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  • Season 2
    • Digging Out the Man Room
      Episode details TBA
    • Sigma Alpha Messy
      Sigma Alpha Messy
      Episode 60
      In this episode, Clean Sweep tackles the massive and massively cluttered rec room of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. This room is loaded with old couches, furniture, folders, cans of paint, boxes and 20-30 years worth of junk. It's so bad that you can't even get behind the bare, or even move around much. Peter works with the fraternity's founders, Segnick and Gabe, to mostly just purge all of the old clutter that has built up. They sort out the essential items that are needed for the fraternity and give the rest the old heave-ho. Angelo Surmelis redesigns the rec room with the help of the Clean Sweep team and the rest of the fraternity. The new "party room" is an awesome space that the rest of the campus will envy. It's a bright and fun area with cabinets, completely re-done bar, curtained windows, relaxing table, a new rug and chairs. There's also a coffee table built by Eric, rolling ottomans with built-in storage, space for the sporting equipment and the broken garage door has been fixed.moreless
    • Out of the Clutter
      Out of the Clutter
      Episode 59
      Maria Lopez and Richard Scarry are the managers of Out of the Closet --- a thrift-store that raises money for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They're dedicated workers, but the way things are set up now is hampering the effectiveness of their business. Their receiving room is overflowing with clothing, old lamps, a covered picnic table, toys and more. The setup is so bad that people have been breaking in and dumpster-diving. Meanwhile, the sorting area is a defeating space loaded with boxes, old coathangers and various clutter that can only be described as "bric-a-brac." Peter Walsh comes in to help Maria and Richard get a system together to deal with all the donations. He shows them how an efficient system can benefit both them and their volunteers. Angelo Surmelis does the redesign of the areas. The receiving room receives a foldout desk with hidden space for storage, covered doors and siding, storage cabinets and drawers. It's also set up for locking to prevent theft. The storage room contains sorting tables, lockers, clothes hangers racks, a storage cabinet with categorized bins and "groovy" lighting.moreless
    • Clothing Explosion
      Clothing Explosion
      Episode 58
      John and Kesa Sullivan have been married for five years and have three sons --- ten-year-old Tyler, two-year-old Shawn and newborn Julius. Their bedroom is overloaded with clothing, shoes, plastic bins, baskets, jewelry and even an old birdcage. Another of their rooms has completely lost its identity, trying to be an office / guestroom / game room / music room all in one. It's packed with instruments, papers and junk in boxes, old games and most oddly, an old showerhead. Kelli Ellis works to redesign the rooms, while Peter gets busy on the clutter issues. He discovers that Kesa called in Clean Sweep because John was always complaining about the clutter. Peter shows her and John how they can let go of things and get down to just the items that they need. The room previously without an identity is made over into a brand-new den. It features a new computer desk, striped curtains, a swiveling chair and a rotating game-table. Romance is brought into the bedroom with nightstands, a new bed and pillows, flowers and lighting. The closet space is also reorganized and there are new dressers for both John and Kesa as well.moreless
    • Clutter Under the Bridge
      Christina has been living at the Bridge of Faith, a charity that helps women who are transitioning from foster care to the next phase of their lives. She's called in Clean Sweep to help out the home's founder, Carol Reza, whose office is so cluttered that it's no longer adequately serving the charity's needs. It's loaded with "mountains of stuff" --- papers and files, boxes of Christmas dolls, excess photographs, an old stepladder and much more. There've been some attempts at organization, but it just isn't working. Peter Walsh helps to get things operating back to the way they should be. He helps get things organized by the purpose they serve to the charity and helps Carol to get rid of those items that are no longer serving any purpose. Angelo Surmelis redesigns the office into an extremely functional area that will be a credit to the organization. It includes a comfortable seating area, new desks and lighting, storage spaces for the various files and a separate bathroom area complete with filing cabinets for additional stuff that didn't belong in the main office area. Finally, the Clean Sweep team gives Bridge of Faith a $1,000 donation.moreless
    • Clean Me Up Scotty
      Clean Me Up Scotty
      Episode 56
      Patty and Randy Kromery have been married for eleven years and Patty has an eighteen year old daughter. Recently, they moved into Patty's mother's home to care for her. Unfortunately, this has left little time for organization. They have one massive room and a smaller adjoining area that are loaded with Star Trek collectibles, old computers, a massive pile of videos, cosmetics for Patty's home-business and much more. Peter helps the two to sort through all of this. He helps Randy deal with attachment issues and escape from an all-or-nothing mentality, while getting Patty down to the core items she needs for her business. The redesign of the room is supervised by Angelo Surmelis. The new space features zones --- dining, entertainment, laundry and a work area for Patty. There's new cabinets, new shelving and a new workstation for Randy's computer work.moreless
    • Clean Sweep, Fresh Start
      Carl and Molly Schmitt are married and have two sons --- Alexander, 8 and Matthew, 2. They're faced with an interconnected kitchen and family room that's beginning to feel like a single, massively cluttered area. The rooms are loaded with books, dishes, packed cupboards, a humongous desk and Carl's "special" computer projects. Furthermore, things are in shambles following a recent break-in. Organizer Peter Walsh works on two fronts --- working through the communication issues that have been keeping Carl and Molly from discussing the clutter and also addressing the issues involved with the burglary. Kelli Ellis does the design work, helping to delineate the two spaces and making them work for Carl and Mollys' needs. The new family room / dining area features a reupholstered table, media cabinet, a couch that also acts as a sofa bed, a space for Alexander's homework and a new stereo as a gift from the Clean Sweep team. The kitchen features a surface area for chopping, newly organized cabinets, plenty of storage space for the dishes and other features that have Molly crying with joy.moreless
    • Out of Tune Rooms
      Out of Tune Rooms
      Episode 54
      Ren and Coren Zai are married and run a business together --- a vocal performance school called The Complete Singer. They do good work, but their messy and cluttered rooms are enough to potentially scare off their students. It's their offices that are the problem --- Ren's is loaded with paperwork, electronics and a clothing rack being used as storage space, while Coren's is loaded with mementos such as her old baby teeth and many other items. Kelli Ellis puts into place a bold new direction with the rooms, while Peter tries something a little different with the sorting --- having a "Keep?" pile for items of contention. Ren and Coren later sing for their items, or have their students sing for them in Clean Sweep's first anti-clutter musical. Ren's office is transformed into a new studio featuring a soundproofed vocal booth and a cable central area. There's also a new wardrobe, filing cabinet and workstation. Coren's office is now a beautiful and relaxing space featuring a new desk and artwork, bookshelves and a new rug.moreless
    • Viva la Clean Sweep!
