Clean House - Season 9

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Episode Guide

  • Miller Family
    Miller Family
    Episode 26
    John is a lonely divorcee who is addicted to internet bargains. After he split from his wife two years ago, he spends several hours a day scouring the web for good deals on electronics and new tech projects to work on, but his online shopping has spiraled out of control. It's caused a rift between him and his children, and John's daughter wants him to reconnect with people instead of spending all of his time in front of a computer. Can Tempestt and her team help repair John's relationships with his family and get him back into the dating game?moreless
  • Boulos Family
    Boulos Family
    Episode 25
    Six years ago, Paul Boulos took on the emotionally draining task of caring for his sick father. Overwhelmed by stress, Paul decided it was easier to relax on the couch than clean the house. Now that his father has passed, so have many years of his bachelorhood. Paul is finally ready to jump start his love life, but he's packed on the pounds and can't muster up the energy to de-clutter his house. His cousin Moro thinks Paul is wasting time playing videogames and watching "Sex and the City." Paul feels he's sacrificed too much and he's ready to live like his favorite TV heartthrob Mr. Big. But design takes more than a dime, and the "Clean House" crew will need this stubborn bachelor to give up more things if he wants his house look sexy in the city. Will Paul make the necessary sacrifices--or will he end up paying the ultimate price?moreless
  • Bautista Family
    Bautista Family
    Episode 24
  • Haislet Family
    Haislet Family
    Episode 23
  • Kostiszak/McElroy Family
  • Hirsch Family
    Hirsch Family
    Episode 21
  • Bui Family
    Bui Family
    Episode 20
  • Lopez-Gamble Family
  • Moore Family
    Moore Family
    Episode 18
  • Conlon Family
    Conlon Family
    Episode 17
    Eleven-year-old Tori is frustrated with her parents' messy ways and living in cramped quarters packed with clutter. She's too embarrassed to have friends over, so she's called on "Clean House" to step in and help her mom and dad clean up their act. Her mom Teri is a self-admitted shopaholic who compulsively buys bargains in bulk, and she also refuses to get rid of old stuff because of the memories attached to it. Tori's dad Bill gets frustrated and grouchy over the mess, but does nothing to help clean it up! Can Lisa Arch and her crew help this family get control of their clutter and bring harmony back into their home?moreless
  • Dugan Family
    Dugan Family
    Episode 16
    After more than 150 episodes, Niecy Nash is saying goodbye to "Clean House"--but before she passes the baton, she has one last family that desperately needs her help! In Niecy's final episode, she helps a wife who feels like a stranger in her own home. Nancy and her son Jordan moved into Cliff's home five years ago, but neither of them downsized their belongings. Cliff has a sentimental connection to his old furniture and refuses to let anything go, leaving Nancy feeling like she isn't represented in their space. Plus, Nancy's obsession with buying designer purses keeps adding to the growing clutter. The mess is tearing their marriage apart and setting a bad example for Jordan. Can Niecy and the team teach this couple how to compromise and work together to create a cleaner future for their family?moreless
  • Mills/Mitzner Family
    After losing everything in the real estate market crash, former millionaire Millsy, his wife Kristin, and their three kids are forced to move in with Kristin's father Jeff. Jeff was already living in a house full of clutter, but when the rest of the family started squatting with him, the rooms began to fill up even more. Kristin refuses to downsize her belongings in the hopes they will have a place of their own in the future. Plus, she's convinced her massive collection of beanie babies will pay off as a solid investment. The house is so messy that Millsy sleeps in his car every night. Kristin wants their family to live a happy clutter-free life, so she has called in Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew to help. Can our team help them finally regain control over their clutter?moreless
  • Kahros Family
    Kahros Family
    Episode 14
    The Kahros home has turned into a big, fat Greek mess thanks to one grandmother's hoarding over the years. Joan began bargain hunting in the '80s after her kids left the nest. She fills her days shopping in thrift stores, picking up curbside freebies, and even dumpster diving to bring home everything she can get her hands on. Her family is furious over the clutter and calls her a "junk-a-holic," but Joan refuses to part with her belongings. Can Niecy and her crew convince Joan to give up her junk and start fresh? See the makeover magic happen as the team tackles Joan's kitchen, dining room and den, and teaches her how to commit to a new clutter-free lifestyle.moreless
  • Long Family
    Long Family
    Episode 13
