to do. I am getting rid of the mayhem & foolishness. It is taking me a while, but I am now seeing progress. I sadly have to do most of the work myself, because of my own example the kids are use to seeing the mess, but it is worth it in the long run. I can now see my living room, and I am working on the paperwork that is taking over the dining room next. I can easily compare to any of your shows. I got to the point that I would make what I call " oh-shit" boxes and bins. (You know the ones when company is expected and you throw everything in a box or bin and out to the garage or in a corner, because it is better than everything in Now I am going through and thinking "what the hell was wrong with me" lol. I have two 10x10 storage units apart from my 4 bedroom house. I am going to storage in spurts and throwing stuff away like crazy. I obviously do not have the strength to have yard sales any more, which is a shame, cause the money would help me with the new decorating, but oh well. I give all sell-able items to a acquaintance and she uses the items for sales she has to help support herself and her family. She always comes right away, so the things that go out never come back in. I will slowly get it done. I am hoping that by Christmas time, I will have what I always wish for "A Clean House" Thanks again for all of your inspiration and for your wonderful organizational ideas and decorating tips. I wish your show to go on forever, so that all generations can get the help I have received. I think any of the homes you fix should be grateful that you get their homes to be so beautiful. THANK YOU AGAIN! A. Lehmann
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