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  • I quirky show based on the kult classic movie by Kevin Smith.

    Even though it never aired more then once, 6 episodes where made and released on DVD.
    The show has a very narrow audience, some would argue that it was pretty much only made for the guys who made it.

    At times, its over-the-egde funny, because of the very offbeat way of doing things.

    But then, for the most times, the show isnt as funny as the idea it sprung from is, take episode 2 for instance, the clipshow, seing as there have only been one show, the idea of making a clipshow over that, is really funny, but it simply doesnt work.

    Even though i did like it, and would've liked to see more episodes, i understand why it never made the air more then once.
  • It's funny.I mean really.

    I can say that it's kind of funny.Well,I know that it's better than Back At The Barnyard or Wolverine And The X-Men.It's based on the movie and the second movie was funny.But the only problem is that Dante looks very disturbing.Adult Swim had the right to show this show on their,but why don't they have new episodes of it anymore.Why?Why?!WHY?!It's a bad idea to do for a show since of what they did to The Oblongs or The Drinkey Crow Show,I grade this show a B because it's a random funny cartoon since that very funny show The Critic and it's very funny.
  • A "blink and you miss it" animated television show from Kevin Smith and company, based on the 1994 film Clerks

    In 1994 a low budget, black and white film named "Clerks" was released, surprising audiences with it's unique plot and frank dialogue. Most of us know that film as the one that made Kevin Smith a household name. Some six years later Smith would try to recapture the magic of Clerks with "Clerks: The Animated Series." Lasting a total of two whole episodes on ABC before being yanked, the series was released on DVD a few years back, which is where I was initially exposed to it. The series contains Smith's trademark witty writing, and the animation itself is top flight. The voice cast is outstanding, as Dante and Randall are both voiced by their movie counterparts, and Alec Baldwin absolutely owns as Leonardo Leonardo. Even with these positives, I have to say that overall the series left me feeling a bit empty. Due to the fact that the show was cancelled so quickly, only 6 episodes were actually produced. These episodes make makes for a good afternoon of entertainment, but they are a lot like cotton candy. Even though it's sweet, and you like it, at the end of the day you find yourself wanting something a bit more substantial. I would have liked to see where this series would have gone given additional episodes, I think it could have progressed beyond being just decent to become something truly memorable. I suggest checking out this underappreciated work from View Askew, but it's best to temper your expectations a bit while viewing.
  • Clerks is Snooch to the Nooch!

    Kevin Smith adapts his cult hit comedy Clerks into an irrelevantly funny animated television series. The show follows convenience store clerks Dante and Randal as they get into wacky hijinks, and of course the lovable rapscallions Jay and Silent Bob pop-up from time to time. Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith reprise their roles and are joined by recurring guest stars Alec Baldwin, Charles Barkley, and Gilbert Gottfried. The writing is especially clever, with a lot of witty satire about sitcoms and hilarious TV and movie parodies. Additionally, the animation style is quite unique, with a rugged design scheme that has a simplistic sort of charm. However, Clerks wasn't really given a chance and was cancelled by ABC after 6 episodes (of which only 2 airedout of order).
  • This was fu*kin gud!

    Hello the clerks cartoon was a very gud idea but no one watched it on tv.
    The reason it is not runin anymore is cause people wanted it to be like the movie but it was not!
    Very good show, watch it from time to time no fu*ks,whor*s
    or b*tchs where aloud to be said cause it was on tv or some thing like that. Jay and Silent Bob where not aloud to sell weed they sold fireworks instead.
    Do not get me wrong now it sounds like i am bit*hin about the show but im not its one of my favorites.

    Watch This Show Now.

    TheDiggin 8/10.
  • Surprisingly good.

    I have only seen one episode, the first episode in fact, and I was quite surprised.

    One thing I noticed straight away with Clerks, is its animation. The bold outline animation style is unique, and I think it looks great. It's similar to how Spanky Ham from Drawn Together looks. This show is funny. A lot funnier than I had ever imagined. With humour of its own.

    The only problem I see with this show (so far), is that the characters have got to be the most unlikable characters, ever.
    They are just so arrogant and self-centered. Surely one bearable character wouldn't hurt.
    But I don't know, I have only seen one episode, maybe the characters had a change of heart in a later episode, maybe a character was dropped, I don't know yet, what I do know is that there are no good characters in the first episode.