    Stacy and her mother Dianne are both schoolteachers who need a lesson in downsizing. Stacy moved from a large apartment into a small house nine years ago and never got a chance to organize any of her belongings. At the same time, her mother emptied their family storage unit, and Stacy began to hoard all of the heirlooms for safekeeping. Her clutter ranges from childhood toys to antique furniture and everything in between. Unfortunately, all the junk has nowhere to go except for in the sun room and garage. Since her mom resides with her half of the year, Stacy needs to make space so both of them can live comfortably. Niecy and the crew have their hands full as they try to school Stacy and Dianne on what classifies as a keepsake--and what's just junk!moreless
  • Herrera Family
    Herrera Family
    Episode 12
    Alexis Herrera is a busy working mom who is always catering to her three kids--even though they're already grown! Her messy kids always make excuses not to clean, and Alexis has a hard time enforcing rules for fear it will push her kids away. Over the last eight years, the house has become packed with clutter, including a lot of Alexis' beloved yard sale finds. Now the clutter has spun out of control, and Alexis is fed up that no one is pitching in to clean. Now, with a brand new grandchild in the house, it's time for this family to clean up their act and start fresh. Can Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew teach this mom to take back control of her home and whip her messy kids into shape? Plus, can Mark give Alexis the seaside-inspired sanctuary she's always dreamed of?moreless
  • Sanders Family
    Sanders Family
    Episode 11
    Sharon and El Sanders are keeping a dirty little secret--behind closed doors, they are concealing a house packed with clutter! They've only been in their new home for six months, but already the rooms (and closets!) are overflowing with everything from El's huge clothing collection to Sharon's unopened appliances. Both are quick to blame each other for the growing mayhem and foolishness, and El's unwillingness to share his space makes Sharon feel unwanted in her own home. Will El be willing to relinquish his racks of designer duds in order to make peace with his wife? And is Sharon willing to scale down her belongings in order to make a better future for her and El? See if our team can help them tidy up by focusing on the future instead of on the past.moreless
  • Brumana Family
    Brumana Family
    Episode 10
    Julie and Paul are busy parents whose jam-packed work schedules give them little time to devote to housework. Paul struggles to juggle his two jobs, while Julie works full-time at a non-profit organization. The couple's two kids have grown up living in clutter and they're ready for their parents to clean up their act! Plus, the house has become so packed with stuff over the last few years that it's become a safety hazard for the kids. Can Lisa Arch and the "Clean House" experts show the Brumana clan how to get their home back in shape? See if this family is truly committed to de-cluttering their space--or if this clean-up crackdown is too much for them to handle.moreless
  • Hotz Family
    Hotz Family
    Episode 9
    It's double trouble as the "Clean House" crew tries to rescue a mother and daughter who are constantly bickering over their growing clutter. Sara Hotz is a single mom who works full-time to support herself and her 17-year-old daughter Paige. It doesn't leave her much time to clean, and angst-ridden Paige refuses to pick up around the house. The clutter started accumulating over 10 years ago, when Sara got divorced--and she won't let anything go that reminds her of the past, even her old wedding gown! Paige is following in her mom's messy footsteps and needs to learn how to take responsibility of her space. Can Niecy and the "Clean House" team teach Sara how to take control of her teen and let go of the past in order to enjoy her present? Drop by and see!moreless
  • Dodd/Rouffel Family
    Patrice Dodd is a busy college student who recently inherited the family home--along with over 50 years of accumulated furniture, clothes and clutter which belonged to her late mother and grandmother. The house is packed with years of trinkets, clothes and more, a disgusting turtle tank in the dining room and a messy kitty litter box stinking up the office. On top of it all, high school sweetheart Jacques Rouffel is unmotivated to help. Can Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew help the two grow up and move on--while still respecting sentimental pieces from the past? With a stormy yard sale day in front of them, see how the team takes on the dining room, master bedroom and office to help the couple make the home their own.moreless
  • Eskra/Zachar Family
