Cleopatra 2525

Season 1 Episode 10

Trial and Error

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2000 on
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Trial and Error
Betrayers try to capture the telepathic villain Raina, but the Team arrives just in time to prevent that from happening. Voice then sends Hel and Sarge to the surface with Raina on a peculiar mission: to take over the mind of a Bailey while Cleo remains behind in the lab poised to terminate Raina by remote if she attempts treachery, but Raina has some tricks up her sleeve. Can Cleo save her friends form themselves?moreless

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  • Raina, the telepathic criminal from "Mind Games" returns to torment our heroines, but never fear, Cleo has been left holding the switch that can remotely lobotomize the villainess should she step out of line. Did I mention they were fishing for Baileys?moreless

    Raina still doesn't live up to her potential as a villain but this is her strongest episode. Danielle Cormack seems to have some real fun with the part, but she's still a little too over the top in a bad way for my taste. Another quibble I have with this episode is the oh so convenient handcuffs on the back of Cleo's chair, forcing her to swivel her hips in a determined "bump and grind" to save the day. Why the H E double hockey sticks would they have HANDCUFFS on the back of a CHAIR?! Unless this is leftovers from when Sarge was trying to reprogram Mauser for sex (please, don't get me started on THAT one), it is utterly ridiculous! Ranting aside, there were some good gags, some amusing humor, and the story itself was pretty good. If you're a Raina fan this episode had you in Seventh Heaven (Dante's, not the WB's), and if you weren't, like me, she didn't spoil an otherwise entertaining show.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: It was awfully convenient for handcuffs to be on the back of Cleo's chair. Must be Sarge had them installed as part of her campaign to program Mauser for sex. He certainly knew right where to look for them!

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Hel: (referring to the Betrayers she was fighting) Are these things indestructible now?
      Sarge: Aim for the groin!
      Hel: Does that work?
      Sarge: Nah, just makes me feel better.

    • Cleopatra: (handcuffed to a chair) I gotta hit that switch! Bump and grind, don't fail me now!

    • Hel: You're not going to do anything crazy, are you Sarge?
      Sarge: (under the control of Raina) No. We have to give peace a chance.
      Cleo: What the?! Sarge sounds like my hippie uncle Wally!

    • Sarge: Am I such an easy target for paranoid delusions? (Hel rolls her eyes)

  • NOTES (0)


    • Cleopatra: Too bad we can't use her against the Baileys like in that movie Scanners.
      Cleo is making reference to the movie Scanners, in which the "scanners" use an army, controlled psychically, to try and take over the world.