Cleopatra 2525

(ended 2001)


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  • What Happens When You get 3 No-So-Sexy Girls and A Shitty Plot, You Get This!

    One of the Worst Sci-Fi movies I have ever seen in my 25 years.

    This show was beyond crap.

    It had no visable plot, No strong charaters, and the graphics where laughable.

    I don't know what kind of desperate director would even make something like this?

    The only thing this series had going for it is that the girls were semi-good looking!
  • It may be cheesy, but it's tasty cheese.

    Man, I love this show. Why? I'm not exactly sure, but I suppose just because it's pure mindless fun.

    "Cleopatra 2525" is set in the year 2525. Mankind has been driven underground by alien-like robots called Baileys. In the pilot episode a young woman named Cleo wakes up. She was cryogenically frozen in the 20th century after a breast augmentation surgery went wrong and she didn't wake up. She joins up with two warrior women named Hel (played by the talented Gina Torres) and Sarge.

    As I said before, this show is a lot of fun. The cheesiness is acceptable because it's pretty much there on purpose. It doesn't try to be anything it's not, it's just there to entertain, and entertain it does. But the world it's set up is very intriguing and it's too bad it couldn't have been explored more.

    I think it would be awesome if a major network decided to recreate this show, with at least the three main stars and a bigger budget. This show would go well on Fridays after a week of school or work or whatever. A primetime show could offer some more character development and time and means to further explore the show's universe, but I know this will never happen.

    Fortunately "Cleopatra 2525" is now available on DVD, and I would suggest checking it out if you're a fan of sci-fi and lots of explosions.
  • I loved this show.

    This was such a good show that was under appricated. CBS had a series of shows in their Back2Back action that were only on for a very short time and then canceled. Unfortunatly these shows, which were very good, were never heard from again.

    It was a bit cheesy but just a fun show that was very different from other shows and did not get the chance to really take off.
  • Sliders Meets Baywatch

    Cleo2525 has some good writing to it, but I'm pretty sure that most of the people who watched it were in it for the leading ladies wardrobe (or lack, thereof). I also thought that the green screen was used a bit excessively, although I'm not completely surprised given the premise of the show. I def gotta give Cleo props for originality of it's gadgetry and initial idea. It got me thinking, 'dude, what if that happened to me?'. But at the end of the day I gave the show a 6.5 because I think it relied more heavily on the cleavage than on its stories. the fact that the show didn't last two full seasons I'll defend because when it was on TV, the time slot changed so frequently I couldn't completely keep up.
    Bottom line: it's worth a look if you can catch a rerun or if you've seen everything else at Blockbuster, but wait until the price comes down on the DVD set before making a purchase.
  • I feel the problems with this show are with the writing and not the acting. The writers have given the actors nothing to build the character motivation.

    I feel the problems with this show are with the writing and not the acting. The writers have given the actors nothing to build the character motivation.

    The show is based on the plot that an exotic dancer is cryogenically frozen in 2001. She re-animated in the 26th century. At this time an army of robots in command of the planet and humans banished to a subterranean existence. In the first place it is a difficult task to write a character with that background that would make me care about her. The writers have made her shallow caring more about her looks than a moral cause. This maybe funny in the first episode but it is a character flaw. There is no reason shown why this swallow person should all of a sudden decide to help and save other people. She makes quotes from movies and famous people but has no life experience past or present that would make her suddenly into a hero. Yet, all of a sudden she is the moral voice for the trio.

    The trio, Cleo joins forces with her liberators, resistance fighters Helen, and Sarge. Both of these characters tease Cleo about her focus on her looks, while they are dressed provocatively. They may be talented fighters, but do not demonstrate strength of character. The characters are passionate but we do not know why. Background about them or their relationship to each other is not given. Well acted but poorly written.

    The problem with this show is that it does not develop characters that I can relate to or care about on any level. It is does not develop background for the characters that gives us reasons as to why they behave as they do. It is missing motivation for actions and character development.
  • Fun, Quirky, Exciting

    This was such a fun show, I love SciFi and I adore futuristic storylines. The wonderful thing about this show is that it's quirky and fun, as well as being adventurous. It has charming characters, and witty dialogue. The action is fast paced and the overall story is amazing. The characters were fantastic, and well hawt!!! The fact that humankind had been forced to live underground was exciting, it gave the show a whole new terrain to explore. The ending was phenomenal, with the revelation that George Bailey created the baileys to keep up the earth. Amazing story throughout, well written dialogue, and a fantastic ending. What a wonderfully fun little show!!!!
  • This show has it all- Hot chicks kicking @$$, interesting sci-fi plots, and for those of us who are fans of its Action Pack companions Xena and Hercules you get the same beautiful New Zealand as a backdrop. A little on the cheesy side, but still fun.

    This show is built around three beautiful and fun actresses, the seasoned Gina Torres (of Firefly/Serenity fame among others), the buff blonde Victoria Pratt (who went on to the show "Mutant X") and the young Jennifer Sky (who had a good run as Amarice on "Xena"). They handle action well, and their comic abilities are fantastic. The only thing not to like about this show is that a lot of the sets and props looked pretty low budget. They were a lot of fun when they first appeared as part of the Back 2 Back Action Hour (along with "Jack of All Trades"), but when their sister show went off the air they were required to change to an hour long format, and the comedy turned into drama which wasn't as well received. I personally enjoyed watching it for its connection to Xena and Hercules and amused myself by spotting the extras or bit players from those shows coming to the fore on Cleopatra 2525.
  • Run Cleo Run

    Amazing, a simply amazing show!

    A stripper goes into the surgeons for a boob job and wakes up 500 years in the future. Evil robots have taken over the earth and mankind lives underground in a giant labyrinth. Three women fight to save the planet while running around in silver and red metallic bikinis and bracelets that shoot spider webs and laser beams... Amazing. simply an amazing show.