      John and Mary Brown have been married for 22 years and have three grown children. Now, one of them has blown the whistle on their parents' clutter. A former bedroom and office is now a spare room that's packed with sewing stuff, mementos of Mary's deceased mother, boxes, somberos and more. Meanwhile, the bedroom is overloaded with clothing, chairs, an ancient brass bed and even an old purple Care Bear. The Care Bear is quickly sent to the Sell pile, but it won't be so easy for some other items as Peter gets to the bottom of the stories behind certain items. As he does this, Molly Luetkemeyer directs the redesign of the rooms. The spare room is made into a new office / guest room --- a "bright, happy space" with a new multipurpose computer desk, crafting area, closet area and a foldout / in bed featuring an air mattress. The bedroom is remade in comfortable peach tones with lighting and plants, chairs and a brand-new bned, another new closet area and even comfortable, cuddleable pillows made from a jacket once worn by Mary's mom.moreless
    • Hot Rod, Cold Clutter
      Janelle and Shane Morris have been married for twelve years and have two kids --- Michaela, 10 and Shaylee, 7. The clutter situation in their household recently became worse when clutter was moved out of the garage to make room for a classic car of Shane's. Now the guest room is filled with that and other assorted clutter, while the office is so packed that it's impossible to even get to the desk. Molly Luetkemyer is on the job to redesign the rooms. Meanwhile, Peter explores how the clutter has become a sort of flashpoint dividing the couple featured in this episode. It seems that they've been playing a sort of "blame game" and become trapped in a vicious cycle, one which Peter tries desperately to help them out of. The guest room is made into an inviting retreat featuring a brand-new bed, drawers, fancy chandeliers and a closet area. The office also now serves as family room with new CD storage, an overhauled fishtank, refurbished desk and closet storage cabinet.moreless
    • Where the Toys Are
      Where the Toys Are
      Episode 51
      Mark and Tammy Matthews are married and have two kids, Corbin - 4 and Xavier - 1. They're currently living in Las Vegas, although this episode explores whether they really have any true attachment to their current home. As Peter works through these issues, Angelo Surmelis redesigns two rooms. A room that was once supposed to be both an office and a gym is now a spare room loaded with all of the assorted clutter Mark and Tammy couldn't find any place else to put. Their kids' room has become completely overloaded with toys, strewn all over the floor such that it's simply not safe for the one-year-old to come in (and probably not the four-year-old either.) The spare room is converted into a new guestroom and hangout area featuring a calming blue color, new seating and curtains and a new closet area. The kids' room is made into fun "party space" that serves as both a playroom and bedroom. It includes a library area, computer area, new easel and a brand-new bunkbed for the kids.moreless
    • Messy Baby, Messy!
      Messy Baby, Messy!
      Episode 50
      Harmik Kazanchian is a Tom Jones impersonator living with his wife, Sherri Kazanchian, in Las Vegas. They've been together for 25 years and Harmik is hoping to take things to the next level, perhaps even recording his own album. It's the clutter in the spaces that's holding him and his wife back --- both their guest room and office are packed with various items including Christmas stuff that Sherri simply can't get rid of. Peter helps them to sort through the issues that are holding them back, while designer Angelo Surmelis puts a Vegas spin on the rooms.moreless
    • Bean Bag Blowout
      Bean Bag Blowout
      Episode 49
      An excess of bean bags features in this new episode of the show.
    • Aloha Clutter
      Aloha Clutter
      Episode 48
      Steve and Courtney Julette have been married five years and have two kids --- Gracey (3) and Zeke (1). Clean Sweep has come to help them with their office and playroom. The clutter situation in the office is so bad that Courtney broke her toe trying to make her way through the room. The playroom is in such a bad state that the kids simply aren't allowed in it. James Saavedra works to redesign the rooms, while Peter addresses the clutter problem that caused things to get to that point.moreless
    • Antiques Unload-Show
      Peter helps a couple whose house is loaded with antiques bound by a promise to deceased relative.
    • Battle for Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee collectibles are at the center of a clutter clash.