    The creator(s?) of this show are clearly very skilled, I'll give them that. The only show that comes close to Clerks: TAS, would be The Critic. Both funny shows that deserved more.
  • It never had a chance.

    The problem with Kevin Smith's work is that it only appeals to a small group of people. I, unfortunately, am one of the people who loved his movies, and I loved this show. I saw only one episode when it was on television, and was disappointed that it didn't last longer. I think that the biggest problem with the cartoon was that it was on ABC. It wasn’t able to use the same humor that made the movie what it was. The language had to be cleaned up, and if anyone has seen a Kevin Smith movie, you know he is not afraid to use a swear or two. Also the Jay and Silent Bob characters needed to be change a lot to be acceptable for network television. This show would have had a better chance on HBO, where Smith could have unleashed his full talent. It probably would have had a chance on Comedy Central. It may have even gained new life if it was shown on Adult Swim. The show had a lot of potential, but it never had a chance to survive.
  • This was a great show! WTF Happened?

    This is a great extension of the movie. I wish that it wasnt cancelled, it had potential. I love the way Smith chose to go with the series, it was a show you wouldnt expect (after seeing the movie). I love the last episode, where they want to go outside, but cant becuase something, or someone keeps them at the quickstop.
  • Kevin Smith's New Jersey, ABC's America.

    There is a boggling amount of love for Kevin Smith amongst the geeks. Be you gamer, Trekkie, *tabletop* gamer, comic/record/action figure/whatever collector, underground mediaphile, or most likely, some stewy mass of several of these prototypes, you've seen and maybe even enjoy at least a few Kevin Smith movies. Either way, you probably get something from Clerks or Mallrats quoted *at* you by peers and co-workers on a steady basis. His geek street cred goes a long way, and when he said "Clerks cartoon", we all just said "yeah, sure. why not."

    Because who doesn't love those crazy strip-mall minimum wagers and the loveable, screwball dope dealing loiterers, Jay and Silent Bob? Wednesday Night Primetime, here we come!

    Wisely, the show was happy to explore the adult-aimed, animated television space. Yes, sight gags were fast and furious, as were the pop-culture references and borderline "blue" language. But its best moments came when Clerks embraced TV conventions, simultaneously exploiting and celebrating ridiculous TV archetypes like the goateed arch-villain and the needless celebrity guest shot. Clerks capably transplanted Kevin Smith's foul-mouthed, referential humor, and made it work in a half-hour episodic format.

    At least it did, for the first six episodes. This is a show that was destined not to last. That of the six episodes produced, only two were ever aired on ABC, is unfortunate, though the DVD set earns its price tag. It's unfortunate, but it's not unsurprising. Clerks was simply too bizarre, too hard to sell, too niche. Today there's great cable space for shows that like playing near the edges, but it's still not something most of the networks know how to deal with. Too bad for Kevin Smith, and too bad for the geeks.
  • Animated series based on Kevin Smith's cult classic debut film.

    Am I the only one who wants to see this brought back and on a totally different network. After canceling this could be classic show after only two episodes they don't deserve this awesome animated series which could be on par with Family Guy. So if anyone out there wants to see this show brought back please say your praise. Go out and duy the dvd hell go out and buy one for your friend who has no idea what the hell Clerks is I mean they need some learnin anyway. In retaliation to this let us rise against all celebrities and kill them.
  • Captures the true essence of the movie Clerks. I you love the movie you have to catch this cartoon adaptation. It really is a good fun time see the Clerks go on there Clerky adventures. Easily a classic.

    Captures the true essence of the movie Clerks. If you love the movie you have to catch this cartoon adaptation. It really is a good fun time see the Clerks go on there Clerky adventures. Easily a classic. The drawing style is very Clerky, not to realistic and keeps the plain style of the movie.

    Perfect cartoon to catch after watching the movie, plays off of the movie really well too. Great that Kevin Smith and the other actors did the voices and really makes this a special cartoon to catch for the fan.

    Definetly worth picking up on dvd.

    I hope it feels so good to be right. There's nothing more exhilerating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?

    - -Randall
  • What can you say about a show that only produced 6 episodes?

