Season 1 Episode 2

Episode #2

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jun 07, 2000 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The list of celebs who stop by the Quick Stop are Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Katharine Hepburn, Martin Scorsese, Matt Damon, and Ted Danson.

    • You can hear sizzling when Dante and Randal leave the burn ward.

    • "He's A Jolly Good Fellow" is sung at Dante's dad's birthday because it costs a lot of money to use "Happy Birthday".

    • Randal marries a mail-order Asian groom in this episode.

    • According to this episode, Dante and Randal met at Randal's lemonade stand in the 70s.

    • In Randal's head, Dante wears a diaper and beats a cat.

    • The flying seagulls don't go anywhere.

    • In the 1985 scene, Ronald Regan, leg warmers, break dancing, and parachute pants can be seen.

    • They flashback to the 1st episode a total of 6 times.

    • In the beginning of the episode, while the locksmith is working on the door, Randal is eating a cupcake, but when he points to the locksmith the cupcake disappears into his hand and is never seen again.

    • The second aired episode is a parody of clip show episodes, meant to reflect back on the first episode that was produced. The first episode never aired, so the entire episode was filled with flashbacks to an unaired episode.

    • Dante says that Caitlin Bree only cheated on him once, when in the film Dante states that Caitlin cheated on him "8 and a half" times.

    • The door to the freezer swings inside the freezer, even when Bob breaks it open with the crowbar. But when they walk out, it swings into the store.

    • When Dante and Randal talk about which of of "them" they would eat, in the first show Jay & Bob are behind them, then they're hovering over a candle, then they're right back behind them.

    • On close-up shots of Jay you can see a red earring on Jay's left ear but on far shots of Jay it's gone.

  • Quotes

    • (Randal and Dante go into the video store after they finally get out of the freezer)
      Woman: It's 3am, my baby has been home alone since this morning--where have you been?!
      Randal: Sorry, ma'am, we close at nine!

    • Jay: If we had a lightsaber, I could voom-voom snick-snick-snick WHAAAA JEDI! Slice up Tubby here, crawl in and stay warm for the night.

    • Dante: How did you get in here?
      Jay: The metal thing... with the knob...

    • Girl: I know, let's make a movie! Take off your shirt!

    • Randal: Hello, anyone? Lady with the dead baby?
      Dante: It's official. God is mocking us.

    • Randal: It's Hoth cold!
      Dante: Move around. Make more Star Wars references, it helps us stay warm.

    • British Man: Pack of fags?
      Randal: You're a fag!
      British Man: It's a cigarette, mate.
      Randal: I'm not your mate, fag!

    • Jay: Ooh, it's cold. Like that planet Hoth in 'Empire'.
      Dante: We've already made that 'Star Wars' reference.

    • Dante: You thinking what I'm thinking?
      Randal: Urinating on the frozen food section and watching it steam up? Oh yeah.

    • Randal: Get the hell out, Scorsese.
      Dante: Screw you, Miss Hepburn.
      Randal: Up yours, Matt Damon.

    • Randal: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit you old hag.
      Dante: Wow where have I heard that before?
      (flashes to Randal next to his Prom date)
      Randal: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit you old hag . . . These are for you.

    • Dante: Boy, it wasn't until years later that we found out what fag REALLY meant, right mate?
      Randal: You're a fag. (punches Dante)
      Dante: No, a fag's a cigarette. Remember?
      Randal: You're a cigarette. (punches Dante again)

    • Randal: I can't believe I married two guys in one year.

    • Little Girl: Oh my God, it's Jay and Silly Bob!
      Silent Bob: That's Silent Bob.

    • Woman 1: It's Ted Danson!
      Woman 2: Hey, it's Ted Danson!
      Dante: Hey, it's Ted Danson.
      Randal: It's payback time. (throws a glass bottle)

    • (Gwyneth Paltrow at RST Video)
      Gwyneth Paltrow: But I have a membership. Paltrow, Gwyneth.
      Randal: I said 'Get outta here!'

    • (Jerry Seinfeld walks into the Quick Stop)
      Jerry Seinfeld: Hi, I'm Jerry Seinfeld.
      Dante: I'm on a break.
      Jerry Seinfeld: Why does two percent milk . . .
      Dante: I don't care! I'm on a break! Get outta here!

    • Randal: You know, if this were a sitcom and we got locked in a freezer, we'd probably flash back to all our old episodes.

  • Notes

    • LOOK HARD: At the end, when Jay and Silent Bob are doing the "Rainy Day Fun" clip, when they begin to laugh at the end, Silent Bob's lower body has been left undrawn.

    • LOOK HARD: Gwyneth Paltrow's name is misspelled in the credits.

    • LOOK HARD: In a clever segue, the animators took the seagulls from the Real World throwaway gag and put them in the window of the Quick Stop in the very next scene.

    • LOOK HARD: Going back to the 70's, you can see John Travolta's character from Saturday Night Fever (1977). And in the 80's, President Reagan walks by the Quick Stop.

    • Full episode title: The Clipshow Wherein Dante And Randal Are Locked In The Freezer And Remember Some Of The Great Moments Of Their Lives.

    • When this episode aired on ABC, a scene was omitted (Probably for fear that Hanna-Barbera and/or Steven Spielberg would sue). While locked in the video store, the guys talk about the fictional film "Flintstones List." While a clip from the film is seen in the video/DVD version, on ABC the clip was cut out and the music was heard briefly as Dante and Randall looked at the TV screen.

    • This was the second and last episode to air on ABC.

  • Allusions

    • National Lampoon's Animal House
      Jay: . . . as for Silent Bob, well he became Senator Robert Blutarsky.
      This is an allusion to National Lampoon's Animal House (1978). At the end of the movie we find out that John Belushi's character Bluto Blutarsky becomes senator.

    • Deep Blue Sea
      Visual: Samuel L. Jackson is eaten by a shark.
      This scene is a parody of the same scene from the 1999 movie Deep Blue Sea.

    • The Flintstones/Shindler's List
      Randal: Wanna watch a movie? Flintstones List.
      This is an obvious parody of the famous cartoon series The Flintstones (1960) and the Oscar winning film Schindler's List (1993).

    • Happy Days
      Randal: Boy Happy Days sure had a lot of great moments.
      This line and several references after it of course refer to the classic sitcom Happy Days.

    • The Real World
      Dante: But you got us thrown out . . . from The Real World!
      The parody itself is a reference to the second season of The Real World.

    • Star Wars
      Randal: Uhhh, it's Hoth cold.
      This and several other references made in the freezer are made about the Star Wars series.

    • Batman
      Dante: (holding a rope that goes slack when they stop) Why are we walking like this?
      This is a reference to the way Fox used to shoot the scenes in Batman when they would climb the wall with the Batrope.

    • Stand By Me
      Old Jay: Looking back, it was the best summer of my life.
      This final scenes was a parody of the film Stand By Me (1986).