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  • What happens when a good show is not helped by it's network

    Let's face it, if Friends had been put in a horrible time slot and the NBC would have not allowed it to grow, it would be in the same position as Clerks.

    I am not going to bore you with what the show is about, because if you don't know what Clerks is about, then you shouldn't even be reading reviews.

    Now, Clerks remains one of the funnier adult cartoons that was ever put out. It could ahve been a classic, had the network allowed Kevin Smith and Co to do what needed to be done, instead of being the idiots that they are. Of course, we have all seen how well ABC's parent company Disney is doing, so I guess it's hardly a shock that they are getting rid of good shows and putting on crap like "The Bacholer."

    What made clerks great is the fact that they are totally willing to play with the television stereotype. In what other show would two twenty year old counter jockies have a billionaire archnemisis? In what other show would the plot be wrapped up by simply having Jay and Silent Bob blow something up (It happens twice)? Hell, what show would have a clip show in their second episode?

    Had this show been given a decent time slot, the freedom to do what it needed to so, and support of ABC, it would still be around today. The only good thing is that there will be a straight to DVD movie with swearing, the one thing this show was missing and why it got .5 points knocked off the perfect ten.

    And remember, nothing cann kill the Grimace.