Clean Sweep

TLC (ended 2005)


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  • Because of the appauling behaviour of this "producer" when we attended the taping we will never watch this potentially good show again!

    Hi folks
    Today my children and I went to support our friend and the show by showing up at her home for the sale. We were warned in advance about the nasty producer that was there. When we got there with our Corgi, Dash she rudely came up to us tellin us we couldn't have him there. No problem. We'll keep him leashed by the street as we shop. As I spoke to my friend who bought a table Dash peed on it. Mea Culpa! Sure that's not good but there was no excuse for the nasty display of anger that followed in front of adults and children alike. The peed on table owner and myself kept telling her to stop yelling and stop being so disrespectful but she didn't quit. As I went to round up my children her own staff was commenting on how unprofessional that display was! When we went to leave she made some wise crack to my back and her two camera guys standing with her were snickering. Hey it's only a few of us that won't watch the show again but it's a start. Man what a joke!
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