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  • Clerks was great, but it's not the movies.

    Clerks is a prime example of network idiocy. In the television business there are dozen examples of this. Some exec greenlights a project. The production company does a short order (4 to 10 episodes) and brings it back to the network. Then the network screws the pooch and the excuses here are numerous. It didn't test well, we had a change in management, some exec has a problem with the creator, ect. ect. ect.. This has happened over and over again. Police Squad, Sammy, God the Devil and Bob, On the Air and Clerks are just a few that met this assinine fate. Buried somewhere during the summer scheduled and left to die. Why do the networks continue to waste time and money like that.

    Clerks was a great show and the DVD is worth owning. Kudos to View Askiew to keeping the origanal cast together.

    Be cautioned. If you haven't seen the cartoon series, it is differnt from the movies. I have friends who love the movies and don't like the series. They are two differnt beast.

    On the DVD commentary they (Kevin Smith & Scott Mossier) make reference to the possibility of straight to video Clerks animated movies. Let's hope we see those soon.