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Cleopatra 2525

Season 2 Episode 9

Truth be Told

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2001 on
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Episode Summary

Truth be Told
Hel goes AWOL in order to find her father, but can she trust Creegan to help her?

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  • The move to 1 hour improves the show greatly.

    The first official full hour episode of the series gets the team started off with a bang. Once the writers were given extra time to weave more then just humor into the storylines, you see how much potential this butt kickin' series actually had. Hel, believing her father is still alive, breaks Creegan out of jail and teams up with him to find him. Meanwhile, Voice is now inside the head of Sarge, much to her distaste. Voice sends Sarge and Cleo after Hel, and orders them to stop her at any cost.

    After stealing a weapon from Voice's lab, Hel and Creegan move into the psionic plane and find her father, alive, inside a Bailey Command Nexus studying them. Creegan double crosses Hel and has the Bailies capture her and her father.

    In the end, Cleo comes to the rescue but Hel's father still dies. Hel and Voice don't know if they can trust one another again.

    The highlights of this episode are Cleo's impersonation of her own Bailey Clone and the scene where Hel and Creegan travel through the underground while on the psionic plane and we get a glimpse of the teams former enemies and allies.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Nitpick: At the beginning and end of the episode Hel has her hair up, yet in the rest of the episode she has a short bob cut.

    • When Hel removes her Voice receptor and goes AWOL Voice has Mauser implant a receptor in Sarge, who is now acting team leader.

    • Hel's father has been alive all this time (12 years for Hel) on the psionic plane.

    • Mauser implants a Betrayer recognition chip he removed from the Betrayer Cleo into Cleopatra in order to infiltrate the Bailey Command Nexus.

    • The Bailey Command Nexus that Hel and Creegan enter followed by Sarge and Cleo is where Baileys are born- they are organic and achieve sentience by absorbig human neural tissue. That's why they don't want to exterminate humanity- they need them.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Voice: (referring to Hel and Creegan's escape) They're circumventing the facility's security countermeasures, level V94. You must hurry, Sarge!
      Sarge: Use the word 'must' one more time Voice and we stop hurrying.

    • Creegan: I don't lie about the lives I've taken, Hel. It's a whole big pride thing.

    • Creegan (as he holds Archie by the neck): You saw the holophoto Hel. We were one big happy think tank down here, huh Arch? That is until Dad convinced Voice that I no longer fit the psychological profiles necessary to continue the psionic projects!
      Hel: Guess the hair and makeup didn't help.
      Creegan: Meow!

    • Cleopatra: (referring to Sarge's new Voice receptor) What's it like having Voice in there?
      Sarge: It's like having a headache that talks.

    • Cleopatra: Command Nexus? Is that like the Death Star?
      Mauser: It's a heavily fortified secret Bailey Command and Control Center.
      Cleopatra: Yep, Death Star.

    • Creegan: All you had to do was suck their neural matter out to make baby Baileys. Was that too much to ask?

  • NOTES (1)

    • The show is now one hour long. This is because the studio is no longer making episodes of the show Jack of All Trades, the second half of the Back 2 Back Action hour. Along with the format change we also get a change in the writing- with more time to develop plots, the focus becomes dramatic rather than comedic, although there's still some humor.