Season 1 Episode 6

Episode #6: The Last Episode Ever

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • The Last Episode Ever

    Having a title like "The Last Episode Ever" Can only be a sign that this is a great episode. While watching this epiode, even after the hundreth time it is still soo cool because there is alway something you have not seen before because there is so much hidden things in all the episodes.

    This Episode was such a great episode because they actually adressed what they felt the fan's reaction to the show would be, Exaple: It's in color, and it is not very much like the movie. But then it kinda slaped you in the face because it branched out even further out from the movie and had fun with it. The greatest part was the long Matrix joke. Things like that made this "Adult Cartoon" great.

    "Quote Nevermore"