Clean House

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Sep 03, 2003 In Season





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  • I know this is but the approach is unprofessional

    I started watching one of the episodes to get some organizing ideas, and I had to turn it off just a few minutes in. The people know that they have a problem, and so they asked for help. And the first thing that Neicy does is scold and judge! Is this supposed to inspire people with similar struggles to ask for help? I have hired a nationally certified professional organizer in the past when, following a divorce, I had to move from an over-stuffed 2-bedroom apartment to a small studio. She was not at all judging; rather, she was completely helpful and a real pleasure to work with. As it should be.

    UPDATE: Decided to give it more of a chance... it only got worse. Even the woman who's supposed to be the "organizer" joined in. From the National Association of Professional Organizer's webpage: "Professional organizers should be nonjudgmental, encouraging, and