Clean House

Season 7 Episode 4

The McCord Family

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2008 on Style Network
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The McCord Family
The team comes to the assistance of a mother who is tired of both the clutter and her son that doesn't make any effort to help.

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  • Lazy son...frustrated mother...

    I love this show and how Niecy always gets down to the root of things by being tough and blunt. This episode without Niecy was hard to watch.

    Niecy never never would've allowed this to happen. I could bearly even watch this episode. Why did the lazy son get a new laptop. What's up with that?! Why didn't mom get a new laptop instead. He's lazy and making his mom's life more difficult than it should be so gift him with nice bedroom furniture and a laptop. What is he going to learn from that...exactly...that being lazy is good and being lazy pays. The smile he had pasted on his face at the end of the show said it all when he laid on his bed among his cushy pillows. There was no logic there. They should've given him the cushions to sleep on instead and have Ashley furniture give the mom a new couch. In all fairness the mom should not have assumed that she would get new furniture but to leave her without a didn't make sense.moreless
  • The McCord Family episode involved a single mother, Angie, and very immature but charming son, Tay who were from Belize. Angie struggled to get Tay to make more responsibility for himself in their home.moreless

    I'm an avid Clean House watcher and this episode was very dissapointing on a lot of levels. First off, this was an episode that really needed to Niecy Nash to administer her brand of tough love like no one else could. The son, Tay, really needed the law handed down to him in an adult manner. The fact that the show allowed him to state in no uncertain terms that he'd broken the bed that he sleeps in, (in his MOTHER"S home, mind you) engaging in "adult recreation" was disrespectful to himself and his mother.

    To add insult to injury, the reveal was a slap in the face to this single mother who was struggling to support herself and her ingrate of a son. I understand Mark's frustration with the mother, Angie, when she insisted on selling a sofa that he wanted to use in the overall design. However, for him to reward the selfish son with everything and then leave the mother with a living room with cushions on the floor where a couch should have gone, was just mean. It would have been fairer to nix the sofa in the office and blame that on insufficient funds than to leave that woman with mats on the floor for seating. It was like they were punishing her for not doing what Mark wanted. I thought it was mean spirited and hateful and really humiliating for her. I cant believe that Niecy would have been Ok with that result.moreless
  • Deceptive cutting of scenes and misspent money make this episode difficult to watch.

    Clean house is called into to help a single mother who has her lazy, adult son living with her. The clean house crew is minus Niecy Nash and I would like to think that this episode would of gone much better with her. From the first moment Mark saw this woman's huge, bright red couch (which had her son who had broken his own bed engaging in "adult relations" sleeping on it) it was clear that he loved it and she wanted to sell it in the garage sale. She did despite him warning her that is they didn't make enough money to replace the couch, the she would not have one. Sure enough, once the reveal came, she was left with cheap cushions in her living room and no couch. To some, this may look as if Mark and the clean house crew where "teaching her consequences as they claimed". Mark claims to have needed $3,700 (a number he knew they'd never reach), making them $1,400 short so it seems as if it's not his fault , that the homeowner shouldn't have sold the couch and put the situation on herself. Some have even suggested that she only wanted a "freebie".

    On closer examination, the cruelty of Mark's passive-aggressive behavior towards this single mother becomes apparent; the couch was sold for $480. With the couch, they made $1,300. Without it, they made only $820. Since Clean House matches the money up to $1000, this means that the couch netted them an extra $180 dollars of matching money so instead of having $1,640 to work with, Mark had $2,300. This means that the couch he didn't want her to sell gave him an additional $660 to spend then he would have if she hadn't sold it. That is more then enough money to buy another couch with. A quick glance at Ikea's website proves this. It's not hard to find a sofa for under $500 (it might not have been the sectional couch he wanted and she didn't, but it would have been a functional couch). That would of given Mark $160 "extra" dollars to spend. So even if they didn't want to gift her with anything as they gifted her son with an Apple lap top, the least they could have done is spend the money she gained from selling the couch on a new couch. This leaves us with the question of what did Mark do with the extra $660? He certainly didn't spend it on the living room. The cushions he spread out on the floor where a sofa should have been couldn't have possibly cost $100, if even that much.

    Something else that a lot of people may not have caught (I had to have it pointed out to me and then I had to rewind and watch it again) is that, after editing, it looks as if the woman with no sofa walks out in the middle of the reveal. Watch it again carefully if you can; she is polite though visibly upset during the reveal. Then, after the main crew (i.e. Mark, the substitute host, Trish, Matt) are gone and the camera crew is interviewing them, she leaves the house, driving away in her car. Again, one has to watch carefully to pick up on this duplicitous trick; once moment the main crew is speaking with her, then the camera jumps just a bit while focusing on her son. Then there is no sign of the main crew in her house and once they see that she's left the house and drove away, the main crew comes from around her front yard to voice shock that she "just left" like that. Then the substitute host says the closing remarks to the show, carefully weaving the illusion that this poor woman stormed out of her reveal. The sad part is this lady (who obviously was on the verge of tears and left because she didn't want to start crying on national television) held it together through the reveal with more poise, grace and self control then most people would of- certainly she proved herself to be a bigger person than Mark.moreless
  • The McCord family gets a lesson in tough love and follow-through from the Clean House team.

    Finally! A family gets what they deserve. So many times families refuse to give up their junk only to expect Niecy et al to donate great furniture when the yard sale falls short of its goal. In this episode, the McCord family does the opposite. They promise Mark they'll keep their very nice couch, but they sell it instead. Then the sale falls short by over $1,000. And when they end up with a couchless family room, the mother storms out.

    I was cheering for the cast and crew, especially guest host Lisa Arch, who had her hands full. I'm glad someone finally showed a family there are consequences for one's actions. Good show!moreless
  • Unimpressive show. Cast did well except for host Lisa.

    Mark, Matt, and Trish are as always wonderful. And Mark's design is great. Host Lisa was too excitable and talked too fast. No follow-up on what happened to Ms. McCord. She walked away and nothing was said about her return. The McCords were somewhat laid back and monotone in response to all the work done. I do give credit to the son who had to end the show--he did well with showing how much he loved the new clean house and he did try to end the show postively.

    Where is Nicey Nash? Bring her back! I miss her. She's the best host.moreless

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