    • Printing Press Mess
    • Clutter Comes Alive
    • Caught in the Mouse Trap
    • Doing it for Mom
      Doing it for Mom
      Episode 42
      Cherie Tarvin is a single Mom raising two kids, Andre and Joy. She runs several businesses out of her home, bu the effort put into this has caused a build-up of clutter. Clean Sweep is in to help out with Cherie's room, which is packed with papers and bins full of material. They also tackle the living room --- filled with baskets, leftover party supplies, videos and DVDs and even more bins. Peter helps Cherie to tackle the issues that are binding her to the clutter. He shows her that while she feels certain items may come in handy in the future, she'll have to set limits or else things will get out of control into the future. James Saavedra does the redesign of the rooms. The bedroom is made into a "princess palace" featuring a new headboard, a refurbished dresser with a TV cabinet build, chandeliers, side tables and much more. The family room is delineated into three new spaces. There's a living area with candles, a sofa and new media unit; a work area with storage for Cherie's crafts and hair; and a new study/homework area including a brand-new work table.moreless
    • Portrait of a Clutter Bug
      Marion Davies and John Farren have been married for seven years and recently adopted three month old Jack. They've been spending so much time on him and his nursery that some areas in the rest of their home have really started to fall out-of-order. Their home office is packed with old papers, boxes and even an old animal skull bought at a garage sale. The guest room is no place for anyone to rest --- it's packed with old books, art supplies, baby stuff and even some pairs of freaky looking glasses. Peter examines the cause of their clutter issue, finding that Marion is largely responsible for the clutter and John is a willing enabler. John and Marion don't seem to have too many attachment issues and are able to quickly cut through the clutter. The guest room is given a new art area and light fixtures. The bed now features an art-hanger headboard and the closet is totally reorganized. The office is made into a sleek, professional space with mail storage and a new shredder. There are two desks and a refurbished bookshelf, as well as displays for coins and pictures.moreless
    • Rec Room Wreckage
      Rec Room Wreckage
      Episode 40
      Andy and Tracy Chiang have been married for four years and have a two-year old daughter named Kaylee. Tracy, especially, is a clutterbug who thinks that she'll eventually find a use for everything. But the office is filled with artwork and old computers while the rec room is more like a "storage room," filled with golf bags, camping equipment, furniture, empty boxes and much more. After a great initial sort featuring a big Toss pile, Peter helps this couple to detach from their remaining clutter issues. Designer Kelli Ellis does the redesign of the rooms. She gives the reco room a new table and chairs, pool table, areas for cooking, entertaining and lounging and a new desk courtesy of Eric. The redone office features new bookshelves, storage and computer desks and an area for Andy's model cars.moreless
    • Jazzer-sort!
      Episode 39
      Reeny Sindel and John Rapozo are good friends who have been living together for five years. John teachers Jazzercise and the two met in one of his classes. Since moving in together, clutter has overtaken their home office and John's bedroom. The office is packed with clothes, old vinyl music, bedding and boxes. The bedroom contains shoes, stuffed animals and other assorted clutter. As Peter helps these two go through the clutter, the rooms are given a flip-flop, with the office becoming John's bedroom and the original bedroom becoming the new home office. Peter sorts out John's issues with vintage memorabilia and also his shoe fixation. The new bedroom features a Hawaiian inspiration with candles, a new dresser unit, hampers, window coverings, an entertainment center and more. The home office includes colorful panels, individual workspaces, new overhead lighting and brand new desk, courtesy of Eric.moreless
    • Trash Can Crazy
      Trash Can Crazy
      Episode 38
      Dave and Lynne Street have been married eight years and have two sons --- Trevor, age 6 and Connor, age 3. Whether the kids keep their rooms in order is up in the air, but it would seem that these two adults certainly haven't. Their master bedroom is covered mainly in clothes and things have gotten so bad that they've taken to using rolling garbage bins for storage. The office contains bins, papers, even more clothes and a large amount of material from Lynne's scrapbooking pursuits that she's lost all control of. Peter helps them to get them under control by asking them to focus on what he considers to be their main problem --- TMS, too much stuff. He helps them to get the clutter out fast and gets Lynne's scrapbooking things in order so as things pick up, more of that will be moving out as well. Angelo redoes the bedroom with a completely new bed, dividing screens, a ceiling fan, seating area and hampers courtesy of Peter to replace the old, awful trash cans. The office is given a wall of clocks that Lynne always wanted, a credenza, an office table and a chair. The office also includes an expensive shelving system from Eric and bins and a rolling cart from Peter.moreless
    • DJ Clutter In Da House!
      LaShaun and Ashley Logan are a mother and daughter who are connected music-wise, but have major problems clutter-wise. Ashley's bedroom is filled with furniture, clothing and sporting equipment, while LaShaun and Ashleys' music studio and office is packed with boxes, DVDs, books and even vacuum cleaners. Peter cuts through both their clutter and their trust issues to help them purge close to 70% of their stuff in preparation for the redesign of their rooms. Angelo Surmelis does the work giving them just the spaces they want. Ashley's bedroom is given L.A. Lakers purple-and-gold coloring with a completely new bed setup by Eric, new dressers, desks and a total reorganization of the closet. The music studio features a design inspired by the Taj Mahal with a new bookcase, light, seating area and much more.moreless
    • Shipping out the Mess
      Jamie and Charles Dean have been married for seven years and have a one-year-old son named Isaiah. They have a room that they're using as an office, a family room, a recording studio and a place for their online auction business --- a clutter problem so huge that it's the only room the Clean Sweep team has time to redesign in this episode. It's loaded with instruments, collectibles, boxes and other assorted junk. On a rainy day, Peter gets Charles and Jamie straight to work on purging their clutter. They do a fairly good job and then Peter gets down to business, helping them to part with collectibles they're not attached to anymore and showing them a better way to organize the materials for their online auction business. Molly and the team get to work on their massive redesign of a single room. The room is split into two areas to fit Jamie and Charles' needs. It has a new sofa, bookcases, lamps and a huge build from Eric for their auction needs. They also have a brand-new office area with a rollout computer supplies desk, whiteboard and much more.moreless
