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  • Will the "Clean Sweep " back on the program ??? in W network.

    The program is the best that I ever seen and Loved it !!!
    I kept checking and surprised It is no loner. I missed to watch. It is a great highlights for me to learn. Please come back.... I cannot forget this. It was the best .. program I sorely miss the program ..Will it be back ? Will they make new show in Clean Sweep more exciting?? Please come back ...... come back ... i bet that they will love it. my sister mentioned about tarp.. i never forget it it is neat... come back please i pray... u come back Gwen
  • Bring back the show that helped people face the clutter in their lives and their homes.

    Please bring back one of TLC's best shows ever. It is rare that a show - especially about decor - not only helps redo the home, but addresses the reason there is a problem. This show was tons better than most of the shows currently on. Why was it taken off? My guess is that it was taken off because it was on too often. Why does TLC run their shows to death until people get tired of watching them? If you take a look at the schedule you'll see the same few shows over and over. Bring back the best show and the best crew. And stop killing the good shows that are on now by running them too often.
  • A good show that showed us that cluttered homes makes cluttered minds.

    I don't know what the previous reviewer was talking about. The show has been off the air for three years. Maybe she's talking about that lame show called "Clean House." This show was called "Clean Sweep" and i loved it. My wife and I have followed the rule of "get hold of the clutter and take hold of your lives." We not only de-cluttered the house we bought furniture that's a bit more stream lined and modern and did away with the over stuffed sofas and chairs. We still have as much seating but now the rooms feel bigger and guests are more comfortable.
  • Because of the appauling behaviour of this "producer" when we attended the taping we will never watch this potentially good show again!

    Hi folks
    Today my children and I went to support our friend and the show by showing up at her home for the sale. We were warned in advance about the nasty producer that was there. When we got there with our Corgi, Dash she rudely came up to us tellin us we couldn't have him there. No problem. We'll keep him leashed by the street as we shop. As I spoke to my friend who bought a table Dash peed on it. Mea Culpa! Sure that's not good but there was no excuse for the nasty display of anger that followed in front of adults and children alike. The peed on table owner and myself kept telling her to stop yelling and stop being so disrespectful but she didn't quit. As I went to round up my children her own staff was commenting on how unprofessional that display was! When we went to leave she made some wise crack to my back and her two camera guys standing with her were snickering. Hey it's only a few of us that won't watch the show again but it's a start. Man what a joke!
  • This show has taught us a lot about how to declutter. We did a "Clean Sweep" on our 3 girls not to long ago and managed to sweep out 1/3 of thier stuff.

    This show has taught us a lot about how to declutter. We did a "Clean Sweep" on our 3 girls not to long ago and managed to sweep out 1/3 of thier stuff. It would have been more but our time was limited. Trying to work this with 3 girls who want to keep even the garbage is hard. I wish this show was still on so that I could learn even more. We are still working on the rest of the house, but it would be easier if we had someone to guide us in getting it done quickly.
  • TLC will be responsible for dirty and disorganized houses all across America if they do not bring back Peter Walsh and Clean Sweep.

    Please bring back Clean Sweep!! Peter is my inspiration. If my house gets disorganized, it will be TLC's fault. I know TLC would not want to have this on their conscience.

    I emailed Peter and he had me on his radio show. He was responsible for our middle school receiving $300 gift certificates from Office Max so I can help the students organize their lockers.

    What is the reason for the television show's cancellation? It can't be because all of the houses in the world are finally clean and organized! You couldn't have run out of ideas! It couldn't be because of Peter and his team!!

    Please bring back Clean Sweep! America needs this show!
  • A host, a designer, an organizer and a handyman take over 2 rooms in messy houses.

    I so miss this show! It really went for the "letting go" of 'stuff" much more than other organizational shows do. The crew would come to a house, clear out two rooms and make the owners sort throught them all. The system of "Keep" "Toss" and "Sell" is a brilliant one that I still use today! Hosts Stacey and Tava (different seasons) are perky without being obnoxious. Peter, the organizer is a pro at helping people to let go of even the most sentimental of things. The rooms are well done at the end and provide good guides for those of us at home that need a bit of help. I have no idea why TLC doesn't produce this show anymore, it was a great addition to it's line up.
  • Please bring Clean Sweep back. I love the show..

    I love clean sweep...wish they would bring it back...there was nothing like that show...I know some homes that need their help...I do not know why they took it off the air...Wonder what happen to the people on the show...I loved all of them..I couldnt wait till it came on...I would even watch reruns of never see any of them on either...I have looked for the reruns but cant find them..Does any one know where you can see the reruns of Clean Sweep?....My daughter and I would either watch it or record it if we were not going to be home ...I miss it so much...bring it back please
  • Peter Walsh, we miss you!

    Peter Walsh is the all-time best organizer because he fixed the "problem", not just the clutter! Yesterday I saw a refun and realized how much I miss his talent...Clean House falls way short in this category. Also, Eric is so much fun to watch and must be equally fun to work with. I love his new show but I really miss him on Clean Sweep.

