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Clean Sweep

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The clutter is out and organized, new rooms are in on TLC's Clean Sweep. Two homeowners are given two days to sort their clutter that has taken over their homes and pitch what they don't need, while two rooms in their home are redesigned by professionals. The two homeowners, who could be anyone from a husband and wife to two friends, sort through their stuff by placing it in piles labeled Keep, Sell and Toss. They're assisted in letting go by either organizer Shelli Alexander (Season 1), or Peter Walsh. The items placed in Sell are then sold in a yard-sale on the second day, with anything not sold going to charity. The rooms are redesigned by either Angelo Surmelis, Molly Luetkemeyer, Kelli Ellis (Season 2), James Saavedra (Season 2), or Valerie Bickford (Season 1), with Eric Stromer the carpenter on-hand to design beautiful new furniture, or modify existing furniture. When the rooms are done, the transformations are usually so amazing that they are hard to believe. Please note the following new organization format for cast and crew: Hosts and Carpenter: Stacey Dutton, Tava Smiley and Eric Stromer appear only in the main cast list and not in individual episode listings. Designers and Organizers: Designers and Organizers are credited for the episodes in which they appear. For Season 2, Peter Walsh is credited as a star, since Shelli Alexander is no longer present. Homeowners: Homeowners will only be listed in the rare instance that they either already have an entry on TV Tome, or they have previously done substantial work in the area of television or movies. Unfortunately, Clean Sweep has been officially canceled as TLC moves in a "new direction" with their programming. Repeats of the program still air on weekends on TLC.moreless
Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh

Regular Organizer (Season 2)

Tava Smiley

Tava Smiley

Host (Season 2)

Eric Stromer

Eric Stromer


Stacey Dutton

Stacey Dutton

Host (Season 1)

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  • Will the "Clean Sweep " back on the program ??? in W network.

    The program is the best that I ever seen and Loved it !!!

    I kept checking and surprised It is no loner. I missed to watch. It is a great highlights for me to learn. Please come back.... I cannot forget this. It was the best .. program I sorely miss the program ..Will it be back ? Will they make new show in Clean Sweep more exciting?? Please come back ...... come back ... i bet that they will love it. my sister mentioned about tarp.. i never forget it it is neat... come back please i pray... u come back Gwenmoreless
  • Bring back the show that helped people face the clutter in their lives and their homes.

    Please bring back one of TLC's best shows ever. It is rare that a show - especially about decor - not only helps redo the home, but addresses the reason there is a problem. This show was tons better than most of the shows currently on. Why was it taken off? My guess is that it was taken off because it was on too often. Why does TLC run their shows to death until people get tired of watching them? If you take a look at the schedule you'll see the same few shows over and over. Bring back the best show and the best crew. And stop killing the good shows that are on now by running them too often.moreless
  • A good show that showed us that cluttered homes makes cluttered minds.

    I don't know what the previous reviewer was talking about. The show has been off the air for three years. Maybe she's talking about that lame show called "Clean House." This show was called "Clean Sweep" and i loved it. My wife and I have followed the rule of "get hold of the clutter and take hold of your lives." We not only de-cluttered the house we bought furniture that's a bit more stream lined and modern and did away with the over stuffed sofas and chairs. We still have as much seating but now the rooms feel bigger and guests are more comfortable.moreless
  • Because of the appauling behaviour of this "producer" when we attended the taping we will never watch this potentially good show again!

    Hi folks

    Today my children and I went to support our friend and the show by showing up at her home for the sale. We were warned in advance about the nasty producer that was there. When we got there with our Corgi, Dash she rudely came up to us tellin us we couldn't have him there. No problem. We'll keep him leashed by the street as we shop. As I spoke to my friend who bought a table Dash peed on it. Mea Culpa! Sure that's not good but there was no excuse for the nasty display of anger that followed in front of adults and children alike. The peed on table owner and myself kept telling her to stop yelling and stop being so disrespectful but she didn't quit. As I went to round up my children her own staff was commenting on how unprofessional that display was! When we went to leave she made some wise crack to my back and her two camera guys standing with her were snickering. Hey it's only a few of us that won't watch the show again but it's a start. Man what a joke!moreless
  • This show has taught us a lot about how to declutter. We did a "Clean Sweep" on our 3 girls not to long ago and managed to sweep out 1/3 of thier stuff.moreless

    This show has taught us a lot about how to declutter. We did a "Clean Sweep" on our 3 girls not to long ago and managed to sweep out 1/3 of thier stuff. It would have been more but our time was limited. Trying to work this with 3 girls who want to keep even the garbage is hard. I wish this show was still on so that I could learn even more. We are still working on the rest of the house, but it would be easier if we had someone to guide us in getting it done quickly.moreless
  • Help Me Lord Please
    My Name is Jim. I have lived with my paernts at their home for 20 yrs. this house is a very beautifull house. but there is one pro...
  • Help is Required
    I would like to get on your show (desperate doesn't even describe my desire and NEED!!). I am married to a man that doesn't under...
  • Help
    How do I get a chance to be on your show. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago, IL with my Partner of 4 years. He is a gre...