    • Dressing Room Disaster
    • Living Room of Lost Toys
      Kelly and Scott Sheffield have been living in their current home for four years and have four daughters. Their lack of organization and limits have led a huge mess in their living room and dining room. The living room is filled with things such as boxes, chairs and bins, but mostly an unwieldly amount of toys. The dining room is no place to dine --- it has more toys, computer stuff, a surplus of kitchen utensils, papers, boxes and more. After a fairly fruitless initial sort, Peter gets down to business with Kelly and Scott. He talks to them about the importance of setting limits and once again works his magic in cutting their clutter down to size. Molly Luetkemeyer transforms the rooms into great family spaces perfectly suited for their needs. The dining room is made into an elegant space with bright blue coloring accented by a black ceiling trim, sophisticated curtains and new dining chairs. The living room is redone as a fantastic playroom with a new desk unit, colorful stripes, unique chairs, lamps and even an amusing piggy trash container.moreless
    • Five-Alarm Mess
      Five-Alarm Mess
      Episode 33
      Stacey and John Olson have been married for three years and have a ten month old daughter named Demeri. John is a firefighter, Stacey a project manager and their relationship is suffering due to the clutter that has taken over their master bedroom and home office. The master bedroom is loaded with a huge DVD collection strewn helter-skelter, old clothes, bags, baby stuff, trophies and more. The home office has even more clothes, exercise equipment, computers and other assorted chaos. Kelli Ellis gets straight to work on one of the most ambitious redesigns ever, while Peter Walsh examines how the clutter is interfering with Stacey and Johns' day-to-day living. He learns that things are so bad that even 10-month-old Demeri picks up on some of the bad feelings caused by the clutter. He then works his magic, helping Stacey and John part with many old knick-knacks and meticulously organizing what remains. The home office is given an "industrial funk" style with a new desk, closet storage system, bookshelf, window treatments and much more. The master bedroom is reoriented with a brand-new entertainment center, candles, chairs and even a special entertainment lounge area.moreless
    • Mother-Daughter Chaos
      Elizabeth Swanson is a single Mom raising her two daughters, Madeline and Isabel. She was separated from her husband five years ago but only recently divorced and the family has endured a couple of recent moves that has left their current home in a state of disorder. The family room is more like a junk room with clothing, furniture (especially chairs) and other assorted clutter everywhere. Elizabeth's bedroom has become a catch-all for everyone and everything with envelopes, more clothes, papers and other such items strewn about the space. As Peter gets to work, he finds that he has to cut through sentimental attachments to get Elizabeth to purge. Madeline becomes his biggest cheerleader, working tirelessly to help clear away clutter that is driving her mad. Designer Kelli Ellis does an awesome redesign of the rooms. The basement area is made into a true family space that also serves as a guestroom, with a bright red theme, new seating, a refurbished fireplace, a homework area, a multi-leveled table and much more. Elizabeth's bedroom is given a new TV cabinet, lighting, baskets, a bright golden look, adjustable shelving and other features that make it Madeline's envy.moreless
    • Clothes Make the Mess
      Christopher and Sabrina Buchanan have been married for eight years and have two children --- Chris, 9 and Nicholas, 7. They have a fairly happy marriage and enjoy a life of active physical fitness, but recent problems with illness have caused some clutter issues in their home. Their master bedroom is filled with endless clothes, books, a bowling ball and much more. Their multipurpose room is out-of-control with more books, videos, sporting equipment, turntables, a so-called "study table" and other assorted things contributing to the mess. Peter works with them to navigate the clutter, showing them how to split the space between themselves and dealing with Christopher's "macho" issues. Angelo Surmelis redesigns the rooms into amazing spaces that perfectly serve Christopher and Sabrinas' needs. The multipurpose room is given a crisp blue look, with areas to fit both their exercise and laundry needs. Lockers are added, new curtains, metal weight containers, plastic storage bins and other enhancements. The master bedroom is completely revamped as a romantic hideaway. It includes an amazing romantic bed, a new office area, storage dressers, candles and even two LP albums which the Clean Sweep team replaced after Christopher and Sabrinas' got destroyed in the sun.moreless
    • Hello Kitty, Good-Bye Mess
      Shaundra and Allen met through mutual friends and have been married for eight years, now having two kids --- Astara, 7 and Alana, 1. Unfortunately, Allen's long work hours and poor organizational habits have led to a kitchen that isn't fit for a chef like Allen and a bedroom that's no place for two growing princesses. The kitchen is packed with dishes, toys, knickknacks and a general feeling of crampedness, while the bedroom is overloaded with piles of clothes, many more toys, an unused bunk beds and seems to have no overall theme. Peter gets right to work with the organization, helping to get down to business on the hard work after a great initial purge. He navigates through the issues that are putting a strain on Allen and Shaundra's relationship and shows them how they can create spaces that will alleviate the stress in their lives. He also tackles Shaundra's shopping addiction, helping her to see that her habits could become her kids'. Angelo Surmelis does a great redesign of the rooms, working with the limited kitchen space and many of the items already in the rooms. The kitchen is given a bright orange and yellow theme with a rolling cutting board, spice rack, storage for dry-goods, seating area, containers and much more. The bedroom is given an attractive pink convertible bed, a reorganized closet, a child-safe toy box, lamps, and even Hello Kitty on the wall.moreless
    • The Clutter Brothers
      Ashton and Quinn Hemmons are two brothers who are freaking out their mother Tina with their cluttered bedroom and hang-out room. The bedroom is packed with sporting gear, old videos and even has blood on the ceiling, while the hang-out room is packed with pictures of lighthouses, clothing and even a life-sized Tigger. Things work a little differently today as Peter works with Tina to get these two brothers in order. They're given systems for organizing their clothes and their video collection is put through the ringer. They even spend some time in the Clean Sweep penalty box as Peter tries to instill in them some respect for their mother. Angelo Surmelis gets to work creating rooms that work for everyone. The hangout room is made into a guest room / lounging area that includes a guest bed, new lighting, magazine holders, a desk, bookcases and more. The bedroom is given a new armoire, an entertainment area, a computer desk and even a CD and DVD player and sound system, courtesy of Clean Sweep.moreless
    • Going, Going, Gone!