    I guess I can say a few things. You know, a show should not always be measured by how fast it is cancelled. I've heard the excusses that Clerks was discard due to bad time slot. But I think it was because only fans really got humor. After getting the DVD I think maybe this should have just gone straight to DVD or maybe put it on Adult Swim.
    Anywho...I love this show. Why not, I am a Clerks fan and this perfect for. On top of that: Alec Baldwin is the bad guy. If your a fan of Kevin Smith watch this. If your not, you may want to skip it.
  • This was an animated adaptation of one of the greatest indy films of all time. It follows the wacky advemtures of Dante and Randel two clerks who live in Leonardo New Jersey.

    Personally I feel that the reason this show did not last on television was simply because it was to good for television. In the shows short but sweet six episode run (only two of which made the airways) we saw some of the smartest and funnist writing yet seen. Some of my personal favorite episodes include the one where Jay sues Dante for 10 million dollars or how about wnen Dante coaches a little leauge team with Jay as the star pitcher? (He never passed the fourth grade you see.) Thankfully the complete set of CLERKS is avalable on DVD so, hurry go out and get it because its definitly worth it.
  • Based on the characters from the smash hit 1994 film "Clerks", Dante and Randal go through their lives just trying to make it through the day, not realizing their greatest enemy, Leonardo Leonardo, is across the street trying his best to undo them.

    This show suffered from two things: a network that didn't want it and an audience that couldn't find it. One thing it never suffered from was lack of comedy. "Clerks" is a show that would have given "Family Guy" and run for its money had it been allowed to go on for more than six episodes (or two, if you count the fact that ABC only allowed two epiosodes to make it on the air before quietly replacing it with "Home Improvement" reruns). Kevin Smith did an excellent job of adapting his 1994 film into a laugh-a-minute animated show with the help of Paul Dini ("Kim Possinble") and Dave Mandel ("Seinfeld"). Both Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran came back to voice the characters of Randal and Dante as well as a slew of comic greats voicing new characters, such as Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Gilbert Godfried, and Michael McKean. The bulk of the show laughs came from hillarious cut-aways, film parodies, and now-classic one-liners ("Oh my God, bear is driving! How can that be?"). This show should be given a second chance based on the high DVD sales and show ratings once Comedy Central picked up the show. If they can bring back "Family Guy", why not "Clerks"?
  • Cancelled too quickly.

    I have to say, although it didn't last very long (and was practically a straight-to-DVD series), it was a fun, wacky ride while it lasted. Loosely based (wink-wink?) on acclaimed director Kevin Smith's 1994 film Clerks., Dante and Randal just sit behind a counter talking about Star Wars, crash funerals and play hockey on the roof... or do they?

    Clerks: The Series was, indeed, nothing like Clerks: The Movie, but Disney/ABC (the 'mos) should have given it a chance. At least Comedy Central was... kind enough to show all six episodes a couple years ago. My one gripe - Jay and Silent Bob are firework-dealers? The kid in the helmet rocked. Snoogans.
  • ahead of its time

    this show would have made it if it were in adult swim's line up. i think it would make a good companion with boondocks. maybe with the new movie coming out someone will try this show again. myself, i think you can never get enough jay and silent bob. that's just my two cents anyway.
  • What happened? I tune in on ABC one Wednesday, and see Clerks. It was amazing. Next Wednesday... nothing. Couple weeks later, I find out it's cancelled.

    There were really only 6 episodes. The show starred characters from the movie "Clerks"(Go watch it.)

    Focusing on the life of Dante and Randal, while they where... sometimes funny. The real focus of the show was on "Jay and Silent Bob"

    Jay and Silent Bob where probably biggest highlights of the show, even though they werent main characters. always doing something pot produced or retarded.

    The animation and drawings where pretty good, better than the simpsons.

    Jokes for the most part where funny, especially in that one episode where they shipped the cartoon to be finished in Korea.

    Enclosing, if you have the time, download some episodes. Hell, download them all. You won't regret it.

    Favorite quote: "Who is driving?! Oh my god! Bear is DRIVING!"

    Note:The only way to watch this show is to download the episodes on a peer to peer network.
  • Clerks was great, but it's not the movies.

    Clerks is a prime example of network idiocy. In the television business there are dozen examples of this. Some exec greenlights a project. The production company does a short order (4 to 10 episodes) and brings it back to the network. Then the network screws the pooch and the excuses here are numerous. It didn't test well, we had a change in management, some exec has a problem with the creator, ect. ect. ect.. This has happened over and over again. Police Squad, Sammy, God the Devil and Bob, On the Air and Clerks are just a few that met this assinine fate. Buried somewhere during the summer scheduled and left to die. Why do the networks continue to waste time and money like that.

