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  • A "blink and you miss it" animated television show from Kevin Smith and company, based on the 1994 film Clerks

    In 1994 a low budget, black and white film named "Clerks" was released, surprising audiences with it's unique plot and frank dialogue. Most of us know that film as the one that made Kevin Smith a household name. Some six years later Smith would try to recapture the magic of Clerks with "Clerks: The Animated Series." Lasting a total of two whole episodes on ABC before being yanked, the series was released on DVD a few years back, which is where I was initially exposed to it. The series contains Smith's trademark witty writing, and the animation itself is top flight. The voice cast is outstanding, as Dante and Randall are both voiced by their movie counterparts, and Alec Baldwin absolutely owns as Leonardo Leonardo. Even with these positives, I have to say that overall the series left me feeling a bit empty. Due to the fact that the show was cancelled so quickly, only 6 episodes were actually produced. These episodes make makes for a good afternoon of entertainment, but they are a lot like cotton candy. Even though it's sweet, and you like it, at the end of the day you find yourself wanting something a bit more substantial. I would have liked to see where this series would have gone given additional episodes, I think it could have progressed beyond being just decent to become something truly memorable. I suggest checking out this underappreciated work from View Askew, but it's best to temper your expectations a bit while viewing.