Season 1 Episode 4

Episode #3

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Dante and Randal reading fain mail. Within the fan mail the two's sexuality are questioned, and they're also criticized for not having any black people on their show. In response to that, Dante and Randal introduce a new black character to the show named Lando. They end the fan mail section with promising to make their show more like the movie. When Dante puts Randal in charge of a frozen burritos shipment, Randal does exactly what you'd expect him to do...ignore the shipment. When a new pet store goes into business near by with Patrick Swayze working there, Randal beings to worry an outbreak may occur after Leonardo Leonardo is bitten by a monkey and gets food poisoning from eating the gross shipment of burritos that had been left out in the sun.

Dante: Want to go check out the monkey? Randal: I suppose we should, if we're going to kill it. Dante: WHAT?

Finally, Jay and Silent Bob steal the monkey (Wanting to teach it to smoke ) which results in Randal and Dante having to go and find them as the monkey (Randal's best friend)becomes an important part in stopping the town from danger.

Dante: That was a movie, this is real life. Randal: You said the same thing about Jaws when we were kids. Dante: Because you refused to sit on the toilet! Randal: Sharks swim in the water, there's water in my toilet. I rest my case.

Randal: [about monkey] Look how scared he is. He's shaking. Dante: No, he's masturbating. Randal: Yeah, but it's out of fear.