    Clerks was a great show and the DVD is worth owning. Kudos to View Askiew to keeping the origanal cast together.

    Be cautioned. If you haven't seen the cartoon series, it is differnt from the movies. I have friends who love the movies and don't like the series. They are two differnt beast.

    On the DVD commentary they (Kevin Smith & Scott Mossier) make reference to the possibility of straight to video Clerks animated movies. Let's hope we see those soon.
  • Clerks was a really funny show that was way too short but, the Quality was much more rewarding then the quantity

    simply hilarious. first of all it's set in New Jersey which makes me happy cause i live in new jersey. It had reference to stuff just like the movie where Randal just breaks out in a conversation conserning some pointless movie anomily from for example Star Wars. Anything with jay and silent bob is great *snoogens* it really is a must see show for any fan of the classic movie clerks. Also Kevin Smith is one of the few directors that respect. if it had more episodes i would have been a lot happier but the 6 episodes they have are definately worth checking out.
  • Haha! so random

    9.5 is so gay they just put ''Clerks''
    instead of "clerks the animated serie".
    i don't really care though...
    Based on Keven Smith's movie called, Clerks.(not a rip-off you dumb-ass)
    That show is awesome but the only thing that sucked is ''Leonardo Leonardo'' the billionaire guy.
    too bad that Abc banned that show, i don't know what they gonna do now about the serie...
    F*CK YOU, Jay and SilentBob are hilarious!
    even if that show is a little lazy, that is great...
    Randal was a little gay in the pharaoh ep....
    Then: Comedy Central (i think)
    Now: Adult-Swim
    There are such moment that i won't forgot from my f*cking head like when the judge dreamed that he was with axel f...
    My Lazy review just had over 100 letter count now :D see ya lmao
  • What happens when a good show is not helped by it's network

    Let's face it, if Friends had been put in a horrible time slot and the NBC would have not allowed it to grow, it would be in the same position as Clerks.

    I am not going to bore you with what the show is about, because if you don't know what Clerks is about, then you shouldn't even be reading reviews.

    Now, Clerks remains one of the funnier adult cartoons that was ever put out. It could ahve been a classic, had the network allowed Kevin Smith and Co to do what needed to be done, instead of being the idiots that they are. Of course, we have all seen how well ABC's parent company Disney is doing, so I guess it's hardly a shock that they are getting rid of good shows and putting on crap like "The Bacholer."

    What made clerks great is the fact that they are totally willing to play with the television stereotype. In what other show would two twenty year old counter jockies have a billionaire archnemisis? In what other show would the plot be wrapped up by simply having Jay and Silent Bob blow something up (It happens twice)? Hell, what show would have a clip show in their second episode?

    Had this show been given a decent time slot, the freedom to do what it needed to so, and support of ABC, it would still be around today. The only good thing is that there will be a straight to DVD movie with swearing, the one thing this show was missing and why it got .5 points knocked off the perfect ten.

    And remember, nothing cann kill the Grimace.
  • View Askew had a great idea just got done in because of saturated market.

    Clerks was a brilintly done show with everything that made a good show a great show, exept their timing was a bit off. They came into the market while the adult, prime time cartoon was overly done by shows such as The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy, and many others. They were original but at the same time people just did not get it. The only people who watched it was independent film geeks who saw the spot on the superbowl...that is if they watched football...and said to themself i can't belive they are redoing such a great movie such as Clerks. Also if the network would of aired them in order of production instead of their own crazy way it would of made more sence. The flash back episode was funny when it came after the 1st production episode, because it was ironic, but it was out of place when it was aired after the 4th production episode, so it made it look like it was flashing back to a spot between the show and the film, and that is not as clever. it is very sad that they would not give such a great show another chance.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Hilarious adaptation.

    Awhile ago I was at an HMV (music/entertainment store) and I saw the two disc set of this for $30. And I love Clerks, one of the funniest movies of all time. So I picked this up as a blind buy, and I don't regret it in the least, in fact it's probably one of my better purchases. Anyway, the similarity to the show was very apparent, but I think it lost some of it's comedic edge because there was little to no swearing. Anyway, it's a great cartoon and a real shame that they cancelled it.. Damn network execs..
  • For the fans of the movie!