    Donna Eskra is an eccentric decorator with a flair for the dramatic. For the last several years, she has been indulging in her love of turning trash into treasure--but her growing inventory is starting to crowd her out of her own home! Donna sees the beauty in everything so she has a hard time letting things go, but her hoarding is now cramping her lifestyle and could negatively impact her business. Donna's best friend Bob wants her to be successful and hopes that "Clean House" crew will be able to help dig Donna out of her mess. But it's easier said than done once Niecy and Co. discover the root of Donna's mayhem goes much deeper than her clutter. Will the team be able to teach Donna how to cope with her difficult past in order to create the dream home she's always wanted?moreless
  • Nelson Family
    Nelson Family
    Episode 6
    From the day Ron and Vicky Nelson married almost 30 years ago, their clutter has been cramping their home and their lifestyle. Their 23-year-old daughter Tracy says she can't remember a time in her life without the mess, and it's gotten so out of control that it's wreaking havoc on her parents' relationship. Even though his marriage is on the verge of a meltdown, Ron is in denial about his hoarding problem and often leaves it to Vicky and Tracy to clean up after him. Unless this family breaks their chaotic cycle, they may be forced to go their separate ways. Can Niecy Nash and her team teach the Nelsons to surrender their clutter and restore peace in their home?moreless
  • Crites Family
    Crites Family
    Episode 5
    As the search for the messiest home in the country reaches its exciting conclusion, Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew come to the rescue of a mom whose compulsive shopping and hoarding is tearing her family apart. Turned in by her two grown children, Sue Crites considers herself a proud "shopaholic" who can't pass up a bargain--or let go of any of her belongings. Her house is so packed with stuff that her grandkids don't even have a place to sit when they visit! Also, Sue is still holding on to her late mother's possessions--even her closet full of clothes. Can Niecy help Sue learn to let go of the past and make peace with her family?moreless
  • Benedict Family
    Benedict Family
    Episode 4
    The "Clean House" crew stops in Wayne, New Jersey, to help a family who has conquered cancer move past their clutter to begin a healthy new life. In 2007, Christine Benedict was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After 18 months of treatment and recovery, this stay-at-home mom has been in remission for the last two years---but the massive clutter the family accumulated over the length of her illness still litters their home. Christine's husband Bill helped around the house while she was sick, but now that she's better, the housework is all back on her. The family is ready to put the past behind them, but the mess is a constant reminder of what they've had to deal with. Can Lisa Arch and her team give this family the fresh start they need to move forward?moreless
  • Neice Family
    Neice Family
    Episode 3
    Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew head to Corona, California, to continue on their quest to find the messiest home in the country--and the Neice house is certainly in the running! Five years ago, George Neice quit his job to work from home--but his online business that he uses to generate income to support his family is also the same thing filling up the house with clutter and tearing his clan apart! The kids have had it with the clutter, and George's wife Gerry distracts herself with her love of sewing, but her sewing machines, fabric and costumes also litter their living room and garage. Can Niecy and her crew give this family a fresh start and help stitch them back together?moreless
  • Geyer Family
    Geyer Family
    Episode 2
    In Newburgh, New York, the Geyer home is more like a frat house--with mom Cathy doing all the cleaning and picking up after her four disastrously messy sons. The boys rely on their mom to do everything for them--including acting as their own personal chef, dishwasher, maid and Laundromat! Cathy is sick of being taken advantage of, even though there are no consequences for her sons' lack of responsibility. Also, Cathy recently divorced and the house harbors painful memories of her past, but she's not quite ready to let go of them. Can host Lisa Arch and the "Clean House" crew help this mom take back her home and lay down the law? And will the boys finally give their selfless mom the pampering she deserves?moreless
  • Cox Family
    Cox Family
    Episode 1
    In Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Cox household has become overrun with clutter. When Tricia and Kevin eloped six years ago, they merged their households without a plan--and ended up with too much stuff and not enough space! Plus, since Tricia has a hard time enforced rules around the house, the kids have learned to run wild and never clean up after themselves. Also, Tricia has a hard time letting go of mementos from her past marriages--including her old wedding dresses! Can she learn to let go in order to create a better future for her and her family? And can Niecy help this couple teach their kids the consequences of clutter? See the amazing transformation as our team makes over their living room, master bedroom and family room--and brings harmony back into this household.moreless
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