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  • Based on the characters from the smash hit 1994 film "Clerks", Dante and Randal go through their lives just trying to make it through the day, not realizing their greatest enemy, Leonardo Leonardo, is across the street trying his best to undo them.

    This show suffered from two things: a network that didn't want it and an audience that couldn't find it. One thing it never suffered from was lack of comedy. "Clerks" is a show that would have given "Family Guy" and run for its money had it been allowed to go on for more than six episodes (or two, if you count the fact that ABC only allowed two epiosodes to make it on the air before quietly replacing it with "Home Improvement" reruns). Kevin Smith did an excellent job of adapting his 1994 film into a laugh-a-minute animated show with the help of Paul Dini ("Kim Possinble") and Dave Mandel ("Seinfeld"). Both Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran came back to voice the characters of Randal and Dante as well as a slew of comic greats voicing new characters, such as Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Gilbert Godfried, and Michael McKean. The bulk of the show laughs came from hillarious cut-aways, film parodies, and now-classic one-liners ("Oh my God, bear is driving! How can that be?"). This show should be given a second chance based on the high DVD sales and show ratings once Comedy Central picked up the show. If they can bring back "Family Guy", why not "Clerks"?
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