    This show is as god as the movie of the same name. It only doesn't have all the sexual homor and cursing like the movie because the show is on cable television. Think of this show as the "clean" version of the movie. I highly recommend to fans of the movie, and funny cartoons in general.
  • Best thing Kevin Smith has done.

    The Clerks cartoon DVD is the best ten bucks you could spend. Every one of these six episodes is hilarious, and remain so after countless viewings.

    On the commentary, Smith claims that he wasn't able to be funny without his trademark relentless profanity. I completely disagree, and think this show is the highlight of his career. I don't really like his movies that much, but this show is way better than all of them.
  • a network like adult swim, tbs or spike tv should pick up this show again

    clerks has to be one of the greatest shows that never had a chance to show how great it was. It aired about two episodes on abc and that was it. If I had to say I that a network like adult swim should start airing it and people would start to like it and then they would make new episodes, clerks is one show that was great and I am suprised that they did not go as far and be on there 5th season now.
  • Thank god they put this on DVD...if you\'re a fan of the original movie...

    I\'d be lying if I said I watched this show when it aired. I was at the mall years back & saw the dvd. confused (as I had not heard about a clerks cartoon), I decided I\'d give it a go.

    This show was off the wall. Well written. Nicely drawn (I dig the stylized look). Random at times. Just plain hilarious. I think the reason this thing didn\'t last is mainly due to the fact that the average tv viewer is a retarded consumer. This show had that antisocial sense of humor that only a cult following can arise from. if you enjoyed the clerks film you owe it to yourself to revisit the mis-adventures of dante & randal.
  • Clerks is still funny in color...and animated.

    First of all...If you haven't seen the movie, stop reading and rent it. Now that thats said, Clerks is an animated series based on Kevin Smith's 1994 Cult-Classic (although it has started to become more mainstream in recent years) Film about 2 Slackers. Two Slackers named Dante Hicks And Randal (Not Handal) Graves. Also appearing in the show are Fan-Favorites Jay & Silent Bob who now deal Fireworks (Step right up and throw down some bucks at J & SB's TNT Redux...Naga Nooch!)

    Getting to the point, this show only lasted 2 episodes. Pretty lame huh? if you said Yes then I'd say, yes it was lame of people to hate this show because it's nothing like the movie. If I wanted something like the movie I would watch the movie. Personally I Loved This Show. And I will tell you why.

    A) It Was Funny.
    B) Refer To A.
    C) Refer To A.
    4) The many many many Pop-Cultural references and spoofs. They seem to do it to everyone, Matt Damon, Ted Danson, Jerry Seinfeld, Almost every director from 1975 and up...The list goes on. The show also spoofed entire movies and shows, Happy Days, the Bad News Bears, the Last Starfighter, even solemn meaningful films like "Schindler's List"...Again, The list goes on.

    To sum-up, Clerks has everything a good animated comedy should have, and they shouldn't have cancelled it. So go make up for it by shelling out the $10 to but a DVD with all 6 episodes.

  • Teg

    Well this show was good, but alot of us VA fanatics were not a big fan because it couldn't live up to it's true comedic genius because it was on ABC. If it was on HBO or Showtime, maybe even FOX it could have done much better. I do own the DVD's of this show though.
  • They never gave this show a chance at all, but it's one of the most hilarious animated shows ever that could have rivaled Family Guy and The Simpsons.

    Clerks is one of those shows that was never given a chance at all, even though it was awesome. Clerks is a show about two store clerks named Dante Hicks and Randal Graves. Randal is a more laid back guy who always gets into trouble and Dante is the more serious type and the both of them get into weird and crazy adventures that are hilarious and random. The animation and artwork look really great and has aged well over the years. The characters are all funny and will never fail to bring a smile to my face and they always make me laugh. There is never a dull moment in Clerks, it's really random and hilarious and is easily one of the best animated series to this day. Unfortunately ABC did not think this show was doing good and canceled it. Eventually it was put on Adult Swim, but there were never any new episodes. Kevin White needs to get this show back on the air, it's funny, it's got lovable characters, and it never lived to it's full potential. If you can find this show on DVD, pick it up immediately and watch it, you will be guaranteed plenty of laughs in each episode.
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