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Hotz Family

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It's double trouble as the "Clean House" crew tries to rescue a mother and daughter who are constantly bickering over their growing clutter. Sara Hotz is a single mom who works full-time to support herself and her 17-year-old daughter Paige. It doesn't leave her much time to clean, and angst-ridden Paige refuses to pick up around the house. The clutter started accumulating over 10 years ago, when Sara got divorced--and she won't let anything go that reminds her of the past, even her old wedding gown! Paige is following in her mom's messy footsteps and needs to learn how to take responsibility of her space. Can Niecy and the "Clean House" team teach Sara how to take control of her teen and let go of the past in order to enjoy her present? Drop by and see!moreless
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