      Scott and Kent are living together and work as make-up and hair artists. They spend a lot of time in their bedroom and living room on the second floor of their condo, but the spaces have gotten a bit of control. The bedroom is littered with clothing, magazines and knick-knacks such as twirling sticks and South African relics. The living room contains even more odd clothing and oddities such as a strange scooter and a jeweled hula hoop. Peter helps Kent and Scott to navigate this mess, thinning through their clothes, setting up a system for the mammoth amount of magazines and putting in place systems for organization. Kelli redesigns the bedroom and living room as spaces suitable for Kent and Scotts' needs. The bedroom is painted with dark but comfortable tones, draped with fabric and given wicker baskets, an armoire, sconces, lighting and candles. The living room is redesigned with the fireplace and mantle as focal points. There's more fabric, bamboo containers and another armoire.moreless
    • The Great T-Shirt Purge
      Mike and Brett have been living together for two years, but because of Mike's promotional business, their home is something like an 80 / 20 space arrangement. The master bedroom has been taken over by endless amounts of clothing, particularly t-shirts. It's so bad that even the floor is completely covered. The home office is packed with numerous pairs of shoes, books and even an old easter basket with no home. In this episode, Peter focuses on purging such that the spaces are made into more of an equal share. Although Mike and Brett are very reluctant, they find that they have large amounts of stuff taking up space that they didn't even know they still had. Designer Molly Luetkemyer zones in on creating rooms that are just right for their needs. The master bedroom is given a zen feel with new storage dressers, candles, fabric, shoe storage and baskets. The home office is made amazingly functional with a black chalkboard stripe, a huge and glowing desk, a merchandise showcase, seating area and bright yellow filing cabinet.moreless
    • When Family Gets Messy
      Donna and Andrea are living together with a thirteen year old girl named Tyler. They're facing two big clutter problems --- a family room packed with video tapes, boxes and bad feelings and Tyler's room which is loaded with stuff that isn't even hers, such as old clothes from the '70s and '80s. As Peter helps them to let go of this outdated mess, Molly Luetkemeyer does the redesign of the rooms. Peter works through clutter such as five racks of clothing and over 1,500 videotapes. The den is redesigned with better use of the built-in racks, a TV table, curtains, a workbench / desk system, baskets and much more. The bedroom is completely made over with a street-art headboard of Tyler's name, new bedding, bookcases and a reorganized closet.moreless
    • Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go!
      Lendell and Eboni Butler are a mother and daughter who have packed their master bedroom and living room such that they no longer function. They have five people living in their home, but no room for any of them --- what with the books, videos, DVDs, camping gear, games, clothing and other massive amounts of stuff packed in their spaces. Peter gets to work with them and they show impressive tendencies immediately --- starting with a nice initial sell-pile and revealing some great organizational habits. Despite their initial fears, Peter helps them to cut much of their clutter, including an overly-large amount of shoes, by two-thirds. Angelo Surmelis redesigns the rooms into exactly the types of areas they want. The family room is given several purposes, with a huge entertainment center, a new bookcase, photo boxes, a dining area and much more. Lendell's bedroom is redesigned with comfortable whites and blues, color-coded closet storage, a new bedframe and fabric, a seating area, lamps and even another small entertainment center.moreless
    • Sewing the Seeds of Organization
      David and Stephanye Strider have been married for twenty years and have two girls who are 14 and 16. Their clutter problems include the "black hole" --- a basement filled with a baby crib, wrapping paper, paint and more, as well as a sewing room loaded with thimbles, books, sewing projects and other items. They've tried to organize, but they just have so much stuff that it's become overwhelming. Peter shows them how to deal, while designer James Saavedra gets on with the rework of the rooms. Peter and the homeowners get the clutter down by over 60% and discover some neat sentimental items in the process. At one point, Peter even compliments Stephanye on a christening gown display she created herself. The basement goes from a cluttered dingy area with rats to a bright, energetic space with red and and aqua colors. There's a new screen, plexiglass wall, lounge chairs, carpeting, storage bins and more. The sewing room is also made into a part-office, with a new bookcase, fabric, a display for the thimbles, a U-shaped workstation and other neat design perks.moreless
    • Experiments Gone Wild
      Wendy and Geoff have been married for five years and have set up what be harmonious, family-suitable home. However, the living room is piled with couches, blocks of glass, exercise equipment and much more. The office is possibly even worse with chairs everywhere, an unusable idea board and so much clutter that Geoff can barely reach the mouse to use the computer. The junk is hauled out and team gets to work straightaway on sorting out this mess. As Tava and Peter work to eliminate the clutter, they discover Wendy's fixation with home-improvement projects, which she sometimes has as many as twelve running at any one time. After some sensible discussion, Peter talks her down to three or four and helps this couple to eliminate over 50% of their clutter --- a task they initially thought would be impossible. Angelo Surmelis brings in creative design ideas that work with Wendy and Geoff's fun and wacky tastes. The office is given a feeling of purpose and creativity, with Manhattan-skyline stripes, new desks, fabric, storage bins and an armoire. The family room features new plants, a bookcase, side tables, an overall fun look and even a special area for Wendy and Geoffs' creatively named pet turtle --- Turtle.moreless
    • Tools for Organization
      Nickie Mordridge and Dan Steigel are married with kids and each have their own separate clutter problem. The bedroom is mostly Nickie's mess, with clothes everywhere, an ironing board right in the middle of the floor, exercise equipment and more. The garage is so bad that there's no room to walk, let alone park a car --- it's packed with sporting equipment, sports cards, painting materials, bikes, tools and more. After this stuff is all hauled out, Peter gets these two started on a huge purge. Although Nickie is at first very reluctant to get rid of clothing, he soon has her pitching one item for every two that she keeps. Dan's tools are sorted through and all that are redundant or broken leave the house forever. Molly Luetkemyer redesigns both areas into delightful new spaces. The garage is given a bright new look with several functional areas and plenty of room to park the car. The bedroom receives new dresser drawers, bedding, fabric and a completely redesigned closet system.moreless
    • The Clean Sweep Awards: The Best of the Messed