    PLEASE bring back this show and use Mark Brunetz as the designer. You would have an ALL STAR cast and the best TV show ever. Oh, yes, and Niecy would be the host and yard sale diva!! (Sorry, Niecy, but you can get your nails done AFTER the clutter is sold!!)
  • Great show... exposing America's obsession with "stuff."

    The show was perhaps ahead of its time and taken off the air too soon. TLC never promoted the show but the network continues to run daily episodes. Most of the key players have gone on to bigger television, including organizer Peter Walsh (Oprah), designer Angelo Surmelis (HGTV), host Tava Smiley (HGTV), and carpenter Eric Stromer (HGTV).
  • I really like this show because of the personal help these people seem to receive from having a small part of their life organized. It is wonderful to see something so positive happenng in the lives of ordinary people. It's also has good decorating!

    I recommend this show for people who have absolute clutter hindering their lifestyle in any way. It will give them both the courage and the incentive to tackle a very real problem that exists in the lives of most households today. The home should be a haven from life outside of those four walls. But unfortunately outside influences hinder us from protecting, valuing and cherishing our personal spaces like we should. Getting back to the family and what's important is showcased very well in this show without being condensending or finger pointing, thus helping people get back on track positively.
  • I really enjoy this show. The group shows how to get rid of clutter and organise your home, and have fun doing it. How to use stuff things you really like thats just been store away.

    I love the interaction between the people. They make me laugh and think of maybe what I could get rid of in my house. They come up with so many good ideas to decorate and store things. Peter can really talk people out of their useless stuff, I could really use his help to clean swipe my house. The furniture they build make me wish I could build like they do. Tava is good with the yard sales, pricing things and encourage people to sell their things to keep their special items and customers to buy stuff. Eric is a wonderful carpenter, he makes building things look easy. The things he builds are wonderful, they look nice and are use ful too. Most of the designers have good ideas, but I don't like all the red they use on walls of some places, some of the rooms look darker than I like, and the use of some colors together. But everyone has different taste! We also get to see how much things would cost if you could do it yourself.
  • i think that you are great you make people relize that they need some of ther things thrown away i also think that by helping them with cluter your helping them with ther health. i tryed taking my moms house on but iam out of my leage please help

    i like the fact that you make the owner chose what they give up. i was also asking you for help with my moms house or a sight to go to get help this women is a big pack rat since 1986 please help me. i will also love ideas
  • I love this show!

    It has helped me rid myself of so much clutter! I also really enjoy seeing how to transform a room from a complete disaster area to a beautiful and totally uncluttered serene place. The host can be a little too perky and annoying, but I love when I catch an eye roll or two toward her!
  • a great tv show that i watch everyday.

    Clean Sweep is giving me tips on how to do my cleanings at homes, how to reorginazed my rooms, and how to orginaze my stuff, great show with alot of tips giving, i wish you would come here and do all the house for me or for my family. A show that im watching all the time.
  • I like Peter best!

    I wish they would come to my house and redo my entire room, the place is downright frightening! But I would rather have Peter come because he'd help hubby see that all of the stuff he is holding onto is nothing more than STUFF and CLUTTER!

    Boy to have access to that room would rock! I would cry actual tears if this show went bye bye!
  • I am a single divorced woman and would love to be on your show but it seems that you need 2 people living in the same place. !

    I want to retire and work on the full size carousel horse I am carving as well as continuing to do my portraits. I would love to have your help to set up an organized area to be productive.
    I think you should do some shows about moble homes to show how they can be creatively changed.
  • Thanks to this show, my house is emptier.

    After watching this show, last summer we hired a dumpster, had a yard sale, and gave away car loads to charity.

    My house was never as bad as the participants on this show get, but it is a cautionary tale. If you don't fix it now, you will regret it - possibly on national television.

    The finished rooms are often hideous, but the organization is always top notch. Though the show lately trends towards pshycho-drama, the basic principles are sound. Peter is amazing at getting people to get rid of their crap.

    If they would just get rid of the whole contest during the yard sale, spend less time with the carpenter, and get rid of a hideous rug once in awhile this would have a 10 from me.
  • This show is way ahead of its time. People love to look into others "disorganized homes" to feel better about themselves, and watch the extreme resolution of the transformations.

    Clean Sweep is funny, educational and heart warming all at the same time. The show gives you a "reality check" that life can get out of control and turn your world upside down.

    The amount of shame that goes with "exposing” oneself to the ridicule of the public has to be tremendous. The homeowners areto be commended for this.

    This show offers a lot of great tips on organizing and thinking “out of the box”.

    On Trash Can Crazy, episode #237, Angelo took a small unattractive closet and turned it into a 6-foot walk in closet by adding two joining walls. Clever idea.

    Peter took a mound full of scrap booking supplies and helped the homeowner condense her inventory to make it a manageable business. (An overwhelming process for the homeowner, that couldn’t see past the clutter.)

    The hosts of the show set the tone and kept the show upbeat. Tava Smiley is a breathe of fresh air. She is humorous, cute and sympathetic to the homeowners.

    Peter Walsh did a great job with keeping the homeowners focused and diligent with getting rid of their clutter.
    This would be a great show to take to DVD.