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  • Surprisingly good.

    I have only seen one episode, the first episode in fact, and I was quite surprised.

    One thing I noticed straight away with Clerks, is its animation. The bold outline animation style is unique, and I think it looks great. It's similar to how Spanky Ham from Drawn Together looks. This show is funny. A lot funnier than I had ever imagined. With humour of its own.

    The only problem I see with this show (so far), is that the characters have got to be the most unlikable characters, ever.
    They are just so arrogant and self-centered. Surely one bearable character wouldn't hurt.
    But I don't know, I have only seen one episode, maybe the characters had a change of heart in a later episode, maybe a character was dropped, I don't know yet, what I do know is that there are no good characters in the first episode.

    The creator(s?) of this show are clearly very skilled, I'll give them that. The only show that comes close to Clerks: TAS, would be The Critic. Both funny shows that deserved more.