      Host Tava Smiley and organizer Peter Walsh host the first-ever special episode presenting the best Clean Sweep moments of 2004. Included are montages, favorite moments of the team-members and categories in which the viewers can vote including: Most Cluttered Room Most Unusual Item Most Bickering Family Toughest Customer Designers' Nominated Rooms Most Ingenious Organizational Design Most Outrageous Sort Moment Best Competition Moment Most Touching Sort Moment Most Complicated Build Most Unusual Build Most Enthusiastic Family Most Dramatic Before & Aftermoreless
    • Bringin' It All Into Focus
      Ali and Neda are happily married and have two girls, Narges and Camia. They've been in their home for a long time and unfortunately it's just become completely overloaded. The playroom and guest room / office are both packed with photos, while the playroom also has a lot of toys and old art projects and the guest room / office is loaded with bags, papers and other materials. Molly comes in with some designs that she say will need faith, while Peter gets to work on the organizing. He shows Ali and Neda how to part with their clutter, while also being amazed by some of their own good organizing habits. The office / guest room is redone with new photo storage and rugs, a "dimensional" desk, serene green coloring, a bookcase for a photo storage and a refurbished bed. It's so good that Ali and Neda say they want to move out of their current master bedroom. The playroom is turned into a girl's dream with a stage, TV caddy, fabic and curtains, rolling toyboxes and much more.moreless
    • Cure for Clutter
      Cure for Clutter
      Episode 19
      Kate and Duffy Fanginello met when they were 12 years old and now have a 4 year old daughter, Phoebe. They run a fish business out of their home, but their spaces aren't helping their business or them. Their living room / family entertainment area is packed with clothes, mats on the wall, exercise equipment, toys and more. Their dining room has even more clothes, piles of papers, unused dishes and an assortment of other items not conducive to dining. Peter helps them to sort through a lot of this clutter, memorializing certain moments at which they let go of things that have trapped them in the past. There's even a ceremonial burning to mark Duffy's freedom from cancer. As they and Peter handle that, James Saavedra redesigns the rooms. The dining room is given a sea theme with colors to match, new lighting, bamboo shades, table settings and more. The living room is given a new bookcase, sliding screens, coffee tables, shoe cubby and cabinets.moreless
    • Hanging On and Letting Go
      Bill and Audrey Nan have been married for 17 years and have two children, Alexa and Jonathan. They've wanted to work on their bedroom and den /office, but their back problems have kept them from doing so. Now the bedroom is filled with clutter including an old guitar and the den / office is filled with books, collectibles, an unused exercise machine and more. The Clean Sweep team has come to rescue them. Though there's a lot they're willing to get rid of right away, some decisions are harder than others. Peter Walsh helps them to sift through the collectibles and other prized items to keep only what they really want and need. Angelo Surmelis does the redesign of the rooms. The bedroom is given new closet space, light and shoe boxes, a tie rack and plants. The den / office is radically redesigned with a new desk, family area, dark wood bookcase, trophy case and more.moreless
    • Goin' to the Chapel of Clutter
      Jamie and Jon Sarshay are adults with little room to work who have kids with little room to play. They've been married for twelve years and love their boys Danny and Alec, but don't love their playroom that's filled with boxes, toys, books and more or their workshop with more books, old wedding dresses and various gifts. Jamie has an admitted problem with gifts and Peter works with her to see that it's becoming suffocating and that there's no shame in giving up the gifts. He cuts the clutter down to a very manageable size, while Angelo Surmelis gets to work on the rooms. The workroom is greatly redesigned with wheeled carts, a new desk, and a gift-wrapping area. The playroom is both functional and fun with a computer area, costuming station, couch and chairs.moreless
    • Yours, Mine & Finally Ours
      Gary Morton and Jennifer Bailey have gotten married, creating an unholy union of clutter. Now all of Gary's stuff has been added to twenty years worth of Jennifer's clutter and it's just too much for them to deal with. Their family room is packed full with an insane amount of videotapes and other clutter, while the rec room is more like a "wreck" room with boxes packed from floor to ceiling. Peter Walsh comes in to help them organize and in many cases simply sell or chuck a lot of stuff that they just couldn't get to so they could lose it. There are some heirlooms of interest, which manage to work their way into the rooms. Angelo Surmelis quickly gets to work on getting these rooms back to their purposes. The family room is sectionalized with a new entertainment center, cabinets, desks for both Gary and Jennifer, baskets and photo boxes. Since Gary and Jennifer love wine, the rec room is given a brand-new brewery, as well as table box cubses, a couch and chairs, storage boxes and bookends.moreless
    • Rec Room Rescue
      Rec Room Rescue
      Episode 15
      Matt and Chelsea have lost control of their basement rec room and their master bedroom. It all started when they took in Matt's nephew and now the clutter is out of control. The master bedroom is piled with kids' toys, clothing, office stuff and more. The rec room is an absolute disaster with an upside-down unused foosball table, stuffed animals, clothing and much more. Peter goes through it all with Matt and Chelsea, showing them that a lot of it is stuff that they aren't even truly attached to. They take a hard look at it and sell and get rid of a lot, making good use of what's left. Molly Luetkemeyer works on a complete revamp of the two spaces. The rec room is given a new entertainment center, bookcase, eleven foot desk, doggy bed and refurbished closet. The foosball is made into a duel purpose foosball and ironing table. In one of the best bedroom transformations ever, the master bedroom is given new plants, fabiric, dressers, tables, shoe caddies, storage containers, and a new position for the bed.moreless
    • Sports of All Sorts
      Karen and Trevor met sixteen years ago and have been married now for four years. Ever since, they've been letting clutter take over their lives, particularly sports equipment and memorabilia, since they are both huge sports buffs. Their bedroom is loaded with sports equipment, magazines vases, an old bedframe and other stuff that really doesn't belong in a place where you sleep. Their office / guestroom has books, pillows, golf balls, many more sporting items and an unwieldy amount of old boxes. After clearing all of the stuff out of the rooms, Peter helps the couple to let go of the stuff they don't need or want and take better care of what they do. He organizes some games to cut down the clutter and shows them how to properly honor their favorite sports mementos. Molly Luetkemeyer gets to work on the redesign of the rooms. The office / guestroom is given an electric blue color with displays for the sports memorabilia, comfortable bedding, a new futon, a "nautical" storage chest and a fantastic new cabinet. The master bedroom is given a nice bed, attractive lamps, new bookshelves, a bright red coloring and a brand-new entertainment unit, courtesy of carpenter Eric Stromer.moreless
    • One Stormy Sort
      One Stormy Sort
      Episode 13
      A bedroom and guest room have become dusty and hairy for Michael and Lindsey. They and the Clean Sweep team must fight the weather to redesign the rooms and dig them out.
