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  • Based on the characters from the smash hit 1994 film "Clerks", Dante and Randal go through their lives just trying to make it through the day, not realizing their greatest enemy, Leonardo Leonardo, is across the street trying his best to undo them.

    This show suffered from two things: a network that didn't want it and an audience that couldn't find it. One thing it never suffered from was lack of comedy. "Clerks" is a show that would have given "Family Guy" and run for its money had it been allowed to go on for more than six episodes (or two, if you count the fact that ABC only allowed two epiosodes to make it on the air before quietly replacing it with "Home Improvement" reruns). Kevin Smith did an excellent job of adapting his 1994 film into a laugh-a-minute animated show with the help of Paul Dini ("Kim Possinble") and Dave Mandel ("Seinfeld"). Both Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran came back to voice the characters of Randal and Dante as well as a slew of comic greats voicing new characters, such as Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Gilbert Godfried, and Michael McKean. The bulk of the show laughs came from hillarious cut-aways, film parodies, and now-classic one-liners ("Oh my God, bear is driving! How can that be?"). This show should be given a second chance based on the high DVD sales and show ratings once Comedy Central picked up the show. If they can bring back "Family Guy", why not "Clerks"?
  • Clerks, is the animated adaptation to the movie. It features the main characters (Dante, Randal,Jay, and SilentBob) but has a whole new twist like color. Those two classic slackers are up to whole new shenanigans like destroying a QuickerStop, fighting of

    Clerks the show is really nothing like the movie. There is no cursing, its in color, and there is almost no reference to Dante’s love life. There is however a whole load of new for the ViewAskewniverse. Dante and Randal have adventures that could never happen in the movie and to replace all the cursing Jay replaces it with hundreds of Snootchie Bootchie variants witch can be just as funny. If you have seen Clerks (the movie) or any of Kevin Smiths other films (Chasing Amy, Dogma, est.) chances are you will love seeing Dante and Randal as a cartoon!
  • Hilarious adaptation.

    Awhile ago I was at an HMV (music/entertainment store) and I saw the two disc set of this for $30. And I love Clerks, one of the funniest movies of all time. So I picked this up as a blind buy, and I don't regret it in the least, in fact it's probably one of my better purchases. Anyway, the similarity to the show was very apparent, but I think it lost some of it's comedic edge because there was little to no swearing. Anyway, it's a great cartoon and a real shame that they cancelled it.. Damn network execs..
  • This show was basically created by ABC to cash in on the success of the Clerks film, however like the film, this show had to wait to find an audience, and unlike the film, it's following didn't help give any success.

    I beleive that this show brought many things to the world of television. Not only did it bring back a familiar film (which I've seen over 30 times), but it also brought backthe little things that we loved about it. For me, I just loved hearing Dante's voice again, Brian O'Halloran did a splendid job in his films, and proves he can cut it as a voice actor. As for Randall....well he's the same Randall he's always been, just a pain in the ass (I'll refer you to when he convinced a high powered lawyer to represent Jay and sue Dante for 10 million dollars). As for Jay, he's back to his old antics, now he's taken on the role of "mischief maker" instead of the usual pot induced antics of the film. Silent Bob....what can I say, Kevin Smith if you read this I hope you didn't strain your voice too much. Leonardo Leonardo....well it is a cartoon. And as for Lando, good to see they finally added a brother...nice Star Wars reference as well.

    The show has long since been cancelled, however if you get the chance pick up the DVDs, you will not be disapointed.

    Favorite Episode: Episode #2

    I loved this episode, primarily for the "why are we walking like this" gag. It kills me everytime. And who could forget when they were clerks in Britain, that alwats slays me.
  • Cancelled too quickly.

    I have to say, although it didn't last very long (and was practically a straight-to-DVD series), it was a fun, wacky ride while it lasted. Loosely based (wink-wink?) on acclaimed director Kevin Smith's 1994 film Clerks., Dante and Randal just sit behind a counter talking about Star Wars, crash funerals and play hockey on the roof... or do they?

    Clerks: The Series was, indeed, nothing like Clerks: The Movie, but Disney/ABC (the 'mos) should have given it a chance. At least Comedy Central was... kind enough to show all six episodes a couple years ago. My one gripe - Jay and Silent Bob are firework-dealers? The kid in the helmet rocked. Snoogans.
  • What happened? I tune in on ABC one Wednesday, and see Clerks. It was amazing. Next Wednesday... nothing. Couple weeks later, I find out it's cancelled.

