Cleopatra 2525

Season 2 Episode 13

Noir or Never

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Drack, a handsome yet menacing looking character who works for the Bureau of Health, chases two men through a level. One of the men escapes down a shaft, but Drack shoots the other with his weapon and brings him back to the Bureau, where he is taken to the incinerator room. Drack is approached by his boss Tooley and refuses to take the decon-injection that Tooley wants to give him. Tooley then gives Drack a data card and assigns him to track down another "thaw," a person defrosted from long deep freeze. Drack goes to a cryogenics lab and orders Cat Man to run the data card. The person Drack is looking for is Cleopatra. Before he leaves, Drack observes the lab's surveillance tapes to see who thawed Cleopatra.
Meanwhile in Mauser's lab, Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra try to track the whereabouts of Marcus, a Team Leader who has disappeared. Mauser traces the coordinates of Marcus' last communication with Voice. Hel and Sarge go to that locale and Cleopatra goes to a nearby bar to see if she can dig up any information.
Later, Hel and Sarge are attacked by two men who originally offer their help to find Marcus. One of the guys escapes, but Sarge takes the other out with her gauntlet. As they search him for I.D., Hel finds a series of red injection marks on his arm, which concerns her.
Meanwhile at the karaoke bar, Cleopatra sings "I Get A Kick Out Of You" for Drack, who becomes completely mesmerized by her. Nonetheless, Drack trains his weapon on her under the table. Suddenly, Drack is hit from behind by the "thaw" who escaped from him earlier. A fight ensues, but Cleopatra knocks the "thaw" unconscious with a bar stool.
Tooley and some Bureau of Health drones enter the club and Drack tells Cleopatra to leave immediately. He again refuses to take the decon-injection from Tooley and tells him that he has no leads on the female "thaw."
Meanwhile, Hel and Sarge pay a visit to Sluggo and find that he has possession of Marcus' gauntlets and a satchel of his personal items. They return to Mauser's lab with Marcus' belongings and meet up with Cleopatra, who recounts what happened at the club. Hel tells Cleopatra that the Bureau of Health, once an important safety organization for the Underworld, has become an overzealous group of crusaders and nobody knows what they're really up to now, considering there hasn't been a health epidemic in over fifty years.
Cleopatra returns to the club to see if Drack is still there so she can pump him for information. Upon her arrival, she is thrilled to see him. Sparks fly between the two and Cleopatra returns to the lab. When she enters, security alarms blare and Mauser finds a tracking device on Cleopatra's dress.
The team leaves the lab and Drack soon turns up, but is surprised when he discovers that Cleo isn't alone. He tells them that the Bureau is now going after and terminating "thaws" to prevent the outbreak of any 21st century epidemics because no one has the natural defenses to fight those illnesses any longer. Hel suggests they all go back to Mauser's lab so Mauser can create a vaccine from Cleopatra's immunities.
Hel and Sarge run ahead and as soon as Cleopatra and Drack are left alone, Tooley and his drones arrive. Tooley fires his weapon at Cleopatra and she falls to the ground, and Drack is knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Hel and Sarge realize that Marcus must have been a "thaw" as well, and Sarge notices through Drack's tracking device that Cleopatra has stopped moving. The two take off to go find their friend.
Later, Cleopatra and Drack wake up in the Bureau and Tooley takes them to the incinerator room, which is actually a lab. The bodies of many "thaws," including that of Marcus, are suspended from the ceiling and Tooley, now playing the role of mad scientist, tells them that he's genetically engineering a plague and its vaccine. Drack helps Cleopatra escape with the canister containing the disease and Tooley and his drones take off after her. Cleopatra, Tooley, Drack, Hel and Sarge all converge at the club where Drack and Cleopatra met, and Tooley, in spite of having a force shield that will keep out modern weapons is shot by Marcus' 20th century slugthrower and apprehended. Later, Mauser begins to create a vaccine from Cleopatra's immunities. Drack visits Cleo and asks her to come away with him but she says her place is with the Team. However, she doesn't have to be with them all the time, and the two go out for a date.