    • You've Got a Friend in Clean Sweep
      Karen and John Corsi have been married for four years and have two sons, Drew and Nick. Their backyard is also a hangout for their nephews, but unfortunately, the inside of their home isn't as appealing, with their crowded basement guest room (which has never had a guest) and joyless playroom. The guest room is filled mostly with clothing but also unused shower doors, an old tutu and more, while the playroom is loaded with boxes, sporting equipment, futons and even a broken vacuum. Fortunately, designer Molly Luetkemeyer is there to transform the rooms to their intended purposes, while Peter Walsh sees to it that the clutter is sent away. After a fairly nice initial sort, the Keep pile somehow seems to grow still bigger. Peter helps John and Karen to examine just what it is they're hanging on to and make the necessary decisions about what they're actually needing and using vs. what can leave the house forever. In the end, Molly creates two impressive rooms. The guest room is given a sunny yellow look with an open closet, plate and tutu display and a focus on the nice, large bed. The playroom is given a sporty theme with basketball nets for toy storage, a child-safe handrail, comfortable chairs and attractive walls with poster displays and colorful stripes that draw the eyes.moreless
    • Lord & Lady Mess-A-Lot
      Bill and Victoria met at a play and have been living in their current home for six years. Their living room is filled with "everything" as they say, boxes, kitchen canisters and even a shovel, while their dining room has knick-knacks, plants, more boxes and even power tools. After Peter takes a moment with them to consider just how much stuff was in the rooms, he starts getting to the heart of what's causing the clutter problem. He finds that Victoria has sentimental family associations with much of the clutter, but helps her to see that it can't all fit and she isn't taking Bill's needs into account. Designer James Saavedra gets to work on the rooms. He has bold plans for a dark, rich color in the living room, but gets some help from Peter on an organizational painting tip that will help to make the bookcases "pop." The living room also features a platform bench and horizontal shelving. The living room is given a chandelier, attractive candles, fabic and displays Victoria and Bills' silver collection.moreless
    • Escape from Magazine Mountain
      Irene and Kyle are trapped in the clutter that has come into their lives from the various comings and goings of their kids, not to mention some of their own. Their guest room also doubles as a storage room, but with a treadmill on top of a broken chair and poor lighting, it's hard to do any of that. The master bedroom definitely isn't a place to sleep, with its unused couch, sheets covering the windows, magazines, clothing, trophies and furniture. Peter Walsh is in to see that things are cut down to a reasonable level. For the most part, the purging goes well, although there are a few sentimental items that require some emotional discussion. Molly Luetkemeyer does the redesign of the rooms, focusing on getting them back to being workable for their purposes. The master bedroom is remade with fabric covering the mirrors, side cabinets for the large magazine collections and walls in the color of African violets - Irene's favorite. The guestroom / storage room is given new lantern lighting, a storage cabinet, adjustable shelving and comfortable accommodations for guests.moreless
    • Taming the Wild Clutter-bugs
      Paul and Sherilyn Jackson have been married for thirteen years and enjoy pasttimes such as collecting television memorabilia and cooking. Unfortunately, their office and garage have become so cluttered that it's hard for them work, let alone have any fun. The garage is filled with sporting equipment and even a pile of rocks, while the office is overrun with books, papers and boxes. The homeowners set to work on the clutter, where for the most part, they turn out to be the ideal purgers. Although there is some debate with Paul over his piles of television scripts and other memorabilia, the two for the most part seem to understand that things have to change. A conversation with Sherilyn reveals that she just didn't know where to get started, but had a breakthrough and decided to call after seeing an episode of the show on TV. Meanwhile, designer Kelli Ellis sets to work on the redesign of the rooms. The office is given a new bookshelf, a lazy Susan, an add-on to the desk, a memo-board and a swiveling TV display. The garage is completely redone with four separate zones for laundry, gardening, exercise and storage space. There are even special displays for Paul's television items.moreless
    • The Few, The Proud, The Unorganized
      Edward and Teresa Wyatt are married and have two sons: William and Eddie. Their office is filled with papers and bills, cleaning products and more, while they have another room that's actually just a spare room. It's piled with craft stuff, a Darth Vader head, items from Edward's marine days and many other things that just didn't have any other place. While the rooms undergo radical transformations, organizer Peter Walsh helps the couple to change their ways. At first, Teresa seems to want to get rid of nothing, but Peter teaches her about how to set values of importance, also noting that habits both good and bad regarding organization will rub off on the kids. Angelo Surmelis gets to work on the redesign, with both rooms gaining new purposes. The spare room is transformed into an office, craft room and laundry room, while the old office is transformed into a room for the boys. The boys' room features L-shaped displays for books and toys, blue stripes, an open closet and a loft /twin bed. In the other room, the three functions are all given clearly defined areas with a new desk, picture and collectible displays and even a refurbished lamp of Edward's.moreless
    • Monster Sized Mess
      Al and Leah Moreno have been married for fourteen years and have three sons Ryan, Nick, and Wyatt. They enjoy pastimes such as video-gaming and watching movies when they're not working, but their cluttered office and family room really aren't ideal for either. The office is filled with papers and mementos, while the family room is loaded with unfinished scrapbooking projects, a coffeemaker, laundy materials, toys and more. The homeowners and Peter get to work on this stuff, so that Angelo Surmelis can go to work redesigning the rooms. Leah and Peter play fashion police as Al pares down his huge amount of clothes and the homeowners play rock-paper-scissors with Peter for various memorabilia. Peter also helps Al to take a look at his past in the LAPD police force and honor it in a meaningful way. The family room is remodeled with a loveseat / bed, toy baskets, an ironing / laundry table, an area for television viewing and plenty of storage. The office is made functional with a scrapbooking area, displays for Al's police memorabilia, storage cubes and an attractive exposed closet.moreless