    There were really only 6 episodes. The show starred characters from the movie "Clerks"(Go watch it.)

    Focusing on the life of Dante and Randal, while they where... sometimes funny. The real focus of the show was on "Jay and Silent Bob"

    Jay and Silent Bob where probably biggest highlights of the show, even though they werent main characters. always doing something pot produced or retarded.

    The animation and drawings where pretty good, better than the simpsons.

    Jokes for the most part where funny, especially in that one episode where they shipped the cartoon to be finished in Korea.

    Enclosing, if you have the time, download some episodes. Hell, download them all. You won't regret it.

    Favorite quote: "Who is driving?! Oh my god! Bear is DRIVING!"

    Note:The only way to watch this show is to download the episodes on a peer to peer network.
  • Based from the hit movie clerks.

    Based off the great sunshine festival Clerks is a great animated tv show. Its different from the movie cause of the tv censore but its still just as funny. the episode where dante goes on trial and randal becomes his lawyer is very funny. I recommend this show for all simpsons, clerks of course,family guy , and south park. hopefully when the movie comes out it will have maybe a family guy effect but I doubt from a movie.
  • Teg

    Well this show was good, but alot of us VA fanatics were not a big fan because it couldn't live up to it's true comedic genius because it was on ABC. If it was on HBO or Showtime, maybe even FOX it could have done much better. I do own the DVD's of this show though.
  • View Askew had a great idea just got done in because of saturated market.

    Clerks was a brilintly done show with everything that made a good show a great show, exept their timing was a bit off. They came into the market while the adult, prime time cartoon was overly done by shows such as The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy, and many others. They were original but at the same time people just did not get it. The only people who watched it was independent film geeks who saw the spot on the superbowl...that is if they watched football...and said to themself i can't belive they are redoing such a great movie such as Clerks. Also if the network would of aired them in order of production instead of their own crazy way it would of made more sence. The flash back episode was funny when it came after the 1st production episode, because it was ironic, but it was out of place when it was aired after the 4th production episode, so it made it look like it was flashing back to a spot between the show and the film, and that is not as clever. it is very sad that they would not give such a great show another chance.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Kevin Smith's New Jersey, ABC's America.

    There is a boggling amount of love for Kevin Smith amongst the geeks. Be you gamer, Trekkie, *tabletop* gamer, comic/record/action figure/whatever collector, underground mediaphile, or most likely, some stewy mass of several of these prototypes, you've seen and maybe even enjoy at least a few Kevin Smith movies. Either way, you probably get something from Clerks or Mallrats quoted *at* you by peers and co-workers on a steady basis. His geek street cred goes a long way, and when he said "Clerks cartoon", we all just said "yeah, sure. why not."

    Because who doesn't love those crazy strip-mall minimum wagers and the loveable, screwball dope dealing loiterers, Jay and Silent Bob? Wednesday Night Primetime, here we come!

    Wisely, the show was happy to explore the adult-aimed, animated television space. Yes, sight gags were fast and furious, as were the pop-culture references and borderline "blue" language. But its best moments came when Clerks embraced TV conventions, simultaneously exploiting and celebrating ridiculous TV archetypes like the goateed arch-villain and the needless celebrity guest shot. Clerks capably transplanted Kevin Smith's foul-mouthed, referential humor, and made it work in a half-hour episodic format.

    At least it did, for the first six episodes. This is a show that was destined not to last. That of the six episodes produced, only two were ever aired on ABC, is unfortunate, though the DVD set earns its price tag. It's unfortunate, but it's not unsurprising. Clerks was simply too bizarre, too hard to sell, too niche. Today there's great cable space for shows that like playing near the edges, but it's still not something most of the networks know how to deal with. Too bad for Kevin Smith, and too bad for the geeks.
  • I quirky show based on the kult classic movie by Kevin Smith.

    Even though it never aired more then once, 6 episodes where made and released on DVD.
    The show has a very narrow audience, some would argue that it was pretty much only made for the guys who made it.

    At times, its over-the-egde funny, because of the very offbeat way of doing things.

    But then, for the most times, the show isnt as funny as the idea it sprung from is, take episode 2 for instance, the clipshow, seing as there have only been one show, the idea of making a clipshow over that, is really funny, but it simply doesnt work.

    Even though i did like it, and would've liked to see more episodes, i understand why it never made the air more then once.
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