    • So Many Shoes, So Little Time
      Cynthia and Frazier Watts are running into some major issues with their living room and master bedroom. The living room is piled with books, photos and toys, while the master bedroom is like a giant closet, with clothes and shoes everywhere. Peter Walsh tries to help with the clutter, particularly the clothing problem, but it seems like a big battle with Frazier. It takes some serious work to get him to purge and to see that things can't continue as they are. Even then, it seems as if perhaps he's still not fully convinced, but at least has the fear of Peter in him. James Saavedra gets to work on the redesign of the rooms. The living room is given a new workspace for Frazier, ottomans with toy storage, a grand new entertainment center and an armoire. The bedroom is given a new headboard, chests and a chair, plenty of clothing storage and soft colors to create a beautiful spa feeling.moreless
    • Bye-Bye Bird House
      Heeman and Jenny Wong have been married for five years and have an eighteen-month old son named Joshua. Their Mom sometimes comes to stay over in their office / guestroom / craft room, but it's so overloaded with old files, craft materials and other clutter that it's not inviting at all. Their master bedroom is no place to sleep, as it's complete with a flooded closet, ab roller, and hideous chicken mask. While Peter Walsh is in to tackle the clutter, new designer Kelli Ellis does the makeover of the rooms. Peter gets right to work after the initial Tava sort produces a huge Keep pile. He helps Heeman and Jenny to see the value of family and how their huge piles of clutter are interfering with their family life. The office is redone with a new desk build, foldp-out bed and organized closet space, while the bedroom is made over with frosted glass windows for one of the closets, refurbished stands and attractive lighting.moreless
    • Zero to Organized in 48 Hours
      Jim and Bonnie have been married for ten years, have a five year old son named James and moved into their home two years ago. They're ready to have it clean sweeped because in that short amount of time they've managed to clutter their dining room full of things such as boxes, a jukebox and Christmas ornaments, while their craft room includes unneeded furniture and a bulky Bowflex machine. After taking care of a few things in the initial sort, Peter Walsh comes in to help them really get down to business. He helps them, particularly Jim, to appreciate that although sometimes items evoke important memories, its the memories themselves that are really important. Together he and the homeowners find ways to honor the things they have so that the rooms will be the best they can. Angelo Surmelis works with the help of carpenter Eric Stromer to redesign the rooms. The dining room is rather small but still manages to feature crown molding, special displays for family photos, an elegant dining table and even a mobile homework caddy designed by Eric for James. The craft room is reworked to also accommodate guests and includes a Japanese Shoji screen for the closet, more attractive photo displays, a new coffee table and a special folding crafting table.moreless
    • Live and Let Go
      Live and Let Go
      Episode 3
      Richard and Ellyn have been married for a wonderful 21 years, but things aren't so wonderful in their cluttered home. Their office and bedroom have become overloaded with gym equipment, an insane amount of videotapes, books, garbage and other stuff that organizer Peter Walsh can only describe as scary things. He convinces them that much of it must go - including a special item of Ellyn's that represented freedom to her and will now go to someone who needs it much more. Peter also works with Richard, quizzing him and reducing his large collection of James Bond videos and other collectibles. With the clutter out of the rooms, designer Molly Luetkemeyer puts in place her creative vision for the rooms. The office is remodeled with a light blue colored and a dark brown stripe, sort of James Bond theme. New additions include an l-shaped desk with three drawers and video-tape storage, a closet area with four filing cabinets, a high-level viewing station, and comfortable fabric. The bedroom features a view of the garden, comfortable lighting, colorful valances and a TV cabinet unit.moreless
    • Everyday is Like Christmas
      "If every day could be Christmas." It's a sweet sentiment, but not when Christmas memorabilia is taking over your home. That, old books, furniture, tools and more have taken over Daphne and Steven Duncans' living room and dining room. They've been married ten years and have three kids - Stephanie, Jade and Joshua. They've been so busy and things have gotten so cluttered that it's simply overwhelmed them - until now. Peter goes through and shows them that they can get along without most of the things that have been in their rooms. When he's done, they're able to sell almost all of it in a Christmas-themed yard sale. Meanwhile, Molly has grand plans to go along with some of the grand furniture they've purchase. The dining room features an elegant table, lighting, and pictures from their wedding. The living room is given a Moroccan theme with beautiful curtains, an l-shaped sofa and quasi-library.moreless
    • Tackling the Toys
      Charles and Sunny Tsai have been married for ten years and have two sons: Matthew and Christopher. They moved into their home a few years ago and since then, their master bedroom and living room have become cluttered with toys, unused clothing, family heirlooms and more. Chief among them is a giant stuffed bear that's simply so large that it has no place in the new rooms. Peter helps this couple to let go of the things that aren't working or needed anymore. Angelo redesigns the living room into a more adult space with an armoire and roll-out storage. The bedroom is refashioned into a romantic space with fancy furniture such as a